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  1. As a quarter scale guy, this one was the last 1/72nd kit of my stash.
  2. Final Viper of my triple project. This one build for a friend.
  3. Thanks ikar; my weatherings based on that pictures;
  4. Thank you; a decent model of an underrated ship which was one of my favorite ships of the show.
  5. Jeff, thank you; Bigasshamm, original design of ILM based loosely on the Sr-71's shape and the proportions were different. For that anyone willing to build a replica of it in a specific modeller scale (72/144 etc) have to start from scratch, like me.
  6. jfmajor60; this forward section of tail differs as material than the rest. After several coats, the paint applied begin to crackle, sometimes peels off. Here are few example; Eache example I saw had different type of wears on vertical stabilisers. Here are the pictures of my viper, photo coutesy of Mr. Ă–mer Erkmen
  7. Thanks kurnass77 :) Here is the full build report for both viper Link
  8. balls47; these are for my personal collection, maybe one day I may donate them to a museum ;)
  9. Thank you!!! scjh; here is the full built report in Turkish; Link Feel free to ask any details. HTH Ufuk.
  10. Thanks a lot; balls47; 2016 is the year of Viggen I think. I already saw two other examples of it, one was at Moson show, the other was full of rivets. I posted this one on FB last week, maybe you saw it from shares. Gambler; there were no gold in its category, only a silver and mine. Thanks again:)
  11. Thank you all. dsahling, for the effect I used Vallejo's Crackle medium, after 6 try got the desired effect.
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