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  1. Both make top of the line decals and I purchase both regularly. My personal preference is Furball however.
  2. Thanks. I should have made my initial statement more clearly as it should be obvious that it is safe than ever before. Maybe I could have clarified that perhaps private aviation aircraft involved in fatal accidents are getting more publicity than before?
  3. Hmmm a Super Hornet in Luftwaffe camo and markings. Now that would make an interesting aircraft.
  4. Is it just me or does it seem like private aircraft are falling out of the sky on a much higher rate than ever before? I mean there has been a lot just since the new year began.
  5. Could probably get rid of two or three sets of decals in my collection and just use this.
  6. May have to get this one especially since it doesn't seem to cost an exorbitant amount.
  7. Wow great job on the masking.
  8. Wooowww!!! What an amazing piece of art! And it truly does look like art. That is beautiful. And it's exactly how I wanted to model the same aircraft haha! Great job.
  9. I love it! That aircraft has quickly become one of the most intriguing subjects in the past year for me. Great job!
  10. Well what can I say other than you have absolutely zero to contribute to the discussion of the subject at hand, which is the kit itself, and are nothing but a nasty little troll that continues to provoke other members here into a unhealthy squabble over meaningless things. In the last 30 days I would venture that more than half of the pages that have been added to this thread are a direct result of your incessant jabs at views, opinions, experience, knowledge base, and skills of those who are trying to have a positive and civil talk regarding this controversial model. By your own words and ability to turn a valid question or statement into a sideshow, brushing it aside as nothing but a literary challenge, you have met the definition of an internet troll. Normally I am the type of person that would give two shits about something like this and yourself, but the depth of your dung has me defending not just this post but this website in it's entirety. If you don't have anything to contribute, then either keep words to yourself or don't come around at all. It's a sham really, as I see you have been a member here since 2005. It's also surprising as well because this topic is probably the most that I have ever heard from you anywhere on the forum. To all of my other fellow modelers I would just like to say that in order to maintain decorum and civility within this thread and the forum as a whole, ignore this person. There is no need to waste anymore energy and time counter-arguing the ravings of a troll, and quite frankly I, myself, have already lost 15 minutes of my valuable time doing just that. Good day to you all
  11. I know what the Thunderbirds are. I may be younger but I remember watching Nick at Nite😉.
  12. Then why continue to comment on the issue or criticize others who do?
  13. That tracked launcher thing looks like it's about to hurl a Space Shuttle booster down range hahaha! Amazing work.
  14. Ohhh love the Nautilus!! My kids just watched the 1954 Disney movie for the first time yesterday! Well if I'm ever able to travel the world again and am in your neck of the woods, I know where to go! Keep up the great work!
  15. There should be a mandate that some effort of using the search function, and not just here but internet wide, is required before posting a question lol.
  16. No GI Basel? First Vietnam air war, fighter pilot, and Thud book I ever read was Pak Six. Still think it's the greatest. Always wanted to do something for one his aircraft he flew.
  17. Good lord! Where does one have to go to visit that model shop and admire your handiwork?
  18. Whoa! You built the Falcon from scratch and that big?!
  19. Dammit Mstor, you just couldn't leave well enough alone🤬🤬🤬😫😫😫🤣🤣🤣
  20. If I wasn't a single parent I'd probably catch a burner and fly there to help someway.
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