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  1. I have both, and IMO the Hasegawa kit is far superior.
  2. Nice! Think I saw this on reddit. ..you say this is a snap kit?!
  3. I was dreaming last night about 1/72 B-1B stuff. Something must be coming. 1/72 is much more realistic for me than the 1/48 B-1B kit sitting in my stash!
  4. As the title says, I'm looking for Twobobs sheet #72-028, VF-32 Gypsy Swordsmen. Located in Canada, PM me please! Thanks
  5. IMO the Hasegawa is the best 1/72 F-14 available, however the Fujimi kit goes together easier. The Fujimi F-14A is still a great kit but their F-14A+/B/D are inaccurate on the exhausts and chin pods.
  6. Besides Fine Molds which is going to be pretty hard to get, IMO it's Hasegawa for sure. The Fujimi is a great kit if you're building an "A", but for a B or D the engine fairings are incorrect and the chin pod is off.
  7. Cool, been thinking about grabbing one of these. Will be following!
  8. Pumped to see another 1/72 sheet coming out. I've bought pretty much every Furball release that's come out, even though I'm primarily a 1/72 guy.. By the way, I'd give my left nut to see the Growlers Part I sheet come out in 1/72. I want to do that camo-tail Growler so bad!!
  9. Hey all, looking for a 1/72 Hasegawa ES-3A shadow kit for a project at a reasonable price. The 1/72 ResIm conversion kit would work too. Located in Canada, PM me please
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