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  1. Drifterdon

    Anyone Know of 1/144 KC-46?

    Yah, I had gone over to their website to see if he had a kit of the KC-46 already and just saw the vac fuselage converting -300 to a -200. I'd prefer to just cut up the Zvezda kit and go from there. As for markings I'd like to do a line bird from McConnell but have to wait and see what special unit markings they put on them.
  2. Drifterdon

    Anyone Know of 1/144 KC-46?

    Dusting off this old threat. Found I had the Zvezda kit in the stash so I broke it out and starting work on it last night. I need to add a KC-46A to the collection now that they are finally being delivered to the Air Force.
  3. Drifterdon

    Any Thoughts on 1/144 B-2 Stealth Bomber?

    There's a reason you're my favorite decal maker. You listen to your customer base!
  4. There is the Revell kit in 1/144 and for those who prefer a little larger, the Testors kit in 1/72. Any thoughts on doing up decals for this plane? I'm not aware of any aftermarket decals for either of these kits. Research would certainly be a challenge.
  5. Drifterdon

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    Hey Kursad. When were you going to enable pre-orders again? Anxiously waiting to give you more money! :o)
  6. zerosystem has a 1/144 KC-10 for sale over in the buy and sell page. You may want to give him a shout and see if it's still available.
  7. Great job Dutch. Your BUFFs have inspired me to start work on my own. Got an H a D and started work on an early G with Hound Dogs under the wings. When it rains, it pours!
  8. Looking good Dutch. Like Ray, I've been kicking around adding one of these to the collection. Same same with using a 767 to make a KC-46.
  9. So this is probably the biggest long shot request I've ever asked for but I'm trying to find Cutting Edge NB-52 decals in 1/144. Either 44003 (Balls Three) or 44004 (Balls Eight). Don't even need the complete sheet just one example would work.
  10. Drifterdon

    L/F 1/144 KC-10

    Zerosystem has one for sale on this site. It's under the title "Multiple Scales and Assorted items FS".
  11. I'll probably have to do just that Ray. I can't afford to buy this kit just for the antennas though I have decided to use one my EC-135's as a parts kit to replace the busted off HF antenna on my RC-135E conversion. So I have at least one set. BTW - Nice work on your E-3. Don