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  1. 20200816_120854 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  2. Beautiful job, a true Monogram classic!
  3. Very nice, lovely scheme you’ve chosen
  4. Aaaarrgghhh! Any chance you can tell us more (feel free to send a PM!)
  5. Hi Bill, if you don’t mind digging them out and letting me know that’d be great. Many thanks Sir. Bryn
  6. Thank you sir, you are a true gent!
  7. Hi, I'm over in the UK looking for but having no joy in locating F-105G decals to replace those in the HobbyBoss kit. Any of you have any from an aftermarket sheet (MicroScale/SuperScale?) you'd be willing to part with? If so let me know your terms! Waiting in hope! Bryn
  8. Excellent, that's got to be one of the fiercest shark mouths I've seen!
  9. No words can heal what you guys must be going through, but please know there's a lot of good guys and girls here wishing you well sending their prayers.
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