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  1. Right, my model was finished on September 2014, won 1st. place on the XXX National Convention, in my country, that same year. Was published on ARC on December 2014. All process is in this place, but is write in spanish. I hope you can read it. http://hobbymex.com/foro/viewtopic.php?t=22554 I can not show you the cockpit, because the model is quite close from doors. Here are the pics about engine.
  2. Well done, my fríend Aero, nice model. I made the same versión, using such schemes, but my model, has not so many details like yours. I detailed the turboshaft too.
  3. The lights are from CMK
  4. Once over the painting, I sealed on crystal floquil. I weathering using oils and turpenoid. On top rudder I painted in flat white. Almost decals are from the original kit, USAF and insignias are superscale templates.
  5. To paint overall, I use these special colors. The first color is silver. The second color is mix between both colors
  6. I going to paint some lights spots on black, over the panels white color.
  7. The tanks has been on gloss black The red color was sealed on crystal floquil and humbrol matt cote. The exhaust zone has to be painted with these laquers, mixing 3 tones.
  8. Hi!, over there I find a relic. One model from Lodela(Revell's licence), the pioneer of kits in my country. A beautiful Scorpion F-89D in scale 1/77, or 1/72 scale?, well this old kit, has a encounter qualities. however I love it. The kit will be my first and last metalizer aircraft. I want to do a realistic bare metal. I show you the kit finished. Second step I paint the radome and antiglare I preshaded wings and control surfaces I use Gunze aqueous, red and yellow. after I put on the necessary decals.
  9. EL REY


    These are the details and modifications that I've done for the Kiowa cockpit. The colective sticks are made on scracht, the seats were taken from the other kit, the balistics shields are the same kit.
  10. EL REY


    Well continuing, I replaced the simulate mesh with original one. Were modified the avionics doors. I've prepared the cockpit for the final paint. For the dome is necessary to add some little plastic blocks.
  11. EL REY


    Don't worry I'm working about it, very soon I'll have more.
  12. Thousand apologizes, time ago I abandoned this proyect because shamefully the actual kits from Italeri does not has very quality into its plastic. When the time has come to painted it the f%*? kit be melt. Really what a shame and angry!, However I hope this little proyect has been of like you. Thank you so much!
  13. Now I apply decals, from Aztec sheet, numbers from tecmod. Finally a mix flat an crystal cote fifty-fyfty on the kit. The navigation lights are in resin from CMK. Like a last step my model took part in the Leon contest 2010, winning firts place in its category. Well that's all folks!
  14. Now I paint on black, and preshading on white. Later I finished the kit on the paint green that I had preparated. Is important to paint on white the rudder. For the weathering I us gray oils and cote with thin green.
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