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  1. You should! I'd love to see it. Funny they didn't want to let a woman fly, considering by then the CF allowed female combat pilots...
  2. I'm fairly sure 01 is a 9-13, but can't tell for 100% that it is...
  3. Starfighter F-104G by Welle: Erdball: Stukas im Visier by Feindflug:
  4. Hey cut us (this 'last two generations') some slack, we do remember things (at least, some of us do). And if there is blame to be placed it's not *entirely* on these two generations, but also on the generation(s) that raised and taught (?) them/us. Short form, in part, you made us. I had no idea today was the anniversary of the Doolittle raid, though I am aware of what it is. I'm aware of most of the events you list (no idea what Hurtgen Forest, Scorpion or Ia Drang refer to, and I'd definitely *not* include Grenada on that list, but that's just by the by). Conversely though, does October 23
  5. As I said, people like us, those interested in aviation, *we* know this... but my original point still stands: ask ten random people off the street, I doubt any will know who he was, whereas most will at least recognise Yeager's name.
  6. Per the book, it was indeed he and Hoover (IIRC) who worked out the flight test plan and then submitted it for rubber-stamp approval. By all rights though he *shouldn't* have been the one to fly that day given his broken ribs, but he got lucky that his broom-handle idea to close the door latch actually worked. If it hadn't, though, the sound barrier would still have been broken that day - except Bob Hoover would be the one everyone knows about, and Chuck Yeager would be just another post-war test pilot only aviation nuts know about.
  7. ...and then it'll go mainstream again - just like has happened with vinyl (in North America anyways, it never really went away elsewhere). A decade ago vinyl was just a hipster thing, now everyone is releasing vinyl again. even mainstream artists...
  8. I think, all the doom-talk aside, because that's been around in every hobby since the advent of the concept of hobbies, the best way to promote it? Don't necessarily have to go out of your way to 'recruit' new converts - simply encourage those who show an interest. Positive reinforcement goes a long way.
  9. I can say from my own experience when receiving stuff from Germany I've never had to pay anything extra... it's been a while but IIRC DHL only brings it as far as Canada and then Canada Post takes over once here...
  10. Not really what that customer base is looking for, though; the ones who buy a completed die-cast model aren't going to want to have to paint it. Also, for paintability's sake, it'll have to come not completely assembled, etc... and which point you may as well just buy an unassembled kit. Which isn't really what that customer base is looking for.
  11. I dunno I doubt die-cast will ever replace modelling, because there will always be a desire for "I want this specific thing"...
  12. Hahaha. Modelling will survive a *lot* longer. With all the improvements in 3D design/printing, CAD/CAM/CNC/allthatotherstuff, modelling is IMO in a better position than ever... and it's getting progressively easier for everyone to build the model that *they* want, down to details specific to a particular thing on a particular day.
  13. Oh jeez... In progress or stalled I've got... RHKAAF Spitfire F.24 (Spitfire GB) - Legato 1/72 Soviet Yak-1 (Lydia Litvyak's plane) - South Front 1/48 CAF CH-178/Mi-17V-5 - Hobby Boss 1/72 kitbash (stalled... can't convince myself that the interior is finished enough to close up) 1/72 Trumpeter Sea Fury - will be probably RCN but possibly RAN a couple of 1/72 whiffy builds, one based on the Bristol Belvedere, the other on the Chieftain tank Stuff in the queue: Fujimi 1/72 F-4EJ (for Far East GB) Hasegawa 1/72 F-4EJ Kai (for Far East GB) - 8 Sqn two-tone blue three Tamiya 1/72 MiG-29s
  14. An alternative to the Tamiya weathering master sets that's both cheaper and offers a much broader range of colours is eyeshadow. Don't need to go to Sephora of course, just cheap supermarket/walmart eyeshadow will work just as well. Note of advice though I would strongly recommend using the eyeshadow last, and not putting any clear coat over top, because that will kill the effect completely. It's pretty durable even under a bit of handling (which I don't imagine is going to happen very often), and if necessary can always be touched up.
  15. If you want larger rusty patches then you can use spots of rubber cement in the same sort of way as with the salt technique. The salt technique can be even better if you mix fine and coarse salts... I'd suggest like, putting some coarse salt right touching the edges and near to the blotches of the rubber cement, then fine salt near/around the coarse...
  16. Sad to hear. :( I guess we're reaching that point where the legends (musical, football, etc) of my childhood are approaching the final whistle... :(
  17. How about ex-bombers? Like say the B-47 used to test the Orenda Iroquois engine, or the RCAF's jet-Lancaster, or SAR Lancaster or B-17, etc?
  18. Sure, I understand it's a business, and it's entirely his call. But quite a few other decal makers seem to do very well with 1/72; the reluctance to producing sheets in this scale seems to be an allergy that primarily affects American publishers. But that said, this isn't an argument I'm very interested in prolonging; I've got a plethora of other options to choose from. If Jake ever does decide to print some 1/72 Phantom sheets I'll happily buy them, if not... like I said, I've got other choices.
  19. Oh, probably not, but after seeing answers like: for like 3 years now (about both the RF-4 and ANG Phantom sheets you told me and others they'd be coming in 1/72), one gets jaded, y'know? Have you ever released a 1/72 sheet? It really does surprise me you'd ignore what is probably the most popular scale in global terms, when all it'd really take is resizing the artwork.
  20. From CanMilAir you can also ask for the 407 Sqn tridents, I did when I got my symmetrical scheme decals, just asked and he included them.
  21. Did a bit of research, and yeah, that's Kai Tak - here's an RHKAAF Sikorsky S76 in front of the same building in 1991:
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