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  1. Check with a member named Torippi - he's out of Japan but he has a lot of aeromaster stuff - I've gotten a lot of OOP aeromaster sets from him in the past - and he's pretty fast
  2. Not every job out there - even now - has politics; granted, many do, but not all. I too worked for a company as an unprotected employee - never had a problem myself, but it's a chance you take I suppose. There are plenty of companies out there without unions, and I'll happily work for those. That one job I did work unprotected, I was continually harassed by the union rep to join - its outright Gestapo like. I ignored him and had a great time there - but I'll have nothing to do with them (unions) ever.
  3. Great looking P-40! Excellent job with the paint and weathering! You do mean "pure-awesomeness" scale, right? I don't think it's necessary to be old and grey to enjoy the big stuff - to me: 1/48 beats 1/72 - and 1/32 beats 1/48 hands down. bigger is better.... Provided you have enough ceiling to hang it :D
  4. Ah, the unions being jerks again... Nothing says "I'm a big boy" quite like throwing a tantrum because you might be a little inconvenienced... I am quite pleased that I've never had anything to do with a union, and can confidently say I never will. Don't like your job? Go elsewhere....
  5. Well, if it's been over 90 days - you should be in the clear, right? You said it was the end of May (I'm assuming it was last year), that's been just about a year now, no? Just my thoughts...
  6. Screen name: well, I like Skyraiders! Pic - well, I like MST3K, especially Tom Servo (ah....Starfighters.........................)
  7. Hi Gents, I have a few kits here I'd really like to move for one reason or another - all are 1/48. Would prefer to keep it strictly Paypal for now. US and Canada only. Not looking for trades at this time, sorry guys. Any questions, please feel free to ask. All kits are complete and practically new (except where stated),can provide pics upon request. Feel free to make offers! Hasegawa Arado Ar234B-2/N Nachtigall w/Naxos Radar - Special Version boxing - $40.00 Hasegawa Fw 190A-3, JT-90 - $20.00 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2, J-10 - $20.00 ProModeler Messerschmitt Me 410B-1 - Box is worn
  8. What kind of paint are you using? It could be, also, that the paint and glue aren't getting along too well - I've had issues like that come up before.
  9. Looks great! My biggest recommendation would be to probably see if you can scratch build some razor wire to attach to the hood (which would be tied down to the two lift points on the hood) - though that could vary per unit SOP. If you want - PM me, I may have some stuff that may interest you regarding your humvee. By the way - its an M1151, not 1511 - so you know
  10. Wow! That's a pretty impressive job with that Flanker! Paint job is especially eye-catching!
  11. Jerry, for such a lousy model of the 22, I'd say you did a right good job with it - looks great!
  12. I've never had problems with American myself, or US Airways for that matter, either. I've always thought well of both.
  13. Sooooo.... Where's it stand now? Is it done? I'm interested in seeing it finished (though I'm one to talk, lol...)
  14. If it has a sun roof, mount a M2!
  15. My friend - go to www.allkayakfishing.com. There's an online store section, but hobie makes a two person, sit-on-top kayak with enough room to fit any gear. If you're going to be coastal kayaking, you're going to want a sit-on-top due to the flipping and sinking hazard potential with sit-in kayaks; you can't sink a SOT (unless you're trying pretty hard, I'm sure some idiot could do it). A good sized kayak for those kind of waters is 14 feet; 12 is a bare minimum and 16 being at your discretion. I you want a good single seater, wilderness systems makes excellent SOT kayaks that are easy to c
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