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  1. Any of em with a sharkmouth...looks great on all 105's.... Jeff
  2. Colorado (140th FW) has one at least. Iowa's paint barn is going all HG5 for US jets, foreign no. Eglin is active AF and have had it for years, now Nellis. The whole fleet will probably be done in 5 years time I bet. Ft. Worth's 301st has a couple too....I like it, and it fades kinda cool as well... Jeff
  3. Looks great Mike! Glad to see you back in the saddle! Jeff
  4. Wow! Outstanding, I agree with Joerg! Jeff
  5. Awesome! And you picked the best state for unit decals! Jeff
  6. USN colors all the way, 36440... Jeff
  7. I went Sunday, despite the poop weather, I was able to get some great pics, even if they needed some editing to get close to what I wanted... Jeff
  8. Weather looks like its gonna be improving a bit... Jeff
  9. Very nice! I have the same jet on my to do list in 48th.... Jeff
  10. Been to the last 2, would go to this one if I didn't have to work. I like it because you can get close to the active ramp and get some great shots if you're into it like me. The only drawback was the last show they made you park in town and they bused you there, which sucked with 3 kids... Jeff
  11. Pretty sure Jake put 262 on one of his last Viper sheets in VT markings....but I like 277 better... Jeff
  12. If you put HARM's on the outer pylons, don't forget to cant them outward ever so slightly, everyone misses that detail. Jeff
  13. Shull24's didn't have a part number, I found mine and it said it was a nats bonus. IIRC it was for buying his stuff, sorry. Shouldn't be too bad to scratch I guess, good luck, lotsa refs out there. Jeff
  14. Shawn Hull (Shull24) made the only one I've ever seen....if you can find it... Jeff
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