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  1. Neo

    How's this for a package arrival?

    Wow ikea shelving.
  2. Neo

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Probably in the group
  3. Neo


    Hi Raymond This is great that you are improving shipping. Are these new prices online right now? If so is it possible that prices when up for Canada? Regards
  4. Neo

    Damaged book sale

    Man ive been wanting that scale viper book for ever.. that shipping to canada really is a killer
  5. Well this is extremely tempting
  6. Neo

    The 2018 ARC Holiday Raffle!

    Thanks CorsaiMan for hosting this great event while waiting for someone to choose my prize i decided to stay in the spirit of building thing so i Built my own box to ship !
  7. Neo

    The 2018 ARC Holiday Raffle!

    its actually ending
  8. Neo

    The 2018 ARC Holiday Raffle PRIZE LIST

    trading #14 for #4 with phantom \ Neo #4 Phantom #14
  9. Neo

    Grumman F-14A Tomcat, Tamiya 1/48

    Wow thats an amazing build. The base is insane. You could 3d print this and make sone serious $$
  10. Neo

    Group builds lacking participants?

    I feel like its a globa ARC thing this year. Another example is the holliday raffle. Last year was at least 30 pages.. we have 18 replies this year
  11. Neo

    The 2018 ARC Holiday Raffle!

    Awssome thans
  12. Neo

    Cobra Company sets

    Any we will see the 1/35 Ah1 cockpit set