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  1. Looks good, some bigger pics would be nice though.
  2. Looks great, always love to see your weathering, just perfect!
  3. Good stuff, great work on both kits!
  4. Brian, Wow, that looks awesome, excellent work!!!
  5. Beautiful work (as always), Ben!
  6. The Mikester


    John, I'm assuming you're referring to "Yellow 1" of 3./JG 300 flown by Manfred Dieterle. Since there no are unit insignias on this plane all you should have to do is just locate a yellow "1" with no outline, should be relatively easy since this was a common fuselage number, good chance that you could get a freebie from someone's spares box. The yellow spinner spiral can be done with a home made or Eduard mask: Spiral Mask Alternatively you could have Ad Astra do a custom set of masks for you, I've heard good things about their products: Ad Astra I don't have any good photos of the batt
  7. Take a look at the LSP forums if you want to see larger scale kits being done. 99% of what gets posted here is 1/48 F-14, 15, 16, 18 etc. Once again I'm building what I enjoy, not for any sense of one-upsmanship. But the attitude that a lot of 1/48 builders have about other scales is one reason why I'll never build 1/48.
  8. Nicely done, sir! My apologies as well on not getting it added to the gallery promptly. I've been trying to check in a little more here as of late but still hit and miss as far as time I can devote to plastic these days!
  9. I like the viusal interest that rivets provide but it has to be subtle. More difficult to pull off in 1/48, I have applied rivets to my last few 1/32 projects and even in that scale I'm trying to make them blend rather than stand out. They are noticeable but I'm trying not to have them be the focus of attention.
  10. Disagree. I built 1/72 exclusively for a long time. I was in a scenario where my eyesight was getting worse but I wanted more detail and 1/48 just doesn't interest me. I could care less what everyone else is building, if I was concerned with what's popular at ARC I would be building F-14's not 109's and 190's. I have the space to display them and last time I checked what I build doesn't negatively impact anyone else.
  11. Leo, if you're just looking to add the barrels to wings (109E-4, 190A-3, etc.), take a look here: ebay auctiion At $4.50 a set they're pretty reasonable and I was satisfied with the end product, here they are installed on my PCM 190A-3:
  12. Leo, I really can't find a whole lot wrong with the kit landing great struts on the 1/32 Hasegawa 190's. Unless you're planning on throwing every piece of resin you can find at the thing I can think of better ways to blow $15-$20. Just my $.02!
  13. Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated!
  14. Finally finished this one up, a challenging build at times, some problems self induced, some with the kit. I didn't go into this one expecting Tamigawa fit, but for the most part things went together pretty well. The wing roots were a problem, I wasn't real keen on the way the wings mated to the fuselage, the forward part of the lower wing serves as half of the lower cowl assembly necessitating filling and sanding to achieve a smooth panel. Why not just make the lower cowl part of the fuselage or part of the lower wing rather than splitting it up between the two? The cowl assembly was just a
  15. Said it before on another site but worth repeating, awesome work, Les!!!
  16. What a neat kit, I built a couple of those a wee lad in the '70's, brings back some great memories!
  17. I'll be doing one of these in 1/32, what paints will you be using?
  18. Cool, looks the French are getting some love in this GB!
  19. I sold my Alps printer on ebay several years ago. The first time it went up for auction, it went up to a very good price, all the bids were by users with high feedback scores. At the last minute a "0" feedback noob won the auction and then proceeded to blow me off on the payment. By the time I got that sorted out and made second chance offers to the other (legitimate) bidders they had already purchased other units. Put it up for auction the second time and made about half of what I would have made if the loser from the first time wouldn't have bid. I had some choice words for that guy! Y
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