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  1. I am wondering if there is anyway to get in touch with COllect Aire models ? I was wondering if I can get a hold of them and maybe get copies of there research information on the XB-51 ? Which I will gladly pay for or even better pictures of there model !
  2. Thank you I will be working on it alot more and post more pics as I continue
  3. I am able to start working on this model again for the display . I cut her right behind the the bomb bay and I got the nose section cleaned up so that I could mount it to a plaque I want to use so I can put it on the wall. I did not like the way it looked with just the wings removed so I made up the mounts and the support structure in the wing attachment point to try and make it look better . I found some pictures that show the area between the attachment points look like fabric so I added that as best I could .Let me know what you think I will post more pictures as I move FWD
  4. more pictures from my Grand fathers photo album http://i1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee490/...iffsofDover.jpg http://i1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee490/thej611/img087.jpg http://i1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee490/...11/img086-1.jpg http://i1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee490/...49_edited-1.jpg http://i1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee490/...1/CrewReady.jpg http://i1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee490/thej611/img046.jpg http://i1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee490/...611/Connie4.jpg
  5. And I made a mistake the Plane that got the shell trough the radio room was Connie . After that I see she was shoved off for fire testing
  6. The figures where modified by my brother to fit in the locations of the crew . He used monogram figures from different kits to do it
  7. Here is a picture of the Arkansas Rambler . I think he flew this plane early in his time in Europe . Also more pics of Connie http://i1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee490/...11/DSC_0172.jpg
  8. Yep those are the parts I need . I have shipped some stuff int eh new postal boxes the USPS has they seem to work . Thanks so much for the help and let me know if I owe you anything !!!!! JOHN
  9. Yep that is her . The B-17 nose art book does not show that they have a picture of Connie so I must send them one . And the B-17 with the 88 shell hole is the Arkansas Rambler another plane he flew that I have pictures of that I will post tonight . I love the ideal of the picture box with the mirrors i think that would look great . So one the response to the nose glass is here is my adderss john eng 1021 helena st , depere , wi 54115 I am looking for a windshield glass also so if anyone has a spare let me know I would be glad to cover shipping Thanks all of you I will get more on tonight !!!
  10. I will get more loaded up tonight on all of this . HE is gone so it hard to find some stuff out . the tail markings on the model are the exact ones from the plane he flew and I am not sure what they all mean but I am reading on it a lot .
  11. pics of my grandfathers plane !! this is my grandfather on the radio compartment after a mission with a 88 shell that went into the radio compartment This is my grandfather in the cockpit crew chief next to the nose Connie and her crew tail gunner
  12. This is a model that my brother built back in the 70's when he was 14 or so . It is of my grandfathers B-17 that he flew in Europe. He had a 7 th grade education and flew all his missions and came home . Amazing man. The model my brother built is pretty good for the age he was when he built it . the ball turret has a man in it and he built the Cheyenne tail gun conversion . Every crew position has a crew member in place that he modified to fit the position I am hoping to make a display pc from it for my mother his daughter . the ravages of time are taking over so I may section it on a wall plague. just the nose and then mount it so it looks nice . If any one has a spare nose Plexiglas I could sure use one . Thanks I will also post some never before seen photos from my grandfathers photo album. Love the work on here and the site !!!
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