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  1. hi, Hellcat MK II : >CLICK< F6F-3 : >CLICK< F6F-5 : >CLICK< cheers
  2. Hi all here is my dora. Eduard made a nice kit but a little hard to built. I wanted a very weathered finish, but i think it's too much when i see my own picture. :(
  3. Hello i made a base for my "cat". Actually, I make this model for a contest for a french forum, and it's end today! No time to find a correct US Navy WWII carrier deck in my local shop, so i pick up a base from Eduard which "looks like" a wood deck and i painted it quickly. it's a contest and all the little details are important. guns tube (minimeca) position lights . the pitot tube is "zenithalized"... ...the antenna mast to the wind screen unmasked final photos today... I hope
  4. It's exactly what i tried to do. I saw this kind of painting on the book "FAQ 2" by Mig Jimenez. He talk about "modulation" to create a more attractive finish on armors. Figures modelers already have this approach for long time. I just think "why not on an aircraft". Midnight blue is a boring color, it's so dark, it was the occasion to make a different hellcat. I don't know if it looks better, specially when I look at the fantastic works of JM Villalba, Jaroslav Galler or Rato Marczak etc... It's an different approach, and it's much more easy for me to use an airbrush. And thank you guys
  5. thanks, for this one i've used a GSI proccon boy PS270 (0,2mm) and a PS269 (0,3)
  6. HI Neo, My english is very very bad, but if you speak french, you can see a more precise WIP here : My link
  7. I try to do the weathering process by coping the great Diego Quijano, i said just try because i'm not spanish. How this guy can do that? It seems so easy for him, but when you take your paintbrush you realize the extreme precision of his work. so here is my result oh and the canopy is also painted with the "zenithal process"
  8. AND AGAIN : fake stressed skin AND AGAIN : hightlights on the wheels and on the propeller AND AGAIN now i can use my paintbrushes :rolleyes:/>
  9. AIRBRUSHING : white on top and gray on bottom AIRBRUSHING :preshading AIRBRUSHING :medium and dark blue
  10. i started with that the cockpit is really good "from the box". and it's ready for the interssing part : painting!
  11. hi, here's my technic first step Revell acryl coat "silver" applied with an airbrush second step oil whash black in all the panel and rivets lines. Some panels are completely covered with the wash to have a darker tone. I wipe without thinner with a soft cloth, to keep the dark tone. Final step is applying the rub n buff wax with diffrerents methods to have the "paneling effect". If you put a light coat of rub n buff the tone is dark, if you put more, the tone is lighter. Each panel is covered with the wax by different ways. If the wax is buffered with a finger, you can have a very shiny f
  12. none of these technic. Base coat revell acrylic silver, oil wash, and rub n' buff "silver leaf" that's all.
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