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  1. Cool. That would definitely make the painting job much easier.
  2. Awesome line-up of KC's Chris. Love them all. Motivating me to get off my duff and get some of mine finished.
  3. Saw this and thought it was pretty interesting. Would be a mother to mask off and paint. Decals would be really helpful for the digital part. https://www.nellis.af.mil/News/Article/1857130/new-f-16-ghost-paint-scheme-brings-unique-look-to-64th-agrs/
  4. I just laid the fuselage parts over drawings that Jennings Heilig did of the RC-135E Rivet Amber and RC-135S Rivet Ball (scaled to 1/144) and the Roden radome is also slightly too long. From what I've see on the web, Jennings' drawings are the most accurate I've seen of the RC-135/KC-135/EC-135's. http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/c135jh_1.htm http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/c135jh_2.htm
  5. As title states, looking for a copy of the Two Bobs Wrap Around Thuds decal sheet (48-049) for the F-105D. If you have a copy that you don't plan on using, please let me know and maybe we can work something out. https://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p139.html
  6. Diameter and cross section. If it came to a point and had a pitot tube it would look like an F-105 radome. OK that is a gross exaggeration but that is kind of what is going on.
  7. We used to say "Effin A" ! (replace Effin with the F bomb)
  8. You'd have to leave most of the antenna's off and modify the sensor package where the boomers position is as well as remove the satcom antenna but yes, this could be used as the basis for a TC-135W conversion. This kit could be the basis for a conversion to any of the RC-135's with the hog nose and EELS fairings. With new TF-33 engines you could even back date it to earlier versions of many of the Rivet Joints or RC-135M's. Lot's of possibilities here.
  9. So I got my Roden Rivet Joint kit in the mail today. I hate to say it but the radome is as I feared. To undersized and tapers too much. The windshield looks good. Will have to see how it looks on a build. Horizontal stabs mounting point is definitely not right. I'm not sure of the engine pylons. Something about them that just looks off. And the decals have to be the worst part of the entire kit. But, Kursad will be coming to the rescue so there is that. I have a second kit on the way so I'm not sure if I want to try building one of these straight from the box or do what need
  10. Duh! I even commented on that post. Old timers setting in I guess.... Thanks habu.
  11. Love it X-Plane! What did you use to model the Regulas and Mace kits? As well as the Matador and V-1 and all the rest that didn't come in the base kit????
  12. Stefan, My discussion was in reference to the overwing HF antenna's. Some Rivet Joints carried the overwing HF antennas on both wings. It all depends on what block and time frame you are looking at. Cobra Ball carried the HF antennas on it's port wing because of the cameras and sensors on the right side.
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