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  1. Yeah but I need them kinda now. My girl is building for a contest at the end of April and I just now thought of this. Roll models has them so we'll see.
  2. My daughter is building a Monogram P-39. Cuz there was a dog on the decal. I thought I'd get her a mask to make the canopy easier but the only one I can find is by EZMask and of course they do not take credit cards or Paypal cuz that would be to easy. Eduard and Montex masks I can get anywhere, but can those work?
  3. Holy cow! Thanks! That one goes in the bookmarks. Do the Hase sets include the various racks?
  4. Picked up a Revell 1/48 F-15E, the one with no bombs. What would be a good source of weapons for an early 90s aircraft. I was looking at the Hasegawa weapons kits A, B, C or D. All my refs are packed away at the moment. 8(. Thanks, Frank
  5. Planning to do 3Z+FR, first kill in Poland to complement my P.11s. I have the Airfix and RS kits, but I do not see masks for either. The glass is certainly less complicated than the 17z but still. I have looked on ebay, SprueBros, Hannants, Eduard, Montex and general web searchs but nada. Anyone heard of any?
  6. That was quick. Only the Dremel is left. I have a Badger 180 and a Dremel 2 speed motor tool for sale. These turned out to be excess and are just taking up room. Both are in good condition, the 2 speed was hardly ever used (not even sure why I bought it, I have a single speed with the CV controller and had 2 5 speeds, one of which I already sold). Badger 180 roughly 30 psi, will include a small bag of various NPT parts including the 1/4" to airbrush hose adapter. Even have a foot switch to turn it on and off, but it's not a Badger item. $35 + shipping. Dremel 2 speed. Like new. $25 + shipp
  7. Got one of these. I like the little kits as they are good fast build fun. The kit has gotten a couple of good reviews and I'm kind of on a French kick right now. Was wondering if anyone else did one of these. The fit of the wing to fuse is snug but there is s considerable step fuse higher than wing. It almost looks like I need to sand the whole bottom of the fuse piece. Just wanted to get some insight before surgery.
  8. Well, multiple emails to Misterkit and to their payment processor sella.it have resulted in ... silence. Found Misterkitusa.com. Phone # doesn't work. Emailed. Checked the bank statement, I believe they overcharged me on top of everything else. Called the bank and had the charged reversed pending an "investigation". Sorry guys. <_<
  9. It's ammonia. I also use it as a thinner, for acrylics, obviously. I keep a jar handy when airbrushing acrylics. Water 1st to get most of it off, Windex 2nd to clean, water again to rinse. I should think any window cleaner should work. I'd get one that wasn't scented, I don't know what they use for scents or how it would affect paint.
  10. Ordered from them couple weeks ago. Nothing past the confirmation, Now website not available. Misterkit.com They don't answer emails, and I'm about ready to start the process to get my money back. The only thing I really wanted was the Tauro decals and ordered some other items to amortize shipping, which I think was way to high anyway. I've heard they were good and had a good catalog, but... Frank
  11. I'm curious about people's experiences with the 4 main canopy masks/sorta masks. Eduard, old style and the new kabuki EZ mask Montex Fast Frames Personally I hate masking, especially in smaller scales. And it seems to slow me down considerably. I have a bunch of Fast Frames, but I get the feeling they ain't that good, since they are no longer made. I know some of the other tricks, and I'll use them if i have to, but I would like to get a bunch of these cheats if I can. I am genuinely interested in people's actual experience. Frank
  12. Cleaning up a bit and found a few more items that are dupes or I no longer have matching kits for. All items are complete and contain all original instructions, decals, etc unless noted. Payment: Paypal preferred, MO ok, checks must clear before shipment, cash at your own risk. Shipping: I use USPS, actual cost to your zip plus insurance and confirmation if desired. Feedback: 360+ under ftauss at that auction site Email: ftauss@yahoo.com same as paypal account. Put the word “Buy†in the subject please. If you are having trouble viewing this try: http://tauss.home.insightbb.com/Sale_ad
  13. Thinning collection. I'll never build 'em all and haven't the display space if I did. Items are being offered on various forums/newsgroups before heading for eBay. I was very meticulous when acquiring making sure I got good examples. Kits are complete unless otherwise noted. Most have been opened but are unstarted. I will try and and inspect each one while packing, just in case but were complete upon storage IIRC. Digital photos on request. Shipping is at cost and will include materials in the case of larger kits as I'll have to buy boxes for them. I recommend USPS Parcel as chea
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