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  1. I could be wrong (and biased , having lived in Goldsboro), but I'll say Afterburner's 4th FW double ugly part II is your best shot. Best of my knowledge is that it was always grey, not a darker shade of green or black.
  2. 4 times - ribbon= 1st time, each bronze oak leaf signifies each subsequent award.
  3. Hey guys, I have some kits I really need to sell, asap. please PM with any questions. US & Canada ONLY, Paypal Only. No trades at all, sorry fellas. Pics available upon request. ALL ARE 1/48. Feel free to make offers Thanks, Justin Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier II Plus SOLD Hasegawa F-4J "Showtime 100", P1; Box open, bags sealed. Includes: Mixed batch of aftermarket, includes: 6 Seats, Resin Cockpit (I assume Blackbox - also, tub is stamped for a F-4C), Verlinden Products F-4E phantom super detail set (not sure if it's 100%, how I recieved it), several exhaust sets (as I received it), and
  4. Hi guys, I have some kits I really need to sell - all 1/48. Paypal only, USA AND Canada. Feel free to make offers. Sorry fellas, no trades at this time. Any questions, please ask, and send all messages via PM, please include zip for shipping quote. Buy multiple kits and get free shipping. Pictures provided on requests. Thanks! PACKAGES Monogram He 111. Kit is Box open, bags sealed. Comes with: True details Fast Frames 41301 Canopy Masks True Details He 111 Wheel Set - radial tread Resin control surfaces - unknown manufacturer Eduard 48427 He 111 Exterior Set Eduard 49245 He 111 I
  5. As I said, it's all in the eye of the beholder... as far as the Il-2's merits within the VVS, or for the fact it was the most produced, etc... I don't argue. My point was with the VVS being asserted as "the most important".... I disagree to varying degrees. I'd say RAF, Luftwaffe and USAAF would be top of the block for sure - especially with the fight the RAF was putting up against the Luftwaffe onslaught. "Better" is merely a matter of opinion; even among historians... As for the Il-2, I find it an interesting bird, and interesting that Tamiya decided to choose it for their next "new thi
  6. "I don't always fly, but when I do...."
  7. Hey Otto, I have one of those goofy ESCI kits myself, and I had a bit of a crazy idea: what if I were to use it to make a A2D? The thought occured to me the other day, while looking at some Skyshark stuff, that I'm not using the ESCI kit for anything (I'm just pillaging it for stuff - like the guppy radome for instance; it's going to my AD-5W project) - so why not do some cosmetic experimentation? I figured it's nothing a little miliput can't fix. Since you have the ESCI too, what are your thoughts?
  8. Well - it being the first aircraft equipped with ejection seats, and being over the water and all, maybe they didn't want to take chances whereas a water landing was a sure bet?
  9. I suppose that's all in the eye of the beholder....
  10. Thanks for sharing I figured it'd be highly improbable if it was in saltwater; I wonder why they're so optimistic about restoration in the article?
  11. I wonder how well they'll be able to restore it after all these years under water - was it fresh or saltwater?
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