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  1. So i i was all set to start the orange. Started with the small part but clearly this onrange need a white base. So i stopped and decided to spay the hole thing with white tamiya surface primer. It came out great but exposed some flaws that need to be address. So out came the putty. At this stage i wont make the gb deadline :S
  2. Thanks martin Applied some white last night
  3. HI Guys Wow its really quiet in the GB these days even in this hot beatifull weather ive managed to get some work on this baby! ITs official this is the first fitment isue that could have been avoided but its bithing me in the... you know what Dry fitting of the doghouse seamed like a little etra thin was going to get everithing in place but not quite. By the time i realized i should have thinned the interior a little it was too late. But look at the positive side ! the engines are in and they look great! ive also used my circle cutter and made some masks for the tail rotor tunnel So i masked around the doghouse and sanded down the step with a snading stick, it came out decent, i just applied some tamiya surface primer to make things smoothe, ill wipe off the excess with a Q-tip and some thinner. So after and entire evening of masking paint time is comming!! you can see in the backgroud i also masked the roto blades for the 4 white and yellow section. next step is the white stripe on top of the dog house, masking that and then we go orange! My biggest concern right now is if i should paint the white bar on the fuselage where the decals go. im afraid the orange will show trought the declals. but im also afaid that if i dont paint it spot on it will look ugly. Well that its for tonight! thanks for folowing
  4. Still waiting on the twin seat Voodoo so i can build a Canadian bird
  5. Great progress Your doing a bag up job
  6. Looking good. Congrats for that brautifull little girl
  7. Me and you both Im also going to be at the airshow hopefully with ALF-18
  8. Anybody know where to get a copy of winter valley(now canuk) 1/32 cf-104 for the nmf with white wing and red tail. I think its called circa right?
  9. HI Guys here is a long overdue update on this build the Fuselage went together really well. One thing i would suggest in putting some styrine tab on the belly joint has there are no location pins and i had to play with it multiple time to get it nice and even. Basically once the glue was dry i reaplied some extrathin and worked the joint. I have painted the front and the rear with satin black, had to redo the rear has the joint was showing but im really happy with the result I have also completed the engines, i redid the dark section that was done with alclad jet exhaust by re-spaying over it with Alclad exauth manifod before after next up is painting the white rear fan section then closing up the engine covers final paint will be done using Humbrol 238 thanks for following along Cheers Neo
  10. Im actually verry surprised of the scale considering the already started their F-86 line Glad they did the folding wings
  11. Any interest in selling them on the forums?
  12. Calendar Updated!
  13. Look amazing but really the wrong scale :(
  14. For me it the recently reissued Revell car carrier. There are like 50parts in there and ive never ever had so many seams ejector and flash in my life. Its on the back burner i pull it out whenever i have to watch the kid upstairs and sand away!!!!!!
  15. Hi scooby There are 2 vote levels . The fist is for the gb presenter to show us there is interest. Then it gets posted to the gb mods section and 3 of us deliberate on dates, interest, gb hosts 2 of the gb mods gave their go we need the last vote. When this happends we will update the calendar with the official start dates