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  1. God day colleagues...Now, it's time to show the work done on the forward lifting turbines hatches. The turbines has to hatches, above the fuselage to let the airflow in and under the fuselage to let the jets exhaust. First we paint and weathered the inner side using grey and darker tones of gray with sand and smoke pigments The other side (outer side) is treated as I did with the rest of the fuselage. Sand Brown and green coloer with tones variations of the same basic three colors plus dust pigments to show desert operational conditions.
  2. Good afternoon my fellow modelers, I've being away from this WIP due to the political crisis happening in my country, Venezuela. Finnally I have sometime to sit and write this lines that transport me to my happyplace, modelling. Enought of this.... last time I wrote I was showing little improvements on the forger's fuselage... now it's time for the paint... As you all remenber this is the scheme I plan to adopt on my forger. Due to a mishap in the Trumpeter/hobbyboss factory planners the forgot to include the last two views of the scheme so, with the use of a few (very
  3. Let's continue with this work, it's time to finish little things in the fuselage in order to be ready for painting... You may notice I cut out the flaps because I intend to put them in the deployed position as the real aircraft does it when it settle exhaust into vertical takeoff position... Now the last thing is the only pain in the fool part of the assembly the exhaust covers... That's all for now... next time... painting Gree
  4. Thanks Karl, I love seventies russian airplanes!!! Greetings Antonio Ces
  5. Hi Guys, Here you go the last pictures of my Yakolev Yak-38 Forger or "Harrierski" as it was deployed in Afghanistan in the 80's. You may also look for it in the "In Progress Pics" section of the Aviation Forums or clicking at this link http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/296275-yakolev-yak-38-forger-hobbyboss-148/ Greetings Antonio
  6. Hi, let's continue with the WIP process. This time let's focus on the main landing gear bays... This is the modification process... The landing gear bays completed... done scratching This is how they looked with some paint on them. This is all for today, I hope you like this WIP and I look forward to get some feedback about how can I improve this
  7. Morning, let's keep scratching this model, next stop front wheel. The kit's front wheel is not bad but it can be upgraded with some simple new parts such as hidraulics lines, connectors, valves and wires... Original parts... Modified ones... A little Dry-fit... Some wires and hidraulic lines... Keep on with continuous Dry-fit in order to verify how well things are fitting... Done with scratching, let's paint it up... remenber, is all Dry-fitted...
  8. Good Afternoon chaps, let's continue whith the Forger WIP. I didn't like the turbines as they were so I ditch them and started all over again. This time I finnally used my common sense and I decided to scratch one and cast the other one in order to make them exactly the same. Fits better and the look fine in both orientation and details. Finnally the painted pieces, including the lift engines bay. Next, front wheel bay. Thanks for your attention. Greetings Antonio
  9. Good Afternoon, after a vacation period I'm back to bussiness. Let's continue... the cockpit is ready for now. Let's continue with the weak spot of this excelent model kit, the front turbines. Here I decided to make improvements. When you compare the real thing with the model strong differences begin to surface in this area. I found myself on a crossroad, improve it or not? If I do it I should use resin parts, it is the fastest and easiest way but, due to that I live in Venezuela, I don't have access to US dollars or any other currency to spend on resin parts (thanks to the worst govermen
  10. Merry Christmas fallas... Let's start as usual witht the cockpit. I though adding a riveted floor to the cockpit as seen in the real photos. In order to facilitate chipping I choose a piece of aluminiun foil fitted for the space. The following pictures shows unglued foil pieces so don't be alarmed... it gets better.... I didn't see the necessity of covering up the hole floor with the riveted foil since the K-36 ejection seat won't allowed to see it... After triming and fitting it's time for painting
  11. Using my imagination, looking others works on the internet and some photos from the time.
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