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  1. Wednesday to Saturday has better stuff, but Saturday PM fire sales are good too... Jeff
  2. Any Nats I can drive to is exciting... Jeff
  3. Agreed, nice build!! Jeff
  4. Just watch out for his stuff, over the years I've had a couple of sets go shrinky dink on me... Jeff
  5. I've built them all, my favorite was the RoG/Italeri, however its got a couple shape issues, but the rest is decent. I agree a new one is warranted. Here's my RoG.... Jeff
  6. Pretty easy to make a 30 from a 50, and Bubba is correct... Jeff
  7. This is my Hasegawa ADF conversion. I used the Revell tail base, cut it off the vertical stab, scribed the base to match the Hasegawa vertical stab, ditched the Hasegawa A base, then glued the Revell base to the Hasegawa stab, and that was it. Very cheap, and looks great. I finished the kit 2 years ago, but still haven't taken good shots of it. There is still an in-progress build on here somewhere if you'd like to look. Jeff
  8. Man that's nice! Jeff
  9. All these 135 units are using their state university bands and colors...I like it... Jeff
  10. Awesome! Jeff
  11. I wish I did, I'll be honest, there's quite a few really good JHMCS helmets out there, Tamiya, Hasegawa. Nobody makes the new Scorpion helmet and its being flown by many Active and Reserve F-16 and A-10 pilots currently. Just my .02, as it fits on the HGU-55, maybe make both. Just a suggestion, glad to hear someone has an interest! Jeff
  12. Post it here if you all can get a chance, I've never seen it and Randy builds great helo's... Jeff
  13. It's been a long time Matt. Only sometimes do they coordinate perfectly. Jeff
  14. Kursad, The tailflash for the 182nd in Peoria should be orange, not yellow, if you're adjusting colors...;) Jeff