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  1. Tricose

    1/72 AMT XB-70 "Valkyrie"

    Nicely Done Valkyrie!
  2. Tricose

    Academy F-4B

    Thanks - Great Job!
  3. Tricose

    Academy F-4B

    That is great - Thank you very much! P.S. Hasegawa kit backdated with??
  4. Tricose

    All Out Warrior

  5. Tricose

    Academy F-4B

    Wow - that is one beautiful 104! Can I ask how did you do the faded US Air Force Markings on the forward fuselage? Thanks,
  6. Tricose

    1/35 burned out M1A1 Abrams

    That is some serious damage in the photo's! You're really duplicating it well in model form! Keep posting more as you go along Joe! And sure if you don't mind I would like to see some more on the damaged Abrams. Never imagined it could really take that bad of a beating, and even be "recovered"?
  7. Tricose

    1/35 burned out M1A1 Abrams

    WOW! Nice work Joe. Did the Abrams take a IED or a direct hit for that kind of damage? Any chance of posting a couple of the actual pics of the real one? Thanks.
  8. Tricose

    Fairchild XC-120 'Pack Plane'

    Looks Great! Nice work on the landing gear!
  9. Tricose

    Fairchild XC-120 'Pack Plane'

    Looks like a nice build so far Ken. What are you going to do about the resin gear?
  10. Tricose

    Fairchild XC-120 'Pack Plane'

    Thanks Fred - I'll see what I can find. :)
  11. Tricose

    Fairchild XC-120 'Pack Plane'

    Hi Fred, What book would have this information? I like the looks of the aircraft and I am following the build with interest as well.
  12. Tricose

    Some Progress on 1/32 Hawk 100 series

    Raymond, looks nice with detail you can see on the fuselage as far as the rivets go. Nice touch with the dropped flaps too!
  13. Looking for a complete unstarted, B-52 kit in 1/144 scale. Prefer a Minicraft if possible. Can trade or purchase. Let me know. Thanks, Tricose
  14. Hey Don, No not going to the show, but if you can find one that would be great. Thanks for the offer! :D
  15. Hi Don, Thanks for posting those pics of the Mossie. Looks like it is really starting to come together. Tricose
  16. Tricose

    1/48 Monogram A-10A Warthog

    Just saw the magazine article, awesome job! The additional pictures are really the icing on the cake!
  17. Tricose

    Air Racing!

    Thanks for the link - ouch to the damage! Hopefully they can rebuild and fly again!
  18. Hi Don, How is the restoration coming along on the Mosquito? Thanks, Tricose
  19. Tricose

    Shuttle fly-by in SoCal

    Nice Album! Envious of what you got to see today! A chapter of history closes.
  20. Tricose

    Air Racing!

    Hey for the folks that were at this years Reno Races, what happened with Furias? I read something went wrong, but nothing more than that. Anyone? Thanks, Tricose
  21. Tricose

    48 th MIG- 29 (academy)

    Nice scheme! Excellent weathering job!
  22. Tricose

    Any updates on Dean Lehr

  23. Tricose

    one of the great est makers potentially on his way out

    Fotios, Honestly can you say that DMold after moving from Russia to the US is going to pack up and head back because of a "scandal" for lack of a better term? That's like saying General Motors will shut down production because they can't stop Japanese Imports. I understand DMold's rights have been tackled here. His work is incredible. I have several of his pieces. But to shut down, fold up the box and run away that is just wrong. To many people like what DMold does and what has done in the past. Why not start fresh!! Make the best of the new venture. Stand up, dust himself off and start casting. If everyone worried about the other guy and what he does we would all be on ignoritall. Dmold has a opportunity here to show his craftmanship off and start popping out resin for kits that no one else has. Its time to man-up and put this thing to bed. DMold makes resin. Lets see some new resin! Right guys! My Two Cents! Tricose
  24. Tricose


    Just was reading a build on LSP with a chap using aftermarket goodies for his F-4 build. Here is a linky: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=33269 - POST #14 Just to pass it on.