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  1. Outstanding, Les! Looks just like a post-war boneyard.
  2. I've been getting several emails a week from different addresses with the subject "Article on ARC", at least one has been from someone's email address that I corresponded with from ARC the rest are unknown to me. The actual emails contain various subjects, all pretty random, looks like they may have been pulled from discussion forums elsewhere. Anyone else?
  3. Did I get misdirected to Hyperscale? :blink:
  4. Well, it's done and that's about all I have to say about it. A difficult build that I really didn't enjoy much. I knew the fit would be less than ideal and it was, but lots of putty, elbow grease and sandpaper took care of most of the issues. The intent was to use decals from Leading Edge which turned out to be a not so good idea. The roundels did not respond well to Micro-sol and were more or less a mess. Ended up removing them, sanding the affected areas smooth and repainting and then using Montex masks to paint the roundels. The demon on the broomstick, the "7" on the tail and the cod
  5. A lot of hate being thrown at HK Models, not really sure if it's justified. Sounds like a business partnership/venture that went sour rather than thievery. I'll stick to the facts, which are: 1. Only two parties know exactly what transpired, Martin and HK Models. 2. Martin has encouraged people to buy the HK B-25, good enough for me. We have a new company with some cool large scale products, I'm pretty stoked. If anyone feels the need to "boycott" their products, good luck, but I don't think it will accomplish much. The people that visit these type of forums represent a small fracti
  6. Tres, cool Les! really changes the character of the plane, great work!
  7. The 1/32 Tamiya kit has both options.
  8. Painting Luftwaffe aircraft reaslistically requires: 1. A decent airbrush, I prefer a .2 mm needle but you can get away with bigger in most instances. 2. Good paint, properly thinned. I prefer Gunze, the opacity even when thin is remarkable. 3. Practice. 4. Patience. If you don't get the results you want refer to steps 3 and 4! Edit: Custom paint masks are available here: Ad Astra
  9. Nice! Wish someone would start doing some VVS fighters in 1/32...current selection in injection molded kits is the I-16 and Mig-3. Sad.
  10. The Mikester


    Volks is the only retailer in NA for this I believe: Link
  11. Basically you're looking at RLM 02 (light gray-green) or RLM 66 (black-gray), depending on when the plane was built. Late 1940/Early 1941 is when the transition from to 02 to 66 started to occur so kind of a judgement call on your part.
  12. Tell me about it! I'm working on the Revell Ju 88 right now, I've spent more time on the cockpit than it took to get a couple of 1/72 projects completely done!
  13. That was a B-25. Still may be released by the company Martin was working with though.
  14. Here in Japan we have a product manufactured by Wave called "A-Spring". The smallest diameter is just about perfect for 1/32 tensioning springs and it's only 100 Yen for two (approximately) six inch sections. Haven't seen it outside of Japan though.
  15. If someone offered you a $1,000,000 for a commision build you'd turn them down? Yeah, they get paid too much, such is life.
  16. Thanks to all who participated for an interesting GB. Wish I could have finished up my project but at least have a good start for 2012! Happy New Year and Happy Modeling! Mike
  17. OK here is the current state of affairs, couple of areas that still need some minor touch up. Paint is Gunze. Green, brown, and blue were recommendations from IPMS Stockholm charts. I decided to go with good old RLM 75 for the gray. You'll note some variation in the sheen. I still have to re-apply a coat of Future for the areas that I had to touch up after removing the decals.
  18. It's painted, but I have suffered a setback. The roundels on Cutting Edge decal set I purchased for this one just didn't cooperate. Didn't react well with Micro-sol and were pretty brittle. The roundels that came with the kit appear to have some color issues, the red in the roundels is more orange than red. So considering all the hours I have invested in this thing I was looking at two options: 1. Press on with the kit decals just to get it done for the GB. 2. Order a set of masks which will allow me to have the roundels match the red, white and blue on the rudder and give me something
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