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  1. One of the local spotters got pictures of one at Miramar as it taxied back to the hangar and posted it on instagram.
  2. The 130 I want to do is a E or H model like was at Dyess in the early 80's a standard trash hauler with camo and white bottom with a MAC band on the tail. Never saw a Roman Nosed 130 when I would visit my dad in his office.
  3. Need some help, I'm doing a 130 and wanted to do it in the Camo that was around during the 70's and 80's before Euro1. Was wondering if anyone makes decals for this paint scheme in 1/144, and if possible with the 463rd markings when they flew out of Dyess? Thank you
  4. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=1sNbhdPv&id=24507B20D854393AAF3AB022F9A2404305CEE7C7&thid=OIP.1sNbhdPv0fk482gVStBk6QHaEd&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.dhc-2.com%2f53-4256_B-47_Day-Glo_09091968_1280.jpg&exph=772&expw=1280&q=b-47+yf-12a&simid=608013886630004332&selectedIndex=0 This one
  5. As stated before it should be a gloss paint not matt. Also the panel lines on the aircraft are a little to heavy. 25 years working as a mechanic on airplanes if I saw panels like that I would ground the airplane. Also the seam in the ACM scoop on top of the fuselage should have been filled, you put all the time in the model detailing it out but you miss a seam In a scoop.
  6. It was an L-1011. The DC-10's came to Eastern in 1985 and left in 1990. David http://www.airfleets.net/flottecie/Eastern%20Airlines-history-dc10.htm
  7. Awesome build, if your going to do a airplane sitting on the ramp. Another little thing to consider is the Nose Landing Gear doors droop about an inch. DOn't know how close to real you are going but that is a bit of info you may consider. David
  8. He had a Super 27 so your going to have to take the engines off an MD-80 for 1 and 3 since they are JT8-217 not the standard JT8-17 that was on the 727 also your need to sand off the revesor vanes on #2 since it is a straight pipe on the super 27. and if your going to get technical you need to drop the aft inboard flap a couple degrees that was part of the winglet or Valsan mod that was on his airplane. David
  9. Try using PrimePortal there is a lot of good pictures on that site. http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/b-52_home.htm David
  10. The 777 has its stab off because it is shored up and on jacks while they replace the heat damaged skins from the engine failure. The stab was removed to keep the airplane from weather vaning in the wind. David
  11. He is also ripping off Contrails 707 corrected nose. What a PIECE OF S@#T
  12. Let me look if the other person doesn't have any, I have a C-5 from Anigrand. I think I still have the 80C2's if so they are yours. David
  13. Nice looking Herky Bird. Interesting thing is my dad was in the 463th OMS 79 to 84 when the Herks where camo with dirty white bellies. And one of the crew chiefs at my work is a former 463th FMS guy. David (former Dyess brat)
  14. There is a patch on the alternate static port, which is large enough to go into the RVSM critical inspection area. And since there is not placards around the RVSM critical inspection area I can assume this airframe isn't RVSM qualified. Just useless crap I notice being an inspector.
  15. Interesting ramp rash on that airplane. Looks like someone tried to drive the jet bridge into the fuselage on the L2 door area. Also see that airplane is not RVSM qualified because of the ramp rash on the Captains Static Ports. But it does look like this airplane just came out of a MBV or C Check, there is no grease all over the gear. Here is one of my "clean" airplanes. The new 3 wheel truck mod for the 757's. These is what happens when management contracts out the gear overhauls to the lowest bidders and not doing the work in house anymore. V1 rotate, this is how you get a 757 int
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