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  1. Wow she came out great ALF. Glad the link i shared helped you out. Congrats on your daughter getting married!! They grow up so fast right!!
  2. A and b are available at luckymodels. Maybe the c can be made out of those https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?search=Y&q_brand=WP&q_category=PL&q_scale=48&q_item_no=&q_word=&q_show_instock_only=N
  3. Great start on the foil. For some wrincles you can actually sand them down using a nail file. Also nail polishing sticks are super usefully when foiling. Here is a great article
  4. Yep just built one came out pretty good
  5. Hey ALF Great start. Haven't seen you in way too long. For the foil i purchased omer Desere gold leaf adhesive. Work great a can will last a lifetime. Dollar store foil is great for this too since it tends to be a bit thicker. A cheap but great tool to have when doing this is the Excel burnisher. https://www.ebay.com/itm/262897645608
  6. Is the QF raised or recessed panel lines. ? Cant seam to find the info
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