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  1. jefropas

    1/72 Hasegawa F-16C 162nd Fighter Squadron

    I miss watching the Springfield guys ripping it up...nice build so far! Jeff
  2. jefropas

    Severing Ties...

    Good luck, I still think Hasegawa is the better kit, the odd proportions of the forward fuselage still catch my eye every time I see the Kinetic kit... Jeff
  3. jefropas

    Hobby shops in Central Florida

    Colonial Photo and Hobby near downtown Orlando is it, and even that was kinda average last time I was there a few years ago... Jeff
  4. jefropas

    Afterburner Decals

    Cartograph printed them and while they are a bit thicker, they work very well... Jeff
  5. jefropas

    1/48 HobbyBoss FB-111A

    Love the Dark Dark!! Jeff
  6. jefropas

    CD48111 - FB-111A

    Ron, I'll bring my old example, that's up for rebuild with these new decals, over so you can laugh and see what it needs...other than me building it... Jeff
  7. jefropas

    Eduard MiG-21MF in 72nd scale

    Your build just convinced to me buy one for myself, keep up the great work! Jeff
  8. jefropas

    New 160th SOAR Pics

    Those are awesome shots! Thanks for the link! Jeff
  9. jefropas

    No Talk Of Solo?

    Just saw it last night, it was entertaining, but didn't get me all worked up. Will not see it again... Jeff
  10. jefropas

    Eduard MiG-21MF in 72nd scale

    Nice article, I can't wait to buy a few! Jeff
  11. I'm still alive, but some times I don't know by how much! How have you been doing? I need to get your phone number again. I was just looking for it a few weeks ago and couldn't find it.


    Here is my info if you don't have it:


    Cell 630-768-3761



    1. jefropas


      (630) 234-8172 cell



      All is good, working midnights all summer, trying to see if I can build something to take to Nats, but I kinda doubt it. My model room/workshop construction is due in August, so I'd like to check yours out (despite it being taken over) sometime this summer , maybe buy you a beer or the like. Hope all is well in Montgomery!



  12. jefropas

    May releases

    Ron's alive! Jeff
  13. jefropas

    CorsairMan is going to Nats!

    Last Phoenix Nats was 122 degrees in the day, and 110 at night. Think of lots of cold drinks and deodorant...😂 Jeff
  14. jefropas

    1:72 modern pilot figures

    Hopefully you get yours soon. I know Greg's had past problems. I did not know about the email issues. It's worth the wait... Jeff