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  1. Looking for the wing racks that come in the Hasegawa 1/48 boxings of their P-51D Mustang kits. I picked up a started kit that has one that is pretty chewed up and the second missing all together. They are parts number B-4 and B-5. Thanks in advance. Don in Colorado Springs, CO
  2. New 1/144th Scale B-52D/F

    Just picked this kit up from my LHS and it pretty much uses much of the H kit in it. Even includes the sprue containing the TF-33 engines from the H kit. They did do a completely new sprue updating the fuselage with the tall tail and I did find the fairings for the alternator housings in my kit. Enough stuff to do either D or F engines. Agree that the beams and MER's look wrong. Minicraft gives you the entire weapons sprue with all the SRAMs, Hounddogs, Skybolt and Quail decoy. The only parts that are supposed to be used are the main pylon, gear struts and wing pogo wheels. The canopy looks spot on and Minicraft even gives you a decal for the windshield which is good considering there is nothing representing any kind of flight deck. Does it look like a BUFF, heck yes and I plan to pick up a couple more of these kits.
  3. Overwhelmed with orders once again

    Super nice build George. Looks every bit the part of the Starfighter!
  4. How about some USN H-60's in 1/48

    You and me both!!!! Especially the tiger face on top of the horizontal stabs!
  5. December releases

    Another expensive month for me. I see at least four sheets in my basket. Awesome work always Kursad.
  6. Decals for B-24 "Lady Be Good" ?

    Sounds like a cool sheet. "Ladies of the Desert." Lady Be Good, Home Run, and King 9. How 'bout it Kursad? You game?
  7. Decals for B-24 "Lady Be Good" ?

    On an interesting side note, they made a movie that was loosely based on the Lady Be Good story called "Sole Survivor". It's been uploaded on Youtube if anyone is interested. It's about a B-25 called the Home Run. I always wanted to do a kit of the Home Run and think this could be an interesting inclusion for a Lady Be Good decal sheet. Just tossing it out there. It would be a total whif based on a movie but what the heck.
  8. CD48131 - 1/48 H-19 Chickasaw Part 2

    Fantastic sheet Kursad. I'll be down for two of these for sure. Thanks for including the Thule helo on this sheet!
  9. T-33 intake color + underwing ECM pods?

    Understood sir. You do amazing work so I can see why you are so busy.
  10. T-33 intake color + underwing ECM pods?

    +1 on this in 1/48. I'd be in for a couple sets. Been trying to figure out how to do the travel pod as well.
  11. November releases

    So happy that the H-34 was re-released. Already ordered!
  12. 1/48 French Bearcat

    If you are wanting to do up an early French Bearcat you'll need to get the F8F-1 kit. It's got the short tail and .50 cal machine guns. There were some -1B's that had the 20mm cannon but you'd have to verify pics of the time frame and the specific plane you were wanting to build. I think some of the later Academy kits gave you the options to build either as well as French markings. Hope we've been able to help. Don
  13. I have a couple questions for the Helo Experts out here. First, has anyone done an OH-58C flat windshield conversion from the rounded windshield? I understand they only used the flat for a short time but I can't find anything on the interweb that talks about this conversion or if a pattern exists that shows shape of individual panes. Second, a few years ago someone sent me some close-up pics of the ATAS mount on the port side of the 58C but now I can't seem to find them. Again, a search is coming up dry. Does anyone have any pics or diagrams showing this mount? Lastly, I have the two decal sets from Print Scale in 1/48 for the various Kiowa's but was curious if anyone knew of or was considering making decals for the Charlie birds that were used during the Gulf War. I've always loved the look of this particular helo and would love to do it up using the ESCI kit. The Bandit markings and stenciled fuselage number would be problematic. https://www.dstorm.eu/pictures/nose-arts/h-58/71-20564_1.jpg Thanks in advance for any and all help. Don
  14. 1/48 French Bearcat

    Check out these reviews Zac. http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Archive/Kits/Aircraft/Academy_48_F8F/Academy_48_F8F.htm https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/aca/kit_aca_12313.shtml https://modelingmadness.com/scott/korean/us/usn/f8f.htm http://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/grumman-f8f-12-bearcat http://www.finescale.com/product-info/kit-reviews/2012/02/hobbyboss-148-f8f-1-bearcat While I do not have the Trumpeter kit and probably never will, I've built several of the Academy/Hobbycraft kits. If you fix the error with the front of the cowling, they turn into really nice little kits.