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  1. I'll catch up eventually. My #17 is in progress, so I'm not too far back... only behind by, what, 1 or 2....... 00?
  2. I have the South Front Yak-1 about half-way finished, I believe that's a reboxing of the Modelsvit kit. Nice kit but needs some work. Can anyone chime in on what the Accurate Miniatures kit is like?
  3. I'd be in. Have a few ideas in mind... Lydia Litvyak's Yak-1 White 02 in which she scored her first kill... is there a Yak-1b in 1/48? If so... White 23 in which Litvyak got her last kill... Mariya Dolina's Pe-2... quite a few other Soviet possibilities for me, too. Is there an RWD 13 in 1/48? Mariana Dragescu flew the ambulance version on the Eastern Front. Maybe a Hungarian Stuka? Anyways quite a few possibilites for me here!
  4. That is one of the most ridiculous-looking "aircraft" I've seen...
  5. That's what everyone said about the F-117 prior to March 27 1999...
  6. That P-3A scheme would look very, very good on that Argus... Always will have a soft spot for the P-3/CP-140, having years ago had a ride in a 407 Sqn Aurora. :)
  7. Dassault and Eastern Front GBs could interest me!
  8. They'll all get prescriptions for wine from their doctors, it's an essential part of their diet. :)
  9. See my previous post. I hate building cockpits, but I love everything else. I'd sooner scratchbuild the ISS in 1:72 than build a cockpit if I don't have to.
  10. I disagree. I can't stand building cockpits - but I do enjoy the entire rest of the building process! I enjoy scratchbuilding things. And kitbashing, and what-iffery, and all those other good things... I just really hate building cockpits. Just because I'd want to use a pre-finished cockpit isn't magically gonna make me stop wanting to do the rest of it myself, because the part of modelling that appeals to me is exactly what you *don't* get out of simply buying a die-cast model - the pleasure of building it up how *I* want, choosing the paint scheme *I* want and applying it, etc.
  11. That's why I build, too, but. The idea of building the cockpit often stops me from even starting something.
  12. LOL I was thinking of that after I posted, too. I'm more about the lines of an airframe anyways and find that open canopies ruin the optics, so it works for me.
  13. I'd love it. Cockpits are my least favourite thing to do.
  14. Ooh, I do like both of those!
  15. :( :( Only just found out about this today... Ross was a great guy. Had a few good conversations unrelated to anything forum-related with him via PM... and somehow he always managed to say something I needed to hear. I never had the privilege of meeting him in person, but I will certainly miss him. My thoughts and condolences to his family and friends.
  16. I was going to reply about the joke and then I see... when?? :( :(
  17. !! So it is! I might just have to build that...
  18. I'm not seeing it. What's the issue?
  19. Outrage, because it's disgusting behaviour. Just nobody seems to want to make the lateral jump to the obvious conclusion - this guy is the personification of unregulated libertarian capitalism. If Object A is the same as Object B, and Object A has Attribute X, it follows that Object B also has Attribute X. I don't think anyone who's had to deal with the cost of some drugs has anything good to say about big pharma, though, either.
  20. Oh that's gorgeous. My favourite JASDF scheme. Got the F-4EJ kit for this scheme, guess I'll have to break down and buy this one, too...
  21. Actually, I hope not. I hope that even *those* guys turn away from him in disgust. :D
  22. I dunno, for my part I think a less detailed cockpit is a perfectly acceptable trade-off for the shape being right.
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