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  1. Are you entertaining shipping to canada?
  2. Hi Sean Thats amazing!!! Thanks so much. Tried to send you a Pm but you inbox seams to be full!
  3. Hi Guys im looking for 1:48 Afterburner Decals EA-6B "Jammin' Jihad" 48-028 im only interested in the shark mouth version, so i dont mind if its a partial sheet https://www.scalemates.com/kits/afterburner-decals-48-028-jammin-jihad--227415 Let me know if you have one for sale Cheers Found the thanks @martin_sam_2000
  4. Pm sent for Kinetic EA-6B + A-6E (IP started) $45
  5. Luckymodel is the best one. Its also really worth subcribing to their news letter for the sales. Sincere hobby is by far the worst online hobby shop. Im part of the list off ppl that got their money taken. Then asked for more money to ship the item ordered and never heard from them since. I send them one email a week to get an update on my order. Last time they replied was in October..
  6. Hey guys. Anyone able to get a reply from sincere hobby? Im still waiting for my amk tomcat. They sent me a email in November for the extra shipping. I said yes and ive heard nothing from them since. Ive been emailing the via the contact form their paypal email the info email NADA... Im a patient guy but this is ridiculous.... and yes i know its not AMK's fault at this point
  7. I did reply to their email witch seam to be temporary, also contacted them using the contact form on their website. The contact form worked in the past. But nothing this time
  8. Wow so fast to 300 Anyone having issues with sincerehobby? They emailed me in Nov for the shipping cost of the weapons set, I've been emailing, contact form on their site almost every week since then and I've been getting zero reply. Purchase in Dec 2017...
  9. I mean i just looked at that link. Looks like hes doing it on purpose. I can take the best kit out there and butcher it too. After seeing the facebook group builds this seems like a code 18 i.e the problem is 18 inches away from the model
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