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    Mostly modern aircraft - occasionally WWII , but no further back!, almost always 32nd scale these days - There are the occasional foray's into 48th on occasion - only one strict rule - NO GERMAN WWII -Ever
  1. Its funny this topic coming up now , I've been working on a project to build as many 32nd Korean war allied aircraft as I can for some time now , It started with the Fisher Panther, and has gone on to F4U-4, Skyraider, Sabre, AT-6d , Seafire 47, F-80 lurking on the horizon is an F-51D and F-84 .. and if Paul Fisher ever gets his Firefly released I'm in for that too.. nor to mention a Banshee... Ah well I can only dream! If someone would just Produce a B-26 as well, I'd be a Very happy bunny The whole "forgotten War" thing is odd, to me the Korean war is very much the transition between WW
  2. Well thats another £38 I wasn't planning to spend gone on a set , And thanks to you're excellent work Jake , my 32nd F-4E 3rd TFW model will be sporting a set of GBU-15's! thanks a lot guys!!!! :woot.gif:/>
  3. Nope - there's nothing available , one of the big issues modelling current RAF equipment in 32nd is a massive lack of weaponery , Brimstone is one , Raptor pode, and the revised BOZ launchers are others ... In theory you could source 1/32nd Hellfires , and scratch a Launcher , but other than that , you're on your own I'm afraid!
  4. Seen it twice in the last week , 2d and then 3D , and and I Loved it , some things stood out particularly ,The scene in the bar with a drunk Drax and Rocket , with Rocket explanation of why he is the way he is , I got a serious lump throat , brilliant - making me root for a bunch of animated pixels ... not mention "We are Groot" , and it was nice to hear that Nebula , raised by Thanos still sounded as tho' there was a touch of Scotland in her voice , you can take the lass out of Scotland , but you can't take Scotland out of her completely Yes its derivative , but most films that start a
  5. I've received , and installed the intake set on my latest F-16 project , and it fits superbly , actually better than the kit parts , and even with the aires resin undercarriage bay in place the fit isn't impacted in any way , an excellent product chris , and I look forward to may more F-16 builds in my future , (on top of the 5 in the last year or so!) One other product that suggests itself while talking about P&W powered F-16s , a tail pipe set, with closed petals , I got a hold of a set of Tamiya parts , and they fit the academy kit , and beng closed look a lot better than the rather
  6. Hi there , I'm trying to locate a set of Sky Decals 32025 , F-15I decals , the set with the large Eagle on the tail, if anyone has a spare set , or knows of a vendor that still has a set available , please drop me a line - Many thanks for looking colin AKA Scotsman
  7. I'm begenning to think there are 2 Alclad's , I'm in the UK, and the UK sourced paints and Primers work perfectly , I use the Grey primer for most things and it works beautifully , I then sand down and on goes the Metallic paints, agin no problems , hard and dry within minutes, However I have some bottles of US sourced Alclad metallics , and NOTHING will entice them to dry ,no matter how long they're left for , they never seem to harden and any handling of them will leave marks Is there perhaps a different formulation at work here ?
  8. Tell me about it Jennings - 3-4 years finding the bits, and 1/2 a year building .... never again ...
  9. Aires sets have gotten a lot better over the last few years , I used their 1/32 Tornado pit and that fitted like a dream , ditto their 1/32 F-16 Well Well set , some of the older sets may have been a challenge, but the current ones seem to streets ahead in terms of ease of fit -
  10. Have a look Here - Britmodeller Typhoon Ref pics
  11. i use them a lot , and they are excellent , dense pigment , and very robust , BUT they arn't for the impatient , I generally have to leave whatever i've painted for at least 24 hours before masking/handling BTW I'm in the NE of scotland , so its never really that warm , and/or humid , so this may have something to do with these extended drying times
  12. Read all about it .... LSP Thread with F-84 Pics Well what do you all think?
  13. Joind the party - late as usual , Your humble servant - with my latest completed project , a 109 E-1 dio This was taken a couple of weeks ago at home , (before the latest round of beard darkening done to presuade prospective employers i'm not actually over 50 - fat chance!)
  14. This is amy first ever 32nd 109 - I've always boycotted German WWII subjects until now , with the 70th annivery of the BoB UI took the plunge .. The scene is supposed to be a fordwrd operating field somewhere in northern france Summer 1940 as the airforce attempts to keep pace with the army , the aircarft needs an engine change , and the fuel for the next sortie is being delived .. so here we go ... Overall View Ground level with real trees in the background OK where do we start with the engine There only remains a decent Pilot figure to be added , and other small small addition
  15. Have a look at this thread on LSP , Mr Song posts some pics of yet another new Trumpter 32nd kit , this time , it looks pretty close to production standard .. see if you can guess the subject ... LSP Thread ...
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