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  1. All these 135 units are using their state university bands and colors...I like it... Jeff
  2. Awesome! Jeff
  3. I wish I did, I'll be honest, there's quite a few really good JHMCS helmets out there, Tamiya, Hasegawa. Nobody makes the new Scorpion helmet and its being flown by many Active and Reserve F-16 and A-10 pilots currently. Just my .02, as it fits on the HGU-55, maybe make both. Just a suggestion, glad to hear someone has an interest! Jeff
  4. Post it here if you all can get a chance, I've never seen it and Randy builds great helo's... Jeff
  5. It's been a long time Matt. Only sometimes do they coordinate perfectly. Jeff
  6. Kursad, The tailflash for the 182nd in Peoria should be orange, not yellow, if you're adjusting colors...;) Jeff
  7. Good thing with the RM kit is you only have to scribe about 1/2 of it, because the rest is legit surface texture like all the rivets, etc... Jeff
  8. Given that the RM Hog is shaped correctly, and the Italeri one isn't, you may have your work cut out for you in many places... Jeff
  9. They print what sells the best in the US, and despite anybody's wishes, it's 48th scale. It's that simple, 32nd makes a very few sheets, but 72nd has been mostly a losing game. I know Wolfpack has had a lot of success with his mixed themed sheets, but single subjects are still a very hard sell. That's a reason Superscale and others mostly stopped in 72nd too. I build a lot of 72nd, so I feel everyone's pain, I just don't know what will help it change... Jeff
  10. I wonder if you could twist Jake's arm to print his 48th scale sheet in 72nd... Jeff
  11. It's gotta be better than the crappy Airfix/Heller, and the Italeri versions I'm trying to cobble together to make a decent looking model... Jeff
  12. Really nice SCANG bird! They are pretty clean, so you nailed it! Jeff
  13. It's just lighting...the 205 jet is in the shadows.... Jeff
  14. Hobby Haven has been around forever. Only decent place left in the state... Jfef