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  1. Both good choices. I'm just starting on a 1/32 Ju 88G-6 which would qualify for both but if we're not kicking these off until summer, oh well.
  2. Looks great, some fantastic paint work there!
  3. Nice, that yellow tint over the bare metal looks very cool. Some sort of almost clear protective coating I assume?
  4. Now that is an attention getting paint scheme, very cool!
  5. Holy smokes! Amazing work, hard to believe that's the old Monogram kit!
  6. Well, almost ready for paint. I'm not 100% happy with with all my filling and sanding work but I just don't have any interest in doing it anymore! May the modeling Gods have mercy on my soul! Hoping to finish up before the deadline, we'll see how it goes. The starboard wing root, Tamiya Epoxy Putty and Mr. Surfacer: I tried drilling out the blast tubes for the cowl guns but that didn't work out too well so I replaced them with brass tubing: These were a real bugger, they provided a little insert to go in between the lower upper and lower wing sections which I didn't like. I filled i
  7. My guess is that a P-51B or Corsair will be next. If and when they get around to a Luftwaffe subject I'd guess a 190, maybe an A-3 or the D-9.
  8. Thanks for telling me not once, but twice, to get the details right. Because with my limited intellect it really didn't sink in the first time, I really prefer at least three admonishments but as Mick Jagger once told us "You can't always get what you want". In my defense though I really don't give a rat f**k about the Mig 21 anyway. Warmest Regards, Mike
  9. Except us gaijin! Lance, off topic but did anything ever come of the 1/72 Finemolds 190A rumor?
  10. Not prop-related but the 1/48 Eduard Mig-21 bis has many people at Hyperscale on the verge of an aneurism. Eduard says "yeah, we know it's not right, but it's not cost effective to fix it". Personally, I don't see an issue, they rogered up to the mistake, if you can live with it, buy it, if you can't, don't. Seems pretty simple.
  11. Guys, I've changed the "Completed Builds" thread to be an unlocked topic. In past GB's where we had lots of entries some people would chime in with comments cluttering up the thread but we seem to have much smaller GB's these days so feel free to post you build when you complete it.
  12. Nice work, looks like you're in the home stretch!
  13. Jim, Yes, the staggering is correct up to the G-4. This was done so the gun breeches and ammo feeds would not interfere with each other. Subsequent models upgraded to MG 131 machine guns so they had a different layout and this is when Gustav grew bulges on the cowl.
  14. This is ARC and this is; 1. Luftwaffe related 2. 1/32 scale 3. Props related So I wouldn't read too much into this, 4 pages of discussion at LSP. If they were releasing something that started with "F" and ended in "teen" in 1/48 people here would be coming out of their skin with excitement.
  15. Grey Matter will be re-releasing Jerry Rutman's 1/32 Hs 129 in resin next year.
  16. OK, I haven't posted much progress lately but I have been plugging along. I'm not real big on sanding and filling so my work on limited run kits can be slow just because I really have to force myself to sit at the bench and get it done. The fuselage halves joined together, not exactly Tamigawa fit! I've called in the heavy artillery for this one, Tamiya two-part epoxy putty, excellent stuff! The fit of the cover for the tail wheel bay was nothing to write home about either, Tamiya white putty sufficed here. Wings attached, the port side wing root is good, should only require minimal
  17. Looking good, need to get some photos of my in progress on my Hawk up too!
  18. At this point I think the Corsair is a safer bet for Tamiya's next 1/32 release rather than a LW subject too. It will be interesting to see which way they go if and when they produce a Luftwaffe kit.
  19. Leo, You have to hope that Tamiya will throw Luftwaffe fans a bone in 1/32 at some point, when is the question? Oh well, lots of stuff to build in the interim!
  20. Oh yeah, if you're going to look at modern jet aircraft in 1/32 be prepared to shell out some dinero. Some of these kits have part counts that are like 500+ and you're not going to get those cheap. There are deals to be had though, watch for sales at the big online retailers (I've got some really good deals in the past) and you can still find some good deals on ebay occasionally, plus model shows will have some steals once in a while too.
  21. Hmmmm, maybe you found a few expensive 1/32 kits and quit looking? Here in Japan I can pick up a 1/32 Hasegawa fighter (Bf 109, P-47, J2M3, etc.) in the $40-$50 range, about 20-25% more than their 1/48 counterparts. I've picked up the Revell 1/32 Ju 88 and the 1/32 Dragon Bf 110 on sale for $60, these are big kits with a lot of plastic. Some of the Trumpy big jets like the F-14 get expensive, but they are big models with a lot of parts. 1/32 is like any other scale, you're going to have some kits that give you a big bang for the buck, some not so much.
  22. Great work, Brian. You've really got your Luftwaffe stuff looking good these days!
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