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  1. Well, after a long hiatus I am (somewhat) back! My first completed model in 4 years, this one being more of a confidence builder than anything. Here's a little background info. I had a Tamiya 1/48 F-51D kit which I had intended to do as a Korean war era bird (the one with the shark mouth from the front of the box), but after a frustating bout with the alcad II black primer (devilish stuff it is), I put it away back in the stash mostly finished, out of frustration, and there it has sat for the last 4 years (+1 move). Well, since then the B-58 and A-6 I had been working on were accidentally sma
  2. Hey guys - I've been away from ARC for almost a year due to work, but I'm finally back! Hope everyone had a good Christmas - I scored a 1/144 RoG C-17 Globemaster for $13 at Hobby Lobby on clearance - talk about surprises! Anyway, just wanted to say a quick "Hi"! Happy New Year everyone! Justin
  3. Hey Guys, I know I've been absent from the forum for quite a while - been going through quite a few "life changes" over the last 6-8 months that's kept me away from ARC, and modeling in general. Being that's the case, and that it doesn't look like my scheduling is going to be changing for quite a while, I'd like to offload some of these kits. I'll add more as I have time; but for now this is what I'll be putting up. All kits are 1/48, shipping will be US and Canada only. Any questions please ask. Prices DO NOT include shipping. Reasonable Offers will be considered. almost forgot to mention.
  4. Hi all - I have an 1/48 AC-130U for sale, $70 + actual shipping. ABSOLUTELY NO TRADES AT THIS TIME. Kit is complete, will ship to USA and Canada only, via USPS. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks, Justin
  5. I heard about this earlier today(though this has been around for quite a while - it's not been news that the colors sucked; neither is it "new news" that big army is dumping it in favor for something that actually works - that's been in the grapevine over a year now at least), and figured I'd hop on over here out of curiosity to see if it's been discussed - and it has! Haha, totally not surprised. More or less find it amusing that we're discussing old news. My 2 cents worth: Army should've gone with what the Marines did, save time and development costs; and when it was announced I figured th
  6. "hey doc, I have this issue....." Too many things come to mind when you say it like that! Hahahahahaha.....
  7. Skyraider!!!!!!! Or Skyshark! Skypirate!!!!! (argh!) I'm partial to Uhu ("Eagle-Owl") myself
  8. This is way easy: Guinness Smithwicks Späten Optimator & Oktoberfest Chimay (blue label) And last, but not least, Shiner Bock! (to include Shiner black) There's a local beer served at the Meers burger restaurant that is awesome and highly intoxicating! I can't remember what it's called - but I'll post a pic when I can get home (I took a pic of it :D ) it's in Meers, OK just north of Ft. Sill/Lawton. And if anyone wants an incredible burger, the Seismic meersburger is out of this world; their cobblers and homemade ice cream are great too! Basically, if it's not Belgian, German,
  9. I would love a entire family of Spads, period! To include the A2D Skyshark seeing that was developed from the Spad. :D Frankly, I'd love to see a Ju 388 in something other than resin; not to mention a B-47, C-123, C-119 or P-3 as well - all these in 1/48 of course
  10. Yeah - some time back someone mentioned this guy on the general discussion forum section, asking about the guy and company; from what I recall feedback was positive - He's just selling the remainder of his stock of CE decals - so once they're gone, they're gone. I need to get a bunch of 4th FW stuff from him myself :D as well as his Skyraider sets. He's got the 4th FW decals in 1/32 as well on there. Take care, Justin Justin
  11. You mean these? http://www.fineartofdecals.com/goodies/148-treasures-postwar/ Look down about mid page
  12. COMMONWEALTH!!!!!!! "State" is sooooo 1790....
  13. Ha! That's a fine line right there... A real fine line - I think there's usually a lot in common between "look what's coming out next" thread and something political than people care to admit. Argument style is the same, you're just changing out topics - someone is going to flame someone else who's going to flame someone else, or even a manufacturer, etc. Yes, "no politics" is good in concept - and granted there have been some mighty interesting threads that have gone the way of the dodo because they gt fiercely intense, got political, started off political, etc.. Etc... But you know, other he
  14. Mike, I wasn't saying it was bad, just cliché (I may not have done quite a good job of pointing it out that way; as a piper, I always get a little annoyed that our genre is typically defined merely by "Amazing Grace" and "Scotland the Brave" by most folks when there are vastly more impressive compositions out there - so generally, I mean it more for educational purposes - not in a belittling sense). It is awesome that you have such a good bagpipe "base" That's really awesome about your father! I really really really want to learn the Uilleann pipes! Just they're so darn expensive :-/ one
  15. Amazing Grace?!?! Childs Play I say! Please....I'd say thats the most recognizable Bagpipe tune next to Scotland the Brave - which in a grand sense is lame....... considering there's FAAAAAAR Better songs on the pipes out there. Don't get me wrong, Amazing grace is a truly a great tune for the most respectable sitations, but by no means is it a measure of pure-bagpipe-awesomeness.... Allow me to demonstrate: My opinion, best solo piper of all time, Neil Anderson of Rathkeltair - hands down, no question Had the pleasure of seeing him live in 2005 at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Ga
  16. ...maybe a nice project for Caracal?... Maybe a nice sheet with both fu-kemal and fu-kemal-tu? Just a thought
  17. You mean like the pic on here? http://www.wwiivehicles.com/usa/aircraft/bomber/boeing-b-29-superfortress-bomber-nose-art.asp (4 down and 3 over)
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