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  1. You make VERY realistic looking models and dioramas! I love the way their set up and photographed. It was your models that made me decide to do an F-14 in IRIAF scheme in the future. Got to many other stuff in the fire right now but I have the model and Zotz decals for it. Thanks for the insperation!
  2. I love how yours is turning out! I just order this same kit, hopefully mine can look half as good. Thanks for all the other post on the engine info, it will help me out when I get to mine. I just got to start my DH2 first.
  3. Unbelievable!! That is Beautiful, If I had a 1/4 of your skills Ben.
  4. That turned out awsome! My hats of to you on your great skill and for serving in the Air Force. I use to work on the Bone active duty with the 319th BW.
  5. I'm in with an Eduard 1/48 Airco D.H.2 OOB
  6. Beautiful pictures, I would have loved to have been there for that airshow!
  7. That turned out beautiful! I really like the weapons load out, missle eye covers and remove before flight streamers.
  8. Thanks, I just wished the photo's turned out better. Nice pictures you took of 23344. CBP is great to work with. This is what I see/work on everyday at work, Thats what I used as a reference for all my mods to the model :) .
  9. This is my UH-60A of the Customs and Border Protection. Iv'e just got back into modeling this last year and try to build when I can. I scratch built the antenna including the down link on the R/H sponson, The Flir platform and located it to the correct spot, The Flir mounting spot on the nose when the flir is installed. Hopefully I connected the images correctly since this is the first time I've posted a model on here. Iv'e been trying things that Ive learned from reading all the help here on ARC. Let me know what you think of it. It's not great but I like it.(And it was fun)
  10. Thanks for that link too! The pictures were awsome. Wished I could have been there.
  11. I'd like to get in on this group build if I could, I just don't know which aircraft to build yet. I have to put my modeling room back together after I had to clear out my basement because of the flood we had Mar and Apr. Once I get it back together and my models located, I'll pick which one. I'm sure I'll be building straight OOB though. I'll see if I've learned anything from all of you out there!
  12. That is so Awsome! I'd love the chance to see one. Couldn't even imagine owning your on Su-27 to fly!
  13. He says modeling for 2 years, Mine don't look near this beutiful! Nice job on it. I like the weathering and the panel lines alot.
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