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  1. Save, save, save. Keep it coming Janissary!
  2. Perfect idea for listing what's actually needed Janissary. 👍
  3. I just bought 3 of those lol.
  4. I thought Trumpeter made an Su-37 and Wolfpack did a conversion for the Academy kit?
  5. Man there's so much going on there I wouldn't even know where to begin with the compliments!
  6. Hits you in the feels Don, hits you in the feels.
  7. Yeah I found that. I've bought some pre-owned stuff from them previously and never had an issue with them other maybe a price or two. Thanks Mstor.
  8. Glad to hear you've had a good experience with them. I've not ordered from them before so I looked them up and that have a very large amount of complaints via the BBB so I'm quite iffy if I am going to purchase through them.
  9. Can we get an actual list of distributors and online retailers that are marketing the sale of the kit? I ask because it seems like a simple Google search comes up with a handful and at least two of them I don't believe are trustworthy or reputable at all.
  10. Some random stuff I found this morning. https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/assault-on-bin-laden-mystery-of-the-downed-chopper.12597/ Allegedly from the 80's, a neat brochure from MD Helicopters. Of note are the last two a/c.
  11. I dunno why but this is what immediately entered my mind after reading your comment:
  12. Cool. I've always thought the pictures of the Weasel's on the flight line during ODS with the crews hours away from going to war are the coolest ever. Great job.
  13. I was just talking with some fellow parents while at my kids elementary school this morning that it's been 17 years since I was actually in a school on a September 11th morning. The principal had made an announcement over the intercom system to just remind students and teachers about today and at first it kind of spooked me because it's been so long and I only recall the last time I heard an announcement on this day in a school was during the attacks. I think that 9-11 is one of the few handful moments of my life I can vividly recall almost every detail. Never forget.
  14. So wierd. If you search for it nothing comes up. Thanks for that.
  15. Wow. I'm good. Shipping is $30 to the US. Hobbyeasy.com seems to have dropped the product entirely from their catalog as I can no longer find it. Does anyone have any experience with a website called HobbyModels.com?
  16. Is there anyone of the opinion that the Hasegawa kit is still worth the purchase? I'm a huge fan of the Tamiya and Monogram kits but I have an opportunity to pick up 3 Hasegawa's for the same price as 1 Tamiya F-14A. I want accuracy but also numbers as there are dozens of aircraft I want on my shelf still. After carefully reading Lucio's modifications and improvements I think that I have the skills to mimic some of the basic work he's completed so far however I'm still hesitant to pull the trigger on this kind of purchase as I know it can be a lot more work than originally intended. My apologies if I come across as hijacking your build Lucio, I just thought this would be a relevant place to ask my question. Please keep up the fantastic work as it really is an inspirational project.
  17. @Cobrahistorian Jon, Look for these: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ipms-usa-ip-2000-ipms-usa-2000-national-convention-dallas-decal--197192
  18. Nope. One of the very few squadrons I've not seen markings for. @Dave Roof can answer this more in depth than I can however.
  19. Yes and no. I was just curious if you were going to add a little background to it like other 'what-if' or crazy idea builds I've seen around the interwebs. No matter what it's still radical and can't wait to see some paint slapped in her!
  20. Steven, you're insane lol! It's starting to take shape as a Macross version of a Sukhoi. One question. I'm interested in what you can describe as the background for your Bad Girl design given the test evaluations of the real forward swept wing Su-47 Berkut.
  21. That's a pretty asinine thing to say as I am one amongst a large amount of modelers that are waiting for the kits to hit the vendors and see what they look like after others build it.
  22. While I don't think that name dropping the other company that Gary was working with was in good taste, I also don't think that criticizing him for making ANY comparisons is fair as there's been too much of that already with the AMK versus Tamiya kits. And if that's what someone who is in an industry of actually making models parts or advising on a kit in pre-production I think it's beneficial for everyone to hear it.
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