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  1. I did reply to their email witch seam to be temporary, also contacted them using the contact form on their website. The contact form worked in the past. But nothing this time
  2. Wow so fast to 300 Anyone having issues with sincerehobby? They emailed me in Nov for the shipping cost of the weapons set, I've been emailing, contact form on their site almost every week since then and I've been getting zero reply. Purchase in Dec 2017...
  3. I mean i just looked at that link. Looks like hes doing it on purpose. I can take the best kit out there and butcher it too. After seeing the facebook group builds this seems like a code 18 i.e the problem is 18 inches away from the model
  4. Zactoman did go to the Area 51raid. Maybe they implanted a chip like all the ppl that sa aliens 🥴
  5. Yeah im in the same state. I contacted them about it a while back and it turns out that if your a new customer and create an account on checkout it considered a guess checkout hence dosent appear in your account. Im still waiting for shipping notification. Cant wait !!!
  6. Interesting paradigm. Your job was to be a FOD to detect other FOD!! Sounds fun
  7. My pre order it at sincerehobby. But they still show pre-order
  8. In this very thread 🤪
  9. Omg i love how a ultra sofisticated machine drop the result in a cardboard box
  10. Wow thats so cool Im jealous now!!!
  11. I dont care anymore i just want my kit
  12. Looks very nice. Is it fair to assume that you will be making a TF-104 in the future?
  13. So aniversary sale.. man hard to resist 2 days left add 10$shipping option... Well there is a 140$ spent !! Thanks Raymond.
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