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  1. Thanks Fish, yes, this was a very scary model to tackle.. but i am so glad ARC is here to help with suggestions and even points to look out for..
  2. Hello guys, some of you might remember me from my F-22 question about a month ago regarding the nozzles.. Here is the completed model. This was birthday gift for a family member who LOVES the F-22, I had about a month to build it. This timeline has made me to rush the build but I hope you guys think it's not to bad (especially for a noob). I put this on a brass rod, glued that rod into a cherry wood base. I sanded and stained the wood, also got a plaque made for it as well. I closed all the openings except for the bomb bays. Paint was done from the 1/72 F-22 in the main page, I used acry
  3. thanks, i will try that.. was hoping there was something easier I was missing..lol
  4. man this sucks.. lol.. either i have a strange question or a stupid one.. lol
  5. I did find this in the image gallery of f-22, but how to solve the see through problem. and this..
  6. Hello Jet guys.. Ok here is my 3rd model build (2nd one is a 1/48 P-40, currently on hold to finish this present). It is a Italeri F-22 (1/48) and i have already done the most gruesome part and fixed the spine seem and closed the landing bay's and all exterior (except bomb bays) hatches. So far everything fits well (dry fit) except this part.. the nozzles part are not matching right.. I have attached the instructions, and two shots.. one nozzle is what i think it should be BUT it closes the inside and you cant see the engines..If you do what the instructions say then you have this gaping hol
  7. Thank you guys.. I have ordered it.. Thank you for the names of the ends, I wanted to make sure I purchased the correct hose or connector..
  8. ***** Did not see the other replies.. will reply to those too.. hehehhe ********** sorry for such a none descriptive issue.. - i have a compressor that i purchased (brand unknown) it came with 6 airbrushes.. they are cheap brushes and i am still very new to model building. So would rather buy a cheap brush rather than drop the 100+ on a good one when i dont even know if i will stay with it. I now know i love it and wanted a better brush, purchased the Badger 105 - the hose connection on the airbush side is a female connection and is bigger than the male threads on the Badger airbrush. Both
  9. If i may ask a dumb question... how do you use it on your model? I see it is a spray can like a window cleaner.. do you spray it on your canopy and then wipe it off? dip it? Amazing canopy and painting by the way!!!
  10. ok, the description could be thought of bad... Last night I had all my paints ready, almost mixed when i went to connect my badger to my hose.. ***!!!???? my hose is a bigger size than the badger connection ( i am not using any quick disconnects). I am understanding that i need a new hose or adapter.. I don't mind buying one but which one? I have looked around and found such sizes as 1/4 and 1/8, also some A51 connections.. Please someone guide me to what i should get so i can get it once.. thanks in advance.
  11. You have me interested at least.. I like they are Acrylics, always worried about the Alclad and it's smell (or possible, never had it)
  12. Thanks so much, that really shows me the difference and what everything is.. !! I have had my family over for the past 10 days and boy it has put a 'all stop' on my modeling.. I did get the fuselage put together with the parts on the nose done. It did NOT fit well and needed some love with putty.. Not to mention I was greeted with "sean, you never done re-scribing or rivets but welcome to it!!" lol.. Will post pics once i get going..
  13. Thanks for the great comments and suggestions.. Last night I put the two halves of the airplane together and it fit pretty good.. Granted i remember reading/seeing a 'how to' glue them together in 1inch phases rather than just pour glue everywhere and then smash together..
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