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  1. So aniversary sale.. man hard to resist 2 days left add 10$shipping option... Well there is a 140$ spent !! Thanks Raymond.
  2. You know worst comes to worst, at The price of the preorder with the free misile set its still cheaper then those resin wings for the Tamiya tomcat. As long as the wings are nice!
  3. Wow those look beautiful great job Chris
  4. Haha i love this kind of humour. Subtle and refined. At first glace its a comment. At second read it a bomb !!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  5. They ship Alclad fine. Just use ground shipping.
  6. Great 4$ shipping is on. My last irder was too soon but i might order more stuff to take advantage of this. Its so worth it. Raymond do you have any plans on stocking the new MRP paint ? I would order that from you guys in a heart beat
  7. Sounds good I understand the reasoning. Kinda cool to make shipping like car insurance! Love new ways to make thing better. I really glad i got my hands on that t-45 combo before you ran out!! Like mentionned in my second post shipping seams to be back to reaonable price compared to earlier this year. Question have you ever considered the hlj aproch where ppl buy kit and when there are enough request shipment, the idea is its often more cost effective to ship multiple kits at once. Only mentionning this since sometime you have something i want in promo or stock but i dont purchace because single item shipping makes it less appealing, where as maybe i would accumulate then ship 4 times a year. Just thinking out loud btw. Im a big fan on Lucky Model Cheers
  8. Just placed another order. Correction on my previous post i believe shipping cost are back to normal. Been waiting on the kinetic t-45 Carrier deck combo to be back in production for a while. Super happy to be able to grab one.
  9. Hi Raymond. I must say im a very satisfied customer of LuckyModel Keep up the great work. From my usage, i did see some increase in prices to canada, it used to be the same as usa but now seams to be a bit more. Will you still be doing 2$ shipping promos? I have no issue in waiting for stuff especially when shipping is that low. I have a good stash to keep me busy!! The biggest plus for me is the free shipping on After Market. This is the #1 reason i love and repeadedly purchase from you Im wondering to you plan to carry the new mr paint (MRP) ive been looking for a good source for this new paint in Canada. Cheers
  10. Probably in the group
  11. Hi Raymond This is great that you are improving shipping. Are these new prices online right now? If so is it possible that prices when up for Canada? Regards
  12. Man ive been wanting that scale viper book for ever.. that shipping to canada really is a killer
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