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  1. I just finished moving myself; what I did was I stuffed all my finished/in-progress kits into the empty chest of drawers, padded as needed, and that was it. Everything came out good to go (nothing broken or missing) 1100 miles and 2 weeks later. Of course, I did a uhaul; so this may depend on if you go the do-it-yourself route, or if you use a mover company.
  2. Offer one to the next bidder for the same price? :D
  3. VMCJ-2 is just hard to find pics for period - I'm researching some AD-5W's from that unit on google, and it's been like finding a needle in a haystack.
  4. Even then, their selection has really shrunk. It's nowhere near as good as it used to be.... Sad to hear about the one in Gastonia closing down...
  5. Well, I'd say that would greatly depend on whether it was a boy or girl... That's all I'm saying.... :D
  6. Jeeze - that's a long way! I've been there before too; I was living in NC but drilling in VA - round trip was about 500 miles. So I feel for ya there - I was happy when I was done with that, so I can imagine.
  7. I'm in the middle. For me, it depends on how big a pain in the rear the kit is.
  8. Well, I don't know about up there - I was south of the 40, so I didnt do a whole lot of adventuring north of that, as for southern NM, there's a small shop in Alamogordo that's getting better (just changed hands last summer I believe), but other than that, hobby lobby in las cruces. As for THE hobby shop of Southern NM! Look in El paso! Seriously - I think it's called Hal's if I'm not mistaken - but that's where folks from southern NM go; I didn't like el paso all that much, so I never went - Sprue Brothers got me through when I needed it, and hobby lobby :)
  9. Wasn't the old 1/32 testors YF-22 based off some rough schematics or something? I thought I remembered hearing something about that as I heard there are several issues with the shape.
  10. Sooo... Does the sincgars and asips radios quit working a couple of miles once you leave the gate, just like in the real thing? If not, they may need to be re-cast for accuracy.... Seriously though, I'm surprised they don't have the power amp for the "very high" (or whatever it's called setting... I forget) power strength included with the set. Oh, and the plugger is situated in the wrong spot for the "blue falcon" tracker - it should be between the computer monitor and the radio mount... Just saying. As for decal placement and colors - it probably would've been a waste of time given that
  11. I like my turquoise plate, got some attention from some locals in Williamsburg, va while I was home for Christmas. Thankfully, though, I have been able to escape the land of entrapment...... finally.....
  12. I have a kit one i'm not using from the a-6e kit, Let me know via P/M. Take care, Justin
  13. convoy of Humvees at the McDonald's drive through?
  14. Greetings folks, Another round of sales following the holiday weekend. Once again, shipping is to CONUS/CANADA only; payment is Paypal preferred (for anyone outside of CONUS it is MANDATORY, no exceptions). Any order of $100 or more gets free shipping; under $100 will be combined/half-price shipping on multiple kits. All kits are 1/48, complete, and box-opened/bags sealed (except where noted). Any questions, please ask. Feel free to make offers. please address any and all questions via PM. Thanks, Justin Kits: Academy F-22; includes Wolfpack Cockpit and nozzle sets. $50 Hasegawa Focke-
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