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  1. I am building a 1/48th scale F-15D Academy kit. If this aircraft was to carry n ecm pod, would it be on the centerline station or under a wing station. I know it would probably never fly in this configuration, but that's what so fun about modeling. Little jeff
  2. Did the F-8E' ever carry napalm from carriers, navy or marines? Am interested in putting napalm tanks on my Revell F-8E crusader instead of the TER's with 750lbers. Jeff
  3. Was wondering if anybody knew where I could find some info on weapons loadouts for the A-7E during desert storm. I was thinking some mk 83's loaded singlely on each pylon or maybe even some cluster bombs and some AGM 88 as a SAM suppressor. Another ? I have is that I noticed on some bombs used during desert storm that the fuse looks like a hardened nose cone of some sort. Is that some new fuse? I am used the ones with the little propellar up front. If I use the mk 83 bombs, what's the best way of replicating the thermal protection on the Navy bombs? Thanks Little Jeff
  4. I know that Two Bobs makes the AIM 9L/M stencils, but where can I find AIM 9X stencils at? Thanks Jeff
  5. I am making said jet right now, had bought some superscale decals but just recently realized that it is for a C model, not the D. Anyone know where I can get the Oregon ANG F-15D decals at? Thanks in advance Jeff
  6. I know that the legacy Hornets flew the goofy gas configuration in combat, do the new Super Hornets do the same to maximize weapon loads? Also, when the Hornets carry the AGM 84H SLAM ER missile, do they have to carry a data link pod, if so, which one? Thanks Little Jeff
  7. Thank you for the replies. Exactly what I was looking for. Any ideas on McChord AFB decals? Little Jeff
  8. I have a C-141B in 1/200 scale that I plan on putting the European lizard camo scheme on. From looking at some pics on the net. it looks like the colors are european gray, european green and either a dark green or even a olive drab. Are those colors correct for the euro lizard scheme? Also, does anyone make different decals for this model from Cyberhobby.com? I am looking for decals with the McChord AFB marking on them. My father was a flight engineer on one of these aircraft during the late 70s theough the mid 90s. He passed away in '96 so I would like to commemorate this plane to his memory
  9. Are the Oregon ANG F-15D aircraft fully combat capable or are they more of a training asett to the sqd's? I have a Academy F-15C/D. I am going to build the F-15D version with Oregon ANG decals, also, do they usually carry tanks under the wings or just the center line and are they capable of carrying ecm pods, if so, where? Thanks for any info Little Jeff
  10. Makes sense guys. Thanks Jeff
  11. Can or do the F-15I's carry the new sniper targeting pod on american F-15E's? Jeff
  12. Thanks. I will get some some very soon. Little Jeff
  13. I was just curious as to Tamiya's decision to stop making their clear gloss coat (TS 13) and what will they be making to replace it. I had one can and it was the best clear glosscoat I have ever used and now they do not make it anymore. Any ideas Little Jeff
  14. I need to get some new model shelves. the one I got isn't big enough anymore. Where would one look for specific model shelving? Thanks in advance Little Jeff
  15. I got the said model and I would like to get McChord AFB in WA. markings for it. My Dad had almost 8000 hours in one of these as a flight engineer in the late 70's to mid 90's before he passed away in '96. I'm not sure if I am posting this in the forum though. Anybody on here make custom decals in that scale? Any help would be appreciated. Little Jeff
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