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  1. Hy, Thanks for the nice words. I am glad that you appreciate the model. An separate small forum would be nice. Christian
  2. Hello, I have finished my Tiger, with Porsche suspension. Germans build only one piece during the war. It managed to survive from february to july 1944. Kit is made by Dragon. I worked from january to september 2006 to finished this kit. It made a lot of bodywork and corrected a lot of things: - made the Zimmerit, - completly rebuild the protection of turret ring, - broke all the suspension bars in order to arrange the tank on the field: - cut down and rebuild the frontal supplementary armor; - cut down and remade the mud protections (from can metal) - treated all the surface in ord
  3. Last pic. Happy modeling.
  4. I have made the base form styrene and shap it to the form of a mountain peak.
  5. Hello, I have finished my last model. It is a 10cm figurine and since I am a airplane builder i could not resist to make a something else (it has to fly). I worked for 2 months (I am a slow builder :blink: ). Christian
  6. The fibers were airbrushed with different shades of green and then drybrushed with different shades of yellow. I also try to replicate the places were the water is staying after rain. Christian
  7. Hello, I have finished the base for my Ki-84. For making the grass I have used - sorry I dont know the word in english - the some fiber, normaly used by plumbers to seal the joints from two pipes. Please give me a onest feedback if it looks real or not. Christian
  8. Diorama is in progress - waiting for the grass.
  9. All Hiromaru were airbrushed due to the fact that decals reacted violent at Solva Sol. They were to thik to be used only with Solva Set. - It is my girlfriend's hand -
  10. The model was pre and post shaded. The small mast was made from a needle.
  11. Gloss coat was applied wit a brush. Brushing seems for me the best way to apply a gloss coat with "Future". The parts maked with tape are the clear windows. Sorry - forgot to mention - It is a Clear Edition.
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