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  1. Yeah he tried to get me with a B-17 combo on LSP, i used friends and familly got my monney back
  2. I use mr surfacer 1500 black. Badger stynalres works ok too
  3. Wow could you share how you managed that?
  4. Don is the best seller ever buy with confidence
  5. Well, i feel ashamed i didnt do my research properly, he got me on LSP with a 1/32 B-17 package, i did use paypal goods and services so hopefully ill see my money back. The worst part is that i did search here but but with his user name and nothing came up. Didn't think about searching his full name 😡😢😢
  6. Ad revenue is based on multiple factors, views, subscribers, geo ect, but in a nutshell the more traffic you have the better paying the ad's are
  7. This is my setup and im pretty happy with it I build a custom retractable paint boot For paints and things i have the ikea ALEX https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/alex-drawer-unit-on-casters-black-brown-70483429/#content
  8. Hi ALF Congrats on the new house, if your still in the montreal area you are more then welcome to come and see my setup, could bring some ideas, my basement is in similar shape, but smaller. Cheers
  9. Hi guys So the forums licence has expired, removing spam protection. Another point that may happen is hosting and domain might also expire at some point. I've mention this in the mod section and in pm's i do have admin rights on the forums from when i helped restore the forums after the big crash and doing the group builds modifications, but i do not have Steve's concent todo any modifications.
  10. Hey guys just added captcha to registration, this should help preventing bots. You may get CAPTCHA on login
  11. this is K2So no paint just weathering pastels from tamiya, also almost no glue this one is painted but it was not necessary these guys can also be built with no pain and jsut weathering
  12. Another idea is all of the Bandai star wars figures and most ships can be built with no glue or paint
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