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  1. Love it! Jeff
  2. IIRC, there's a few parking lots on the NE side of the base that you could get some decent shots if they don't call the police on you. I think the entire south side is heavy woods and swampy areas= possible of luck! Jeff
  3. I forgot, build the new Mig Killer...262... Jeff
  4. F-4D... Jeff
  5. How about the 76th when it gets shrunk down to 48th.... Jeff
  6. Myrtle Beach DS jets, they had quite a scoreboard themselves, and you have a great ref.jet about an hour from your house...;) Jeff
  7. Given their respective age, definitely hit them with a decal bonder before use...I have some of their decals that nobody else has ever made before, esp. some F-14 units... Jeff
  8. Thanks for the info Gene, I saw those but never thought past what they could be... Jeff
  9. Anybody heard from Hobby Lobby about this, the gal I spoke with at mine looked at me like I had three eyeballs when I asked her about it.... Jeff
  10. We seriously need an RF-8A/G kit in ANY scale.... Jeff
  11. I "think" Mark released them under his Wolfpack decal line a while ago, take a look. I did my Bergstrom one by hand a few years back... Jeff
  12. I've been waiting forever! I melted my Testors Broncos into plastic ingets years ago. So long overdue, thanks for the info! Jeff