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  1. Congratulations to Thang. He put the "fun" back into modeling with a great job on his "Tiger Harrier". Gary
  2. It's in one of my photo albums. I'll check this weekend. Gary
  3. It probably stuck to your pants or in your shoe. Don't laugh it happens. Gary
  4. Hi Edgar, Thanks for your very informative answers. Have a great New Year Gary
  5. I wonder why the Germans never discovered the infra red sites on crashed Lancs.? Gary
  6. Hi John, Congrats on your book. I sill have my "short timmer" calender somewhere. When I find it I'll send it to you. I still have my flight helmet too. It's metallic blue with "piece" symbols. Gary
  7. Hi Edgar, That is just about the coolest thing I've heard all week. Did they use the same system during the Gulf War? Gary
  8. Beautiful!! So many decals so little time. I really like the Bavarian markings. Gary
  9. Hi Edgar, I guess one could say that it was an early attempt at an IFF system. What made me think that the aft faceing light were not colored was when I built Tamiya's 1/48th scale Dambuster Lanc., and was instructed to leave the "bulbs clear on the aft wing tip lights. And as I clear the cob webs from my brain I do recall hearing about the infra red bulbs. Thanks again Gary
  10. Wow! Thanks for the info. What an education about the infr red lamps. Those crazy Britts. Gary
  11. Does anybody know for sure the colors of the wing tip position lights on the Mk IVB Mosquito. I know the front were red and green. Where the aft faceing lts colored or white? Thanks Gary
  12. I quit ordering from Sqadron years ago when they screwed up my order and when I needed to re order was going to be banged with another $10 shipping. It ain't worth it. They still owe me around 8 bucks. Gary AKA Still PO'ed
  13. Hopefully you finished the Oscar. Great work so far. Thanks for the real aircraft interior shots. Very helpfull!!!! I have an Oscar in the stash and was just looking at it the other day. Thanks Gary
  14. A couple of months ago, I saw a Huey flying out of Winder, GA. It might part of the National Guard museum that is new there. I know they recently aquired a Mohawk. Gary
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