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    Las Vegas, NV
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    Aircraft Profiles and Pen and Ink rendering from reference photos. I also like oil and watercolor.
  1. Always enjoy your work!
  2. Another fabulous piece! Love your work! Art
  3. Takes my breath away! Nice!!! So crisp!
  4. Hi! It works really well for me to get my stuff out there! Art
  5. Found it... the photograph! Thanks Art
  6. Hi! Which one is that??? Not one of the titles I recall doing...??? Thanks Art
  7. Thank you HOLMES... Miss hearing from you! I have a new partnership in the works with Kuhn Industries (aka Chris Kuhn) to produce some 3D artwork this Fall... Starting with the V-22 Osprey! Chris is an amazing 3D artist. His work can be viewed on Facebook "Kuhn Industries" or on the Blemder websites! Stand by! Art
  8. My work can now be viewed at http://arthur-eggers.artistwebsites.com/index.html
  9. I have a place now where I post all of my work viewing and for sale. I was having terrible luck getting my artwork to play here... So... hopefully anyone interested can navigate to my galleries! You can now view my work at http://arthur-eggers.artistwebsites.com/index.html Thank you Art
  10. My work can be viewed at http://arthur-eggers.artistwebsites.com
  11. My work can be viewed at http://arthur-eggers.artistwebsites.com
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