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  1. That's actually a project Gunval F-94B with a Vulcan canon in the nose. Linky here.
  2. Nice progress on your build. If I'm not mistaken, all B-58's used the J-79 engines with afterburners. the pic at the top of your reference is, I believe, the display at Pima Air and Space Museum, sans engines. There is another pic in the walkaround section of ARCAIR that shows from the rear and you can see all the way to the shock cones. Keep up the good work.
  3. Very nice Ray! It certainly looks the part. Not one of your usual multi-engined monsters.
  4. There's this over on another website. Not all inclusive but a good start. http://modelingmadness.com/decals/decals B-E/bf109.htm
  5. Got it. Thank you sir! Same same with F-82.....
  6. Any updates to this sheet as well? I know, always pushing!
  7. Any updates on this sheet Kursad?
  8. If I can't source the kit parts they'll have to do Larry. Thanks for the links.
  9. Like title says I'm on the hunt for the clear parts from the Hasegawa 1/48 P-38J kit. This is another one of those started kits that was missing the clear sprue and decals. Decals have been sorted but still need the clear parts. Will purchase if you have parts and don't need them.
  10. Stunning build Jon! It's nice to see someone finally get the afterburner right.
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