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  1. Very nice! I love these old Monogram Eagles and yours turned out great Geoff. Well done.
  2. Thanks Ben. I'll keep my eye out for that Eduard set. Don
  3. I'm looking for ideas on how to detail the nose of the 1/48 Testors F-4G kit. It is completely lacking in any detail whatsoever. I'm really trying to figure out a way to add the APR-38 Beam Receiver antenna that was on the side of the nose . It is very visible from all the photos that I've seen posted of WW F-4G's. The Hasegawa kit has them molded into the plastic but the Testors has nothing. See illustration below to see which antenna I'm talking about. http://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/images/269/16.jpg
  4. Looking for a nose section from the 1/48 Hasegawa F-4G Wild Weasel kit. I have a Testors nose section but it is lacking in any kind of detail. Will take one from an old discarded kit if you have one. Will buy or trade. Don
  5. Wondering if anyone has a slatted wing from any of the 1/48 Hasegawa F-4 kits (E/F/G/S) and is wanting to build a hard winged Phantom. I have many of the Hasegawa kits with the hard wing (recessed panel lines) but am in need of a couple slatted wings. Probably a long shot but worth asking. And I have seen that there are a couple slatted wing conversion sets out there but thought I'd give this a try first.
  6. Absolutely couldn't agree more. Simply the best.
  7. Thank you Bill for the information. I think this is exactly what I am seeing but from an angle it appears that the walkway was painted black. I'm wondering what could be done to replicate this on a 1/48 model kit. Was thinking of masking off the area of the walkway after painting the camo and shooting it with either a very thinned down black to just give a light darkening of the base paint or maybe try a layer or Tamiya Smoke to darken it.
  8. Thanks Michael. That is an amazing build and one that I plan to bookmark and refer back to later. Don
  9. Question for the Phantom experten on the board. I have found some pics of Nebraska Air Guard RF-4C's and it almost appears that the black or very dark grey walkways are almost transparent. This is for birds painted in SEA early and wrap around camos. Was the anti-skid areas some kind of paint that was sprayed over the base camo and susceptible to wear? This seems to be on aircraft other than Nebraska planes. Examples can be found here. If you look closely between the dark tan and greens, you can see the tan showing through the walkway.
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