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  1. jefropas

    Hasegawa 1/48 Curtiss F-40E Warhawk

    Very nice Jon! BTW, FCM now uses Microscale for printing, so things are a lot better....the P-40 decal sheet must've been from their original printer...that silver is amazing! Jeff
  2. jefropas

    Modern Hobbies

    I got stuff from him earlier this year. No communication with him, and I knew it going in, and I knew it would take forever, which it did. I gave myself a lot of lead time, so when I got my stuff, it was fine. BTW, it's damn incredible molding in that scale, I highly recommend it, if you can handle the long wait time and no comms... Jeff
  3. jefropas

    Air Force officially hates F-15s now

    I guess I should've adjusted my statement to internal capacity. I still think in a contested airspace they aren't gonna be rolling in with the external hard points attached....but you never know...cool CGI image! Jeff
  4. jefropas

    LF:F-89J Scorpion 124th FIS. Pictures/Info

    The Squadron signal book has about a half dozen, and there's a really nice litho out there if you can find it that's a great reference piece...Go Hawkeyes! Jeff
  5. jefropas

    Air Force officially hates F-15s now

    As long as the 35 can only field 4 AMRAAM's , compared to the 8 on the 22 or F-15, it'll never be an air dominance fighter, past the first 4 off the rail... Jeff
  6. jefropas

    1/32 F/A-18E Revell

    They had one at the Ohio Nats a few years ago, it's really nice.... Jeff
  7. jefropas

    1/48 Revell CH-53C to HMH-463 CH-53D

    Just a work of art sir! Jeff
  8. jefropas

    F-15C as bombing platform?

    It's always had it built into it since it was born, Saudi's just used it. If the new X gets the nod, which I doubt, it may get to drop bombs finally in US service... Jeff
  9. jefropas

    Ecuador Mirage F.1

    Cmon, you're actually building a kit? 😂 Jeff
  10. jefropas

    1/72 Hasegawa F-16C 162nd Fighter Squadron

    I miss watching the Springfield guys ripping it up...nice build so far! Jeff
  11. jefropas

    Severing Ties...

    Good luck, I still think Hasegawa is the better kit, the odd proportions of the forward fuselage still catch my eye every time I see the Kinetic kit... Jeff
  12. jefropas

    Hobby shops in Central Florida

    Colonial Photo and Hobby near downtown Orlando is it, and even that was kinda average last time I was there a few years ago... Jeff
  13. jefropas

    Afterburner Decals

    Cartograph printed them and while they are a bit thicker, they work very well... Jeff
  14. jefropas

    1/48 HobbyBoss FB-111A

    Love the Dark Dark!! Jeff
  15. jefropas

    CD48111 - FB-111A

    Ron, I'll bring my old example, that's up for rebuild with these new decals, over so you can laugh and see what it needs...other than me building it... Jeff