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  1. Neo

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    My only comment would be the seat cushion look a bit monogramish. Nothing a little blue tack and some paint cant fix
  2. Neo

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Wow that looks great
  3. Good catch Thats exactly what i was saying. Now your just a party pooper... But building a what if of a what if makes it real right?!🤔
  4. Sorry for the delays guys , long weekend for us here in Canada Took SWMBO out with the kids on a small trip. All setup now! Enjoy i thinking of building a Classic Airframe F-5B as a Mig 29, i have decals for it since the day i got the kit 7years ago!
  5. Neo

    what happened to Academy

    Their are no longer on Luckymodel
  6. Neo

    D-Day Group Build

    Humm good excuse to build a 1/24 airfix tiphoon
  7. Can you give me a shiiping estimate to montreal quebec
  8. Neo

    Supercarrier going down

    Thanks for the link. I read something about this today but was lacking so much details i was sad.
  9. Neo

    1/48 ZM F-4D is stock at Sprue Brothers

    I feel thete are also some conparasing to previous best kit,i.e hasegawa F-4. but who kbow maybe they had it wrong and zm got it right. But we are so usef to the shape of the hasegawa that all tge other look wrong Just my 2 cents
  10. Hi guys . This is an old story that google new feed decided to send me. https://fighterjetsworld.com/2018/08/04/how-two-f-a-18s-hornet-pilots-landed-their-planes-after-horrific-mid-air-collision/amp/ Its feally amazingwhat happened and more amazing the the 2 hornets after mid air collision managed to land. The second part that surprised me was the end reference
  11. Neo

    Our Names

  12. Moderator gb have loop holes
  13. Nice ive never seen those bird they are cool. I must admit that reading the title i was sure this was Phantom's thread!!!