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  1. Steel Beach has/had an update set in 1/48 that was available from sprue brothers
  2. LOL - its nothing against you - I saw your name and it reminded me of the critter (in reality, it hit me as I just about avoided it, till it turned into me and totaled the left side of the truck.... I had a horn shoved through the drivers side window); and then given the general tone of page 14, it (in my mind) had some sort of "comic effect". It was not a personal jab, just a statement involving a real animal and a real truck, and a real person on the back roads in the desert in the middle of nowhere. Just fuel to add to the energizer bunny headed nowhere.....
  3. Some time back, I hit an Oryx with my truck...
  4. 1/48 Italeri AC-130U; kit complete - some parts off sprues but bagged. $100 shipped to lower 48 only, to Canada at cost. PM with any questions.
  5. THERE HE IS!!! haha, thats why I said "just about"
  6. PlasticWeapons swears by it - just about Early on in my A-6 build, he recommended that while I was working on upgrading the cockpit - I'm surprised he's not chimed in yet, actually. The eduard PE set has a decent option as stated before by devilleader501 - it's what I'm using on my current build.
  7. Disclaimer - not to get off topic, just finally responding to an earlier post on this thread. Well put, Jason, and very much agreed! First, sorry for the delayed response, I know this was from back in April but I completely forgot to respond as I needed to use the "multiquote" feature, which I can't do from my phone (which is what I use about 95% of the time to access the forums - and I must say that the "mobile version" of this for i-phone SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!). Anyhoo, I remembered today I wanted to respond to you . As for my Tamiya 219 - it's coming along nicely - though I have this nas
  8. The whole time I was stuck in NM (*cough* land of entrapment *cough*), I wanted to go to both, but never did. No excuses, really; just didn't feel like driving all that way - heck silver city was a heck of a drive as it was. Don't know if I'll ever get there now, but hey, I'm freeeeeee!
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