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  1. That is great - Thank you very much! P.S. Hasegawa kit backdated with??
  2. Wow - that is one beautiful 104! Can I ask how did you do the faded US Air Force Markings on the forward fuselage? Thanks,
  3. That is some serious damage in the photo's! You're really duplicating it well in model form! Keep posting more as you go along Joe! And sure if you don't mind I would like to see some more on the damaged Abrams. Never imagined it could really take that bad of a beating, and even be "recovered"?
  4. WOW! Nice work Joe. Did the Abrams take a IED or a direct hit for that kind of damage? Any chance of posting a couple of the actual pics of the real one? Thanks.
  5. Looks Great! Nice work on the landing gear!
  6. Looks like a nice build so far Ken. What are you going to do about the resin gear?
  7. Thanks Fred - I'll see what I can find. :)
  8. Hi Fred, What book would have this information? I like the looks of the aircraft and I am following the build with interest as well.
  9. Raymond, looks nice with detail you can see on the fuselage as far as the rivets go. Nice touch with the dropped flaps too!
  10. Hey Don, No not going to the show, but if you can find one that would be great. Thanks for the offer! :D
  11. Hi Don, Thanks for posting those pics of the Mossie. Looks like it is really starting to come together. Tricose
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