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  1. Look amazing but really the wrong scale :(
  2. For me it the recently reissued Revell car carrier. There are like 50parts in there and ive never ever had so many seams ejector and flash in my life. Its on the back burner i pull it out whenever i have to watch the kid upstairs and sand away!!!!!!
  3. Hi scooby There are 2 vote levels . The fist is for the gb presenter to show us there is interest. Then it gets posted to the gb mods section and 3 of us deliberate on dates, interest, gb hosts 2 of the gb mods gave their go we need the last vote. When this happends we will update the calendar with the official start dates
  4. Just missing one vote from gb mod.
  5. That uss hornet is fabulous
  6. Nice . I hope luckymodel is in the list of preorders
  7. But thats says 1/48.... What about the 1/35???
  8. Perfect excuse to build my 1/32 cf-104
  9. Hi Guys time for a long overdue update! ive been fiddling along this one i must admit, fit was going great until i got to the clear parts.... they are a PITA and worked harrd to make sure i was not going to have fun on this step. i managed to get most of them in but they are still not all done. i did in the meantime finish up the interior, seats, seat belts, IP ect. im very pleased with the results here is how she look has of 5 mins ago Next up is to complete the windows and close this baby up! Cheers
  10. Hi Chris Is there a reason why you want to wait for the vac form to be fixed before you re release the seamless intake? Just curious
  11. I order most of my alclad and other hard to get stuff from luckymodel especially when they have their 2$ flat shipping rate Im actually looking for a source for the new mrp paints has of now shipping has been a killer
  12. Welcome to the Modern Luftwaffe GB 1) What to build: Any aircraft that has served with the modern german Air Force (including the german navy and army) from 1955 until today. Any brand, any scale, oob or super pimped up! Also prototypes and test aircrafts allowed, but no fantasy what-ifs. 2) Prize eligibility: Start a new topic that documents your build and let us follow your WIP. No pre-built models will be considered. If you've already started your cockpit or some other small sections like landing gear, etc. that is ok, but nothing more than that. Once you have finished your model, post a few pics in "Static airshow - the Display Case" thread and you are in. If you already started your project in another GB before but you did not finish, announce it when beginning and post the link to your old GB thread. You are welcome here to finish your kit! If you get allowed for price draw will depend on the progress you already made before and will be decided by the GB mod team. 3) When: Models must be completed and posted in the display case no later than 23:59 1st September 2017 to be eligible for prize draw. Have fun! Your mods for this group build will be TobiK, Kurt and CrazySnapCaptain
  13. Hi guys quick update. I had a small surgery to the nose last monday so progress is sloooow, no im not going to look like Micheal Jackson! its to prevent sleep apnea ! i did manage to fiddle around and get the decals on the id done with some small switch painting. i also painted the seats and added some band aid's to the top to simulate the padding. i did experiment painting after installing the band aids... and its turning out a little harder than plan to hide that beautiful brown! So i cant wear my breather mask, and im pretty sure paint fumes on healing woulds is not a great mix airbrushing is postponed for a little while ! Thanks for looking Cheers Neo
  14. Hi Lone star models has secured all of cobras modls and stock. Check they website there is now a crobra cie section. On LSP they mention that they will recast some also