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  1. For the sake of us all, do it! LOL Just kidding. I used the Monogram kit on mine as Tamiya had yet to release their gorgeous kit. And Cobra had also yet to release their resin cockpit. It turned out OK. I'm in the process of reshening it up (tail markings, weapons and wheels) and will post some pics when I'm done.
  2. Rando, I have this sheet but was planning on using the FANG and Montana markings. The Mass decals are yours if you want them. You'll have to source the stars and bars and USAF stuff along with all the stencils. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.
  3. Someone needs to do a fat face Skyraider! I did one updated Matchbox E using Monograms wing and a scratch cockpit and it was a royal PIA. I have a couple others in the stash with Cobra Co. resin cockpits but the thought of going through all the trouble I did with the first one is what's keeping me from tackling the others. Which is too bad as I'd like to do Bernie Fishers MOA aircraft and a VNAF bird. Like you Crazy Ivan, I'm a big time Skyraider guy.
  4. Awesome. Can't wait to see the finished build. I have one on the shelf of doom that I plan to do in this same colorscheme.
  5. Any updates on this build? Looking fantastic so far.
  6. Dai, We all beg to differ. Your work is phenomenal!
  7. These are excellent sites for Sabre info. Very well done sir.
  8. This is where I found the pic that I posted above. F-86K History (yocumusa.com)
  9. Good to know sir. So FU 123 was probably a FIAT build machine.
  10. So I've been following along with Dai's fantastic Pro Modeler F-86D build, REVELL/PRO MODELER F-86D IN 1/48 - Page 6 - In-Progress Pics - ARC Discussion Forums (arcforums.com) and it inspired me to dust off my Special Hobby F-86K kit buried in the stash. Holy cow! What a crap kit! Cockpit seems nice and afterburner section is nice but the fit of everything else is atrocious. I've read the reviews over on the other modeling websites and they are so true. This is apparently one of the original moldings of this kit since it doesn't come with the resin replacement parts for the
  11. Nothing. Their Facebook page isn't even showing any updates. Just the one teaser from Feb of 2023.
  12. Awesome job Ray! That paint scheme is super unique and you knocked it out of the park.
  13. Pretty simply outstanding. Your modesty is killing us Smalls.
  14. Supposedly, the Project Bullseye was to have had a similar paint scheme as the B-52D's then flying missions over North Vietnam. The undersides, sides and tail of the BUFFs were gloss black.
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