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  1. jefropas

    CorsairMan is going to Nats!

    Last Phoenix Nats was 122 degrees in the day, and 110 at night. Think of lots of cold drinks and deodorant...😂 Jeff
  2. jefropas

    1:72 modern pilot figures

    Hopefully you get yours soon. I know Greg's had past problems. I did not know about the email issues. It's worth the wait... Jeff
  3. Wow is that nice or what! Jeff
  4. jefropas

    1/144 TWA Connie

    Very cool! That's the exact Connie that crashed in the town I work in back in Sept. 61'. I think it was the deadly plane crash to date. It's a woodsy semi-open field now with a few houses on it. I get sad every time I pass it... Jeff
  5. jefropas

    Tamiya 1/48 F-16C. Was it a sales disappointment?

    I did my part and bougth about a dozen...still have yet to finish one though, most disappointingly.... Jeff
  6. jefropas

    CD144012 - 1/144 C-130H/J "Guard Herks"

    Great news! Jeff
  7. jefropas

    1:72 modern pilot figures

    It does take a long time for Greg to fill orders no doubt. I have no doubt they'll be in your hands soon. Jeff
  8. jefropas

    1/48 Monogram F-14A Tomcat

    Nice! Those decals look familiar... Jeff
  9. jefropas

    1/35 MH-65D Dolphin

    I'm watching closely, I want to do this same project in 48th...a new kit in either scale would be nice... Jeff
  10. jefropas

    136 FIS F-4D NY ANG Rhino Decal Source (1/48)

    If I see it before then Don I'll grab it for you, sorry, I forgot about how the whole thread started in the first place, older age I guess... Jeff
  11. jefropas

    CD72080 - 1/72 AV-8B Harrier II

    Very cool! We've had such a nice kit for so long with ick decals... Jeff
  12. jefropas

    1/48 E-2 Hawkeye

    Awesome build! I have the Hasegawa I want to finish in 72nd first, before I buy this large, expensive beast...great work Jeff
  13. jefropas

    136 FIS F-4D NY ANG Rhino Decal Source (1/48)

    I'll keep my eye open for you at the shows, I know I've seen it again out there somewhere... Jeff
  14. jefropas

    136 FIS F-4D NY ANG Rhino Decal Source (1/48)

    The late model Niagara jets were only ever released by Cutting Edge. I just watch them on Ebay, and picked mine up last year for about $15. Not too bad, the rainbow tail has been done a few times, but CE is it for this scheme....you can probably twist Jake's arm... Jeff
  15. jefropas

    interesting silver F-105F

    Go onto Facebook and look up the F-105 page...more than you can shake a stick at... Jeff