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  1. Thank you all !! Yes, I'll rescribe everything but after I finish the details in the cockpit, gun bay and electronic bay also...
  2. Hi there, A friend of mine gave me this Hasegawa F-104G in 1/48 scale which was previously built and painted completely. He was trying to do a restoration project, paint was striped and some parts were ripped, like this ejection seat. One part is still in the cockpit, glued with some kind of glue. To me, it looks like an industrial, yellow one. I tried WD40 and Mr. Muscolo ( European chemical for cleaning ovens, used in modeling for paint strip, great stuff ! ) and still nothing. Is my only solution to cut the fuselage in half ( I'll make the cut where the seat part is ) and reattach it with knife or you have some other, less destructive idea ? I really don't want to cut this kit. Thanks ! Cheers, Nenad
  3. Hello, I'm looking for Turkish AF decals for F-104G in 1/48 ( set from the picture is from Eduard "NATO Fighter" ) I'll pay for the shipping also. Thanks !
  4. Hello guys, I can't get enough of HAF birds so, I started another one. Previously, I had some trouble with PM Model kit in 1/72 scale but it turned out great for me at the end. But this project will be a little bit harder. First of all, because of the scale - of course, F-5A is not big if I compare it with MiG-25/F-15 or something else. Second this kit is really bad - it comes with literally no cockpit at all, only with something that looks like an ejection seat that was designed and built by 10 year old's. Anyway, pictures will talk better than me, for sure. Gun bay will be opened, some electronics at the other side. I'm fully armed with patience and steel nerves. At the moment, everything looks just like this : And, yes, one question for all - where I can find Icarus decals for F-5A in 1/48 ? At least, stencils will do most of the work, probably 70%... thanks ! Seat was made from scratch with a little assistance from Italeri's F-4E ( which will also be in HAF markings ) And everything together : That's it for now, new update will be for a few months, I hope... Cheers, Nenad
  5. Yufei, You're back !! Great start, can't wait to see more ! Cheers, Nenad
  6. LanceR21

    RF-4B to E

    Hi, Can someone please tell me what I need to do in order to convert RF-4B to RF-4E ? I want to do a Hellenic AF bird. Thanks a lot ! Cheers, Nenad
  7. This was almost a year ago but few hours ago, I decided to take new pics... definitely better than the last time... :D/> Cheers, Nenad
  8. Yes, some of them were experimental version at the start. Which camouflage and markings are you going to apply on this kit ? That will help and I'll send to you pictures that I have in my collection... Cheers, Nenad
  9. Great progress so far ! Use right one, it's for F-13/PF/FL, left is for later versions, PFM/SPS/M/MF... Cheers, Nenad
  10. Amazing Flogger ! Cheers, Nenad
  11. Thanks guys ! Yap, too much fun... ! It was so fun that I'll probably take it to the next level, by doing F-5B from same manufacturer... and maybe some rivets this time... I have ESCI too but it's hard to find that kit these days... Cheers, Nenad
  12. Nice ! I suggest to you to put decals in the cockpit, instead of painting gauges and instruments. It will look much better ! Keep working ! Cheers, Nenad
  13. g Exactly... I'll stick to 1/72 F-4E for now, that's available here... Cheers, Nenad
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