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  1. Just wanted to give a shout out to CivicSiKL, aka Kyle, who is an outstanding trader! Just complete a great trade with him, so ya'll can deal with confidence Thanks again for the great deal, Kyle!
  2. Hey guys: as the title states, I want to thin down my Tamiya primer so I can use it in my airbrush. What do I use to thin it? Will the Tamiya acrylic paint thinner work? Or would I be better off using mineral spirits or lacquer thinner? Problem is I don't know if the primer is acrylic-based, or enamel based; which would make the decision making process a lot easier. Thanks in advance! Justin
  3. Wow! That's gotta be an EXPENSIVE hobby! And I thought plastic was getting pricy....
  4. That was already addressed by 11B on page one... Just a little FYI
  5. Quite true, but as for the reference to the data link; I was talking with respect to the ability to take physical control of the aircraft, not the information it was taking in. That's not something that can be as easily done with a U-2 (and what makes it more reliable over "unfriendly territory"). As to your second paragraph, I disagree. An entire, intact airframe that's classified, with classified equipment has just as much political impact, if not more than a mere pilot. A pilot can't say much, whereas equipment speak volumes; giving the enemy insight into our technological secrets. A pilo
  6. What about "The Jolly Rogers" by Tom Blackburn? I think a "band of brothers" type miniseries would be awesome!
  7. Sounds like the Eduard kit to me - it's a very nice kit. You might want to check sprue brothers website. The aircrew come seperately.
  8. There's also "zero" capability to "hack" a human pilot, whereas UAVs are completely open to cyber attacks; that data link being the "achilles heel". And why I still see the U-2 as the superior aircraft.
  9. Well, for other things, I've used ms paint... So maybe if mac has an alternative, you could do the same?
  10. You forget that common sense is not a military virtue...
  11. Is the app good? I've heard bad things about it when I first got my phone, so I've just been using safari to get on. Also, does that app allow more access to the desktop features of the forum? The mobile version of the forums sucks - no smileys and can't post like normal either - specifically, you can't do multiple quotes. So does the app do all that? I also read a review that you couldn't go back to viewing the mobile site like normal after using the mobile app, which is why I haven't bothered downloading it yet. Really? I've dropped mine, without a case, several times over hard surface
  12. Haha! You beat me to it! Now would that be the theatrical, or MST3K version? ("Welcome to minute six of the "glorious" in-flight refueling scene....") I'm gonna have to go watch that now, hahaha....
  13. Ok, the rest of the pics are of the paint job I did for the anti-glare panel. I was going to try and get to the tail today, but that was going to be more work than I had time for, so I decided to mask and paint the panel. Today was the first coat, second will go on tomorrow. I thought it turned out pretty good. here it is getting masked off - I masked, then painted over the edges with future to help seal it and prevent leaking. My first go with the airbrush resulted in this: As it turned out, I had over-thinned the paint with thinner, so it was like spraying water. Added another part o
  14. ok, a real update with pics! As promised, I have pics. First off, the binder and folder I was working on for the cockpit - probably will make some other stuff as well, we'll see as I finish up the cockpit. I think they turned out pretty good - just tamiya tape and paper. the folder I painted olive drab - the binder... I tried coloring with a pencil, but the tape wasn't condusive to the lead - so I'll have to paint that as well (it'll be blue). Now, here's the pics. The folder: The Front Side The Back Side The notebook/binder: (sorry for the quality, using my phone) Both together:
  15. So..... A lot has happened since I last posted anything on here... Though not with the kit, lol. This has got to be the longest I've ever taken to get one knocked out... But, several months, one move and 1100 miles later, I'm finally getting back to it! Anyway, quick update for tonight. I was working on the paint job tonight....and.....I had some overspray on the tail... Well, I tried to take it off, but I wound up taking off some of the blue paint in the process (which is weird, cause the tail is coated in future...). Anyway - I'm going to attempt to touch it up tomorrow - hopefully I won't h
  16. I beg to differ; hated glory, couldn't stand a few good men, despised saving private ryan (the character of the fella from the 29th ID is repulsive; why cast the person as a loser from a unit that landed right next to the 1st ID on Omaha Beach, who's A Co. out of Bedford, Va sustained 90-something percent casualties in the opening wave... There's a reason why the D-Day memorial is in Bedford... The only thing decent about the movie was the opening scene), and I couldn't stand hurt locker..... Now, Gettysburg and Gods and Generals were both excellent movies. Albeit from the looney Ted Turner,
  17. Ok, I went and dug through the stash to find my spad kits (really bugged me that I couldn't remember the innards, haha...); anyhoo, there is no closed door option on the Tamiya kit, but on that kit its really easy to do, so no need to sweat it. Just dry fit and see what works best for you (I also second what Joe said above) BTW, do you plan on doing an in-progress thread? :D
  18. I did gear up on my tamiya spad (Viet Nam SEA Camo bird), and I recall it being super easy. If I recall correctly (can't remember exactly as I've not opened one in a while, and all my other spad kits are packed away in a corner at the moment...), but I think Tamiya either included an option with closed doors, or they fit really good and didn't need any modification. As for the monogram spad, that was a bit of work to get the doors to sit right....
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