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  1. Hopefully we'll get our subforum soon so everyone can start posting build threads!
  2. You can get out and walk there, if you like...
  3. Once my hand heals up, if I'm still able to use it well enough to build models, I'm going to start in with a USAF RF-4C "Carolina Kangaroo" flown by an exchange pilot from the RAAF.
  4. Aaron: I'd think that kit would fall into the spirit of the GB. Also, a bit of bad news from my part - having fairly wrecked my right thumb, I won't be able to build anything for a while. Hopefully it'll be healed up and dexterity enough will return in time for me to get at least one build done!
  5. Wolfpak 72-031 has decals for an F-4D of 497 TFS in SEA with black undersides: http://modelingmadness.com/scott/decals/wp/wp72031.htm.
  6. Justin - sorry, but I think allowing that would kinda defeat the purpose of having a theme to the GB, so I'd say no, you could build it in the paint it wore whilst it took part in the war, but not a scheme it wore before or after that.
  7. I like it! I really hope someone builds one. :)
  8. They're real, they were there, they were used for war-related purposes...
  9. Nice! The orange sticks out so well from the greys.
  10. Yeah I can only say the same, I lost the nose cone of a Typhoon, Airfix sent me a replacement no questions asked.
  11. Don't get too stoked, I'm not the only one making the decisions. ;) But really: there is a huge array of subjects here available. I think for a what-if to be approved it'd have to be something very plausible. I can't think of anything off the top of my head.
  12. Trying to decide if this makes a difference to my life or not.
  13. Sweet. Got a slew of stuff for this to choose from! Could Bangladesh be included or is that already too far west?
  14. I could get into this with some Aleutian campaign stuff and maybe a BoB Spitfire!
  15. So, so, so awesome! Both of you. The world needs more dads like you.
  16. Scooby - yeah, neither have I, and I've been watching footie since I was little.
  17. Yeah, I didn't want to say that, but I absolutely agree. Without a doubt, that was a call made with the specific intent to try to allow the US to win.
  18. The shot with the moon in it is fantastic - a high-res version of that would instantly make my desktop background! ;)
  19. Megan Rapinoe is the only one on the US team truly respect-worthy, and is by far the most underrated player in the world, male or female. The rest of them? Yeah, not so much. Wambach (or Wombat, as my dad calls her) is okay, but way overhyped. The US *has* fallen a long way since 1999, but everyone thinks they're still the shoot because of the performance at the 2012 Olympics in beating Canada... which only happened because the ref decided to call a ridiculous call against Erin McLeod. Such a thing also just happened in the recent NZ-PRC match, which ended 2:2 because of an awful call against
  20. Not "just as bad" - they're far worse. How often do you see a guy go down, and stay down until they realise the ref won't make a call? Compare that to how often you see the girl hit the ground and she's back up in an instant and playing on? Oh, and how often would you see something like the Korean goalie, who broke her collarbone in the match v France... and played through it? Maybe in hockey, not in footie.
  21. The only international sports competition worth watching anymore, because it's (mostly) still not about money (for now). And before any soccer 'fan' who likes men's footie but rags on the women in any way says anything further... the guys are on the floor *way* more often. And whinge more. Bloody disgusting. I'm gonna stop here though before I get myself banned from here, because ffs.
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