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  1. Thank you my friends. It is realy great to have so much of positive energi. I know now that I will be well soon even so when my doctors seis other whise. I will be on track building my Tomcat very soon. Be helthy all of you and a lot of greatings. Marek
  2. Thank you Steve very much! That positive energi is what I nead most right now.
  3. Just looked the whall thing. It is amazeing job Fatastykely chrisp and clean. The work of the master.
  4. Great job Love your superb detaling
  5. Do not be afraid! There is nothing to be afraid of out there!

  6. Thank you guis! I´m doing my best to get well I hope soon I´ll try to make some work o n the model
  7. Thank you mikkod for your intrest. I see you have seen my work Now about mi makeing my model. I´v been realy busy fighting this f..... canser in my stomach so the model waits fot a beter times. I promise thou that I´ll rty to do something with it soon.
  8. One of thr greatest models I´v seen beeing build. Congratulations Chukw
  9. Great detaling job. Looks like real thing.
  10. Great plane, great looking model. Wow! Great job. Congratulations.
  11. Fantastic modeling job. That pit of your looks gorgeus. Wow!
  12. This is realy a great build Lou. Please keep it comeing..
  13. This is very nice thread.Chukw, Your model building is fabulous.
  14. Looking realy great Chuck Keep going, mate.
  15. Wow! Man, that one of the most fantastic build I´v seen here.
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