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  1. Hello to everyone, this is my last built a very good in quality and easy build model, i add only some extra details from schratch, the painting was done freehand with enamel and acryl colors, the most of dirt and warn was did it with oil and chalk pastels. Hope you like it Cheers Nick!!!! :D/>
  2. Very nice Job my friend...exctacly as the retaierd ones birds...!!!! I want to ask you how did you do the oil stains?
  3. Hello to everyone at that time i start to built the "Spad" from tamiya in 48 scale but i cant find what colour is the inner side of the engine cowling, is it white as tamiya sais or is it green from the camo? Also i want some good photos from the Yankee Ejecion Seat Thank's a lot Nick
  4. Also i want to ask what configuration to choose because i want to put on the light gray WRM Fuel Tanks
  5. Hi everyone thank you a lot for your reply's , every new information is welcome to Cheers Nick
  6. Hi everyone, i want to built an F-15E i have the excellent kit from Revell but i want to modernize it in today standards, i have all the pe sets from eduard for the new academy kit,my first question is if those set fit well to the Revell kit, and also all the aircraft's have the reinforcements on the fins, are any decals available for SJ aircraft on the market in the 1/48 scale ? Cheers Nick
  7. Thanks a lot Pete for your information that you told me if i choose patern A i will go for the ex35+53 or us 69-7500 but if i choose B pater i will for the us 69-7486 or 69-7519, but i have in mind many other serials to built. B) Also i polished the clear parts with "Silvo" and I'm very satisfied with the result :lol:
  8. Hi again my friends, and thank you for your kind words, for the pattern i will choose the A because i seen it more challenging, but i have a question...does the ''Brasso'' metal polisher is good for polishing the canopies, because i have a minor problem with the windshield
  9. Also i have a small problem, i cant choose which of two paterns of Norm83 whats your opinion ? Patern A Patern B Thanks for your time Cheers Nick
  10. Hello my friends...here we have a small update, I'm in good way maybe on Monday i will start the painting
  11. Hi to everyone at that moment i did the conversion on the wings that want's the wolfpack set till now i have work only in the left wing... some in progress photos Hope you like it Cheers Nick
  12. Amazing job my friend... this aircraft after it's service with the USAF/USAFE become part of the Hellenic air force inventory ;)
  13. Thanks a lot guys for your replies till now i had glued the fuselage and i put on the intakes, it's a bit hard because it wants too many filer in the inner side but it worth every sent... maybe the next week i will have some progress also i purchase and i wait for them now from Wolfpack ''the F-4 flap wing down set'' Cheers Nick p.s. Mr. Eagle i wait for your next article in ptisi...!!!
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