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  1. I live in Austin. I'll be there. First time too.
  2. What a beast! I've always loved the lines on the Merkava, kinda like a brute sports car of the tank world. Great job.
  3. Told ya😉 Looks awesome Andrew, truly awesome.
  4. Probably try and do a run of 6 miles. I say try because it's all dependent upon how exhausted I am just from raising my kids haha.
  5. I've got mine, plus the Fox One sheet so I'm good 👍
  6. Wow that's impressive. Nice touch with the suit of armor!
  7. She's a real beauty Eric! I bought my first one a few weeks ago but I don't plan on getting to it for a while. I sincerely hope mine turns out as nice as yours!
  8. Probably a lot of the same reasons that nose art for Thuds was downplayed during Vietnam. "Non-regulation" and that sort of excuse.
  9. Livery is wicked. The battle damage is a very nice touch as well.
  10. This is some really great information being put out here fellas, and not just about the Blackjack kit of course. Thanks. I'm definitely going to be pinching some pennies and try and get one. I love have these big planes and hang them from the ceiling.
  11. Wow so in 1/72 it's actually bigger than the XB-70???!!! I am aware of the size of that as my LHS has one on display (to which I will one day add one to my collection).
  12. This is awesome Nigel. I've been wanting to build this aircraft for a couple months now. How did it go? Or can you comment on it?
  13. Looks great! The third to last photo, the rear end profile one, is it the angle of the picture or do the wings actually tilt upwards to the right?
  14. How big does the 1/72 kit measure out to? I'm a 48 builder almost exclusively but I'd make an exception for something like this.
  15. I'm not a proponent of saying "Happy" Memorial Day so I won't say it. As it is supposed to be a time of remembrance, solemnity, and humbleness, among others, I will just say that I wish everyone a good day today on this holiday. We've been rained out here so no BBQs or outdoor activities normally associated with May 25th.
  16. I will be ordering the whole crew set sometime this year and use it for my Mirage 2000. These are awesome.
  17. That's awesome! I may have to get one of those!
  18. Way to go man, a grease monkey and a total beauty! That is truly awesome!
  19. Well, how about a formal welcome to the United States (albeit very late) from us on ARC and also welcome to ARC Dai Phan. And thank you for the work that you do for us veterans, it's hard to come by medical professionals in the VA system that actually care about their work and patients.
  20. Very cool looking Rodney. Question, how was the construction process? Decent or difficult?
  21. Why would they make the H only a limited edition? Why not go ahead and release it in full production and if they do actually make the L/J all the main variants (minus the recon) can be purchased at will? My point is that if they are showing us that they are unwilling to mass produce another P-38 variant, then they probably won't do any other ones too. Of course I could be totally wrong and be happily corrected on it. I am just making an assumption.
  22. So I guess it wouldn't be a stretch to believe that Tamiya won't be mass producing L and J versions of the H is only a limited edition release.
  23. Ive always loved those older battleships. Nothing screams "I will kill you" much more than those huge 14" guns. Btw I saw this not too long ago. https://www.history.navy.mil/our-collections/artifacts/arms-and-ordnance/cannons/USS-Pennsylvania-gun-barrels.html
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