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  1. Well: Apparently it's a little too soon for jokes on the subject of artistic license versus accuracy. For the record: I personally attempt to create miniature versions of aircraft that have flown or are currently flying to the best of my ability. Based on what I have seen of Erick's work, and knowing he has a decades long working knowledge of these airframes, I figured he was a kindred spirit. To clarify: the GAU-8 cannon I requested for Erick's build is a 30mm 7 barreled Gatling gun the size of a Volkswagen bug: it weighs several thousand pounds fully loaded, and measures 13 feet long. My co
  2. Hey Erick: Toss a GAU-8 on. That'll give the accuracy police something to talk about. Looking forward to seeing another Sierra come to life. I'll add my voice to those who have expressed misgivings over the lack of good AM decals for these birds. Hopefully as time passes this will be rectified. Best of luck and thank you for taking time to post!
  3. Oliver: Thanks for re-starting this thread. I get a real kick out of your painting and scratch-building skills, and am gratified that you are back on this forum instructing and inspiring us. I'll echo Tim's remarks that the quality of your modeling is on par with Shep Paine's. There's a fella from Belgium that could learn a thing or 2 from you as well, methinks. Keep up the great work and enjoy your builds your way. Marc
  4. Oliver: Thank you for re-opening your build on this forum. I look forward to seeing your progress, and am inspired by your considerable skills. Please continue to take the time to post your progress-I am comfortable saying that I am not alone in looking to your fine work for inspiration. I am gratified to see the support for your efforts, and your defense by other modelers, as well as Steve himself (who sounds like he has his priorities FIRMLY in proper order IMHO). I will echo others in saying that I have tremendous respect for your abilities as well as Gino's level of knowledge. It is truly
  5. Lindsay: Welcome to Blackhawk central! My first helo was an MH-60l DAP. It was my first in depth attempt at scratch-building, and the 2 most helpful things I did in advancing my less-than-professional skill set were: 1) Looking to this forum for advice, information, and inspiration 2) buying an opti-visor. Regardless of the method/device you choose, some means of magnifying the work you're doing will reveal in STARK detail any inaccuracies you may be making in-process. Taking a look back at work I had done pre opti-visor, I was astonished at how sloppy my work looked under magnification A
  6. Richard: Nicely done! Helicopters are a beast unto themselves, and I think you did a masterful job of putting this build together. My DAP was my first helo as well, but it won't be my last. Congratulations on the fine job you did in capturing the look of the DAP, I'm looking forward to your next helo! Marc
  7. Congrats on the placing with your Jayhawk. I had a lot of fun watching it come together. Marc
  8. Norbert: Love that they will be available in 1/35 and 1/48 as well. I have a Uh-1n in 1:35 and a Super Stallion in 1/48 that I would like to man in the stash already. Keep up the great work!
  9. Off to a great start-really like the detailing on the main rotor. Keep up the good work!
  10. Terry: Looks really nice. The shading on the different colors came out famously! Nicely done!
  11. Thanks Norbert: Keep fiddling with your printer-the tests you are producing look very promising!
  12. Thanks to all who have posted. This took a lot longer than I thought it would, but I'm pleased with the results. Next project is either a 1/48 Academy mig-21 OOB, or a whole hog 1/35 UH-1n (populated, of course). I'll start posting when I decide.
  13. Looks like the Opti-visor's gonna stay on the workbench for a while. Thanks for posting the pics of the MH-60s sets. The floor and cieling PE are a nice addition. I'm looking forward to seeing somebody use them and reporting on how they fit.
  14. Tim: Looking forward to watching this come together. Hope you have as much fun as I did putting mine together. Keep up the good work! Marc
  15. Thanks Tim! The flag was copied off of a Google Search-I typed 1/35 scale US Flag and printed it on regular old copy paper. I folded it properly, trimmed it down to a usable size.
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