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  1. Hi, thank you:) You can, you can: try it again and again. In the end you can do it!
  2. Hi, sorry, my English is really far from perfect. So I cant' tell you a lot about my model :) I hope you understand me: Color Tamiya, Conversion Set by legend. It is a part of a diorama who would be ready in the summer 2009. Enjoy the pics:
  3. Hello, thank you for your feedbacks Hi, Avus yes, thank you. I think my eyes were closed... for the next time I will look better, promised!
  4. Weathering: Tamiya Pigments. Color-Effets: A lot of "filters" with Airbrush. Pilots from CMK for this kit. Attention! They are to big! Cut away the *** :) :) Sorry for my English After the finish, I weathering a litte again with Tamiya Pigments. Thank you for loooking! :)
  5. Hello I'm sorry. My English is far from perfect. So I can't tell you about my ork on this Black Hawk I hope you enjoy the pics! "Ready to land - over!" "Okay, here we are!" "Yeaaahh... let's go down...!" "LANDED!" The Color: Hobby Color Black ca. 50% + Olive Drab ca. 50%.
  6. Hello, This jet only exist in the silver screen. It was featured in an Air Force recruiting commercial in the winter/spring of 2000/2001. The 1-800 How's My Driving markings were actually digitally inserted onto the vertical stab of this plane for the commercial. Well, here is my scalemodel :D Tamiya, 1:32 Sorry for my English, it is far from perfect!
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