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  1. Hi Anthony, After a long break I returned to this assembly. Only a couple of things. Finished the panel and the adjustment of the cockpit transparency. About the 72 version, I will wait for the model that is been worked by Odair at Liberty kits Cheers, Marcos.
  2. After a long time, here is the finished Heron. I hope you enjoy. Cheers, Marcos.
  3. Hi Anthony! Thanks! I think that the conversion is not so difficult. I did some basic measures on 3 view drawings for a project in the 1:144 scale. Basically you have to lengthen the fuselage just in the front and in the back of the main landing gear bay and add new wing tips. The central part of the wing seems to be the same in the 42 and 72. Here are some drawings for the 1:144 scale. I will do some update for the 1:72 scale and post here. Cheers, Marcos.
  4. Thanks Anthony. After another long break here is a little update. The engines were glued in place and the gaps filled with Milliput. Cheers, Marcos.
  5. Here are some little update. Sanding and a second primer coat. Cheers, Marcos.
  6. After a long break I did some work on the ATR. Engines assembly and propeller dry fit. Cheers, Marcos.
  7. Here is a little update with the work in the main landing gear. Cheers, Marcos.
  8. Thanks Neil. Let's see if I finish it this year :) Cheers, Marcos.
  9. Some litle update with the decals dry fit. Cheers, Marcos.
  10. Hi Guys, After a long break, here are some update in the Xingu. Cheers, Marcos.
  11. Thanks Boz and Moritz. Boz, the wings are resin copies from the EMB 110C "Bandeirante" kit of Libety kits. Mr. Odair, the owner of Liberty kits, allowed me to make those copies. Then I worked from it cutting the tips and shortening the wing to fit the Xingu dimensions. This is something "similar" to what Embraer did in the development of the Xingu. Now I will do a mold for the Xingu wings. Cheers, Marcos.
  12. Many Thanks Boz. Here is one more picture of the bottom just before the crack. As I said before the model was disassembled at this point and I started a new fuselage and wings. I took the opportunity to improve the geometry of the wings and also improve the fuselage halves joint. The picture shows were it breaks. In the new fuselage I glued a styrene strip along the entire joint. Cheers, Marcos.
  13. A little update. Work on the nose landing gear and a picture of the model just before the accident. The main reference was the maintenance manual and others similar gears: Cheers, Marcos.
  14. Very impressive! I liked to see the Air Canada Beech 1900D and the ERJ 190! Cheers, Marcos.
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