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  1. I forgot, build the new Mig Killer...262... Jeff
  2. F-4D... Jeff
  3. How about the 76th when it gets shrunk down to 48th.... Jeff
  4. Myrtle Beach DS jets, they had quite a scoreboard themselves, and you have a great ref.jet about an hour from your house...;) Jeff
  5. I think that replacement engine panel is off a retired AF bird, because it's Gunship Gray every day... Jeff
  6. Given their respective age, definitely hit them with a decal bonder before use...I have some of their decals that nobody else has ever made before, esp. some F-14 units... Jeff
  7. Thanks for the info Gene, I saw those but never thought past what they could be... Jeff
  8. Other than the thunder thigh thick raised panels, it's pretty much perfect...however, thinning it down has proven enough to throw mine on the shelf of doom until a later date I come to my senses... Jeff
  9. Anybody heard from Hobby Lobby about this, the gal I spoke with at mine looked at me like I had three eyeballs when I asked her about it.... Jeff
  10. We seriously need an RF-8A/G kit in ANY scale.... Jeff
  11. I've been waiting for VF-21 decals forever, I have this sheet, but they are kinda ick...more VF-21 is great! Now all you gotta do is find your not busy enough, thanks for the good news Brian! Jeff
  12. I "think" Mark released them under his Wolfpack decal line a while ago, take a look. I did my Bergstrom one by hand a few years back... Jeff
  13. I've been waiting forever! I melted my Testors Broncos into plastic ingets years ago. So long overdue, thanks for the info! Jeff
  14. As much as I like the E model SH, the F is much more sought out, and it been really hard to find for a few years now. If HL gets em, I'm in trouble. Darren you better get cranking out ECS pipes and ACS rear IP panels! eff
  15. It's probably coming sooner than we think.... Jeff