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  1. Have a look here http://reddogmodels.blogspot.it/2012/11/132-ef-2000-revelltrumpeter-comparison.html
  2. Hello to all of you!!!!to the link below http://s1342.beta.photobucket.com/user/starfighters/library/F-104%20nuclear%20strike You can have a look to mine F-104 in an asimmetrical nuclear strike,of the Italian Air force,of the early 60..it's a G model,and represent the faboulous 4-5 ,based at Grosseto Air base,in 1964. The plane non need presentation,everybody of you,more or less know the plane,for having built it,or simply because being aeronautical addict...YOU HAD TO KNOW the ONE-O_FOUR ;)/>/> This in particular was the first and only one,who entered service,and immatriculated,with this particular asimmetrical camo scheme. Nobody still know,why FIAT,who built under license the plane in Italy,painted it such way,many says it was a misunderstood of the nato guideline. In fact the rest of the planes,wich entered service later,were in natural metal fuselage,with white semi gloss upper wings. The first 5, 104 of italy were painted this way,but only the 4-5 was effectively immatriculated and entered a operationally wings,painted this way. Later it was repainted,adopting the nato grey-green camo,for strike bomber. The model is Hasegawa 1/32,tauro decal,aires Exaust nozzle,CMK cockpit...CMK cockpit was a real nightmer...lot of sanding and sanding and sanding...to let it enter the plane.... Color are Gunze sangyo for the white,natural metal is alclad,and nose cone are lifecolor. Ciao to all of you from Milano-Italy!!!
  3. Hi... There are zacto correction set for the intake and exuast part,regarding the cockpit,if i'm not wrong,there is only for the single seat,and not for the twin,not from aires,maybe black box.... There are eduard photo etched part,for the internal and external,i guess the external could be used for the twin seat too. Regarding the bang seat,you can take an aires seat....wich is very good,i used it for my flanker and i'm going to use it for the MIG 29 UB/GT too.... Have a nice day
  4. Ciao!!!!grande come sempre... But what about your 104 twin seater?did you stop your building? Complimenti!!!!!
  5. Ciao e complimenti.....bellissimi lavori e bel blog!!!!! Hello....many compliments and very nice jobs and beautiful blog!!!!!Added to favourite!!!
  6. Hi to all of you.... I'm doing an italian IDS/ECR version...anyway,i din't find any useful information about it.... I guess with my handling skill,buckle and harness they will result as an insult to the whole model....better the sculpted one... By the way thank you...
  7. Hi to all of you.... I'm almost finishing an 1/32 Revell tornado,with an aires cockpit inside(very beautiful)... The problem is that,being the model almost finished,i had to deal with bang seat,especially the harness,belt buckle and so on . It's seems to me,they are quite complicated,to get completed,or the instructions are not too clear...they are a real pain in the *** for me... I halways dealt with harnesses already "casted in the resin seat",this is the first time i had to assemble photo etched parts like this... Does anyone of you, who already completed the model, and maybe took an "in progress" photo book of his works,can post some of the pics,wich allow me to overtake this "wall"????? Than you in advance to all of you!!!!!
  8. APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hi...o meglio ciao!!! Regarding decals you can check this one...begemot...i used begemot stencil for mine SU-27 1/32 and are superb in quality.. below the link for the 1/48 9-51 as you want http://begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=66 Have a look at the begemot page,unfortunately stenciling for the mig 29,are on design stage..
  10. Thank you Zac!!!What a kind of enciclopedia!!!!!The world knowh how over russian planes... Thank's again!!!
  11. Hi... Unfortunately i still haven't got the pics of the cockpit...for this version....but i'm trying to got it... Ask and it will be given, knock and it will be open...as someone told... If i got some pics i will give you an advice. Bye
  12. HI... Found it...thanks to a fellow italian modeler.... For all of you who are doing/intended to do it in the future, below there is the link...with the exactly plane... http://walkarounds.airforce.ru/avia/rus/mig/mig-29ub/index.htm
  13. Hi to all of you... I recently bought a Revell Mig-29 UB/GT 1/32 scale,decal inside are for 2 model,one german and one Russian,i would like to build the russian one,but i didn't find any pics of the real model,i found a lot mig-29 images over the net,but no one regarding this one in particular... If some of you already built it,and found interesting pics of this ,please will be so kind to give me some information where to pic up the same picture... Thank you in advance...
  14. Hi... It's not a Piaggio...it's a G222,now updated as a C-27 Spartan.. COngratulation for your masterpiece....!!!!!!
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