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  1. Hi all As mentioned above, I looking for review of TAMIYA 1/48 F15J Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all I'm planning to start my own hobby shop..but don't know where find the supplier or distributor in Japan. A little help here guys Thanks
  3. how about some photo from top so we can see all of it
  4. 155cm by 55cm? thats realy big for 48th scale jet i think
  5. very nice dude.. what is the dimension of these hangar?i like to build one
  6. Yes..As fasteagle12 said i'm looking for the black tail marking..if possible both marking
  7. Can you send it to me by email?
  8. Hi all Looking for VF-31 AJ104 and AJ105 2006 photo.Anybody seen one?
  9. I can read japanese but couldn't find the right word for it.thanks dude
  10. Hi all.. Since the kit of F-15J and f-2A coming out soon.Any news or photo to see?Maybe some of you guys know bout it
  11. thank you all for the feedback..really appreciate it..
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