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  1. setal

    1/48 PZL 24 E

    Now the resin parts cleaned and prepared for painting And primed with black or white primer.
  2. setal

    1/48 PZL 24 E

    A pre-shade followed by a white primer
  3. setal

    1/48 PZL 24 E

    Finally ready for painting....there is a need for filler to be applied on some places but is ok.... also I have attached the photoetch
  4. setal

    1/48 PZL 24 E

    And a little progress. I have improved the wing guns with some metal tube and added some white stiren on the stabilizer to fill the gap at the joining with fuselage. And just ignore the masks applied on the fuselage and wing......I have just made some measurements.
  5. setal

    1/48 PZL 24 E

    And a little bit of color Then the fuselage glued together
  6. setal

    1/48 PZL 24 E

    And here is a short build progress with the Mirage Hobby kit and the upgrade As you can see some parts of the cockpit (pilot seat, control stick and rudder ) are not from the original kit but from a IAR 81 resin kit as they share the same fuselage. Anyway they look better.
  7. setal

    1/48 PZL 24 E

    No PZL11 is not included in our plans. We want to release other kits this year which are more advanced in design like a full kit of IAR 14 in 1/48 and a full kit of IAR 99 1/48 and a upgrade of MIG 21 LANCER for 1/72 Eduard kit
  8. setal

    1/48 PZL 24 E

    Only from our shop but we ship worldwide and I think shipping is about 12-13 euro...thank you for interest
  9. setal

    1/48 PZL 24 E

    We launched a new conversion kit 1/48 PZL 24 E Conversion For MIRAGE HOBBY Plastic Kit
  10. We are happy to announce that we have released 2 new products: 1/32 MIG 21 LANCER conversion for TRUMPETER MIG 21 M/MF KIT and 1/32 ENGINE EXHAUST for the TRUMPETER MIG 21 M/MF KIT Actually the first kit is a remake of an older version with new improved molds and wit real decal included for two LANCER C versions (the first one had printed decals) The LANCER conversion contains as a bonus the ENGINE EXHAUST Also we thought that will be a good idea to release only the engine exhaust since is a very popular engine (used on many russian aircrafts) and is very easy to install and has a more r
  11. And here are some more pictures
  12. It would be very nice to open a new topic about building and painting the kit.
  13. And now I have added some details And I have mounted the engine
  14. I have to say that the kit can be built in 3 versions American/French and Romanian here you can see the paint scheme and the decals
  15. Unfortunately there is only a small market for that and big producers don't take this subject very seriously and somehow they are right.... everybody want to build ME-109, Mustangs and FW-190 :D
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