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  1. P-3 Orion sheet ideas

    Low vis for sure, anything that may be unique markings wise... Jeff
  2. 1/72 VS-32 decals for S-3?

    Lotsa high vis S-3 decals in 72nd, very few low vis...I guess when the Hasegawa kit came out they went wild, then forgot about it because nobody has Hoover love but a few of us weirdos. Jeff
  3. Agreed, I thought it was gonna be 48th, given previous discussions with my fellow LEO.... Jeff
  4. Michigan ANG 100th anniversary

    Got my sheet, thought I'd ask this to help guys here, what should be the width for the invasion stripes, or are we winging it so to speak? Thanks. Jeff
  5. Minicraft T-34A/B Mentor

    Can't wait to build the Lima Lima bird I got to fly in 20+ years ago... Jeff
  6. R/MQ-1?

    Go 147th!!! Jeff
  7. Source for 1/48th USN Pilot Heads

    Fred, if you use the head from one of the later C model boxing F-16's, the block 50's, you'll be fine. The early model ones (A,B,C,D's) all have the old helmets, the block 50's (C,D's) have the 55's on the sprue with the newer incorrect wheels, and LAU missile rails. There are 2 sprue per kit, as long as you have the right one. Jeff
  8. Source for 1/48th USN Pilot Heads

    Same helmets for both, HGU'-55P, AF is painted gray with gray leather sides to keep the visor from scratching, Navy tapes over theirs with white reflective tape and black leather sides. Both use the JHMCS which is gray. The USMC puts a cloth BDU style cover on their helmets sometimes. The only different USN helmets are the 68's with the weird visor, and helo drivers which I'm not familiar with. Hope I helped. Jeff
  9. Revell F/A-18E Super Hornet questions

    No need for an aftermarket cockpit, it's pretty good as is actually, all it needs is a JHMCS sensor and maybe a pilot. As for the vents, sorry, I'm at work or I'd be able to show you. Good kit to start off with, good luck. Jeff
  10. I know there was talk about it, any updates? Jeff
  11. A-7E Hasegawa

    Would love to see in progress shots!! Great work! I'm a SLUF man all the way... Jeff
  12. New WWII US Navy pilot coming by Reedoak

    We need some new seated pilots, these are incredible but only really useful for dioramas. Jeff
  13. NEW 1/48 Phantom goodies for Zm and other makes

    Those F-4 exhaust nozzles were very impressive Gary, those will be a hit for sure! Jeff
  14. anyone excited for Nats?

    Wednesday to Saturday has better stuff, but Saturday PM fire sales are good too... Jeff
  15. anyone excited for Nats?

    Any Nats I can drive to is exciting... Jeff