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  1. How many pairs of shoes does she have?
  2. The intake looks like it's silver/metal colour rather than underside colour in this photo. However the outlet seems to be underside colour. Mike
  3. I know.... However I wanted to do it on my Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk1 for the experience! :D Thanks for all the tips guys. Kudos, as ever, Mike
  4. I've heard you can 'soften' the resulting lines after you've re-scribed panel lines. How is this done? I've got a pot of Tamiya extra thin and I presume you just let a little of it pull itself along the panel lines. Is this how it's done and is Tamiya strong enough? Many thanks, Mike
  5. Thanks again guys. So the Revell/Monogram kit is a good representation of early A-10's then. What kit accurately represents Gulf War A-10's then, or do you need to scratch build from cold war versions? Thanks, Mike
  6. Yes, that's it! I've seen the original Revell kit on E-bay, is it not as good as the modern day Revell-Monogram kit then? Mike
  7. Hi all. I am correct in assuming that both kits are the same and the new Revell-Monogram A-10 is exactly the same as the Old Revell kit? Thanks in advance, Mike
  8. Now I would of gone quite a bit 'mental' about that..... I obviously need to chill more!
  9. Wow, the airliners are really going for thick 'anti'terrorist' doors on the cockpit nowadays! :D
  10. If you handle the blue-tac too much you'll transfer skin oils onto it, that can leave a mark on the paint I've found... Mike
  11. Have you tried some acrylic flow enhancer / Drying retarder? It's available at art shops and helps the paint flow better and dry slower.
  12. Starting to get withdrawal symptoms!.......................... More Me410............................ Not responsible for actions any more...................
  13. Thanks very much gentlemen!
  14. I've just got the older version (I think) of Hasegawa's F-16 (it's marked as the S20). It has an option to finish it in the demonstrator version and allows the gun to be displayed as well as the radar. How much difference is there between this and the S25 F-16A? Thanks in advance, Mike
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