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    flying aircrafts, modeling and playing drums
  1. Hallo to everyone, i'm building a RF-84F, the kit is from Heller (you know the old one! :lol: ) at 1/48 scale. I'm looking for photos from the photo-bay and the cameras because i would like to have open this panel. I scanned all the internet and i didn't find anything... If you have any photo to share with me it's gonna be very helpful! Thanks a lot! ;)
  2. Thank you very much for your comments, when i will go back to my home i will start a super-detailed greek F-104G, unleast 7 panels will be opened. Stay tuned
  3. Greek vipers have light grey cockpit, you can use the 127 humbrol color, it is ok!
  4. Hasegawa A-7E Corsair and F-104G Starfighter "Tiger"
  5. Hallo my fellow modelers! :) That's my 1st (serious ) post here at arcair, nice to meet you all. I would like to share with with you some of my models, i like building jet aircrafts, especially early jets, at 1/48 scale with hellenic air force markings. I'm a modeller unleast 12 years, i hope to learn more from you here! That's all from me, nice to meet you! Revell-Monogram F-102A Delta Dagger
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