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  1. Chris, This is the definitive book on the 135. Dr. Hopkins knows his stuff on this bird. He flew many variants of the 135 during his career in the Air Force. I have a copy and it's my go to source for all things 135.
  2. This is the only one I've ever seen in ADC Grey. All the other SAC B-25s I've seen pics of were either in natural metal or aluminum paint. It is possible that some ANG unit may have painted one up in ADC grey and used it as a hack.
  3. Not sure if this is the same plane but here is BD-875 on a stick.
  4. Awesome job on your Kiwi Scooter. They are some of my favorites. Yours is one of the best.
  5. My big problem is going to be trying to figure out which version to build.... So many great choices.
  6. Just got mine in the mail yesterday. Another killer sheet Kursad. I have a Tamiya kit half built that will get these decals.
  7. I've got an old ESCI Gina in the stash with the intentions of building this very plane. Only thing that's held me back is lack of decals. I've tried to cobble them together but just not getting it done. A Caracal decal sheet for the new Gina with these markings would be just the ticket!
  8. Great looking B-1's. You knocked these out of the park. I really like the Academy kits. They seem to be the only company to get the cockpit area right in 1/144. All the rest look wonky. Great job on these two.
  9. Very nice Brent. Like others have said, love how you have these displayed. Very original.
  10. Can't wait for this one to be released. I've always wanted to do Dengler's plane but nobody did specific markings. Anyone know what the loading was on his plane at the time of shoot down?
  11. Just ordered two sets of these decals. Looking awesome!
  12. Nice! Thanks Jim. Printing this out and taping it up at the workbench.
  13. ATTIC did a resin conversion in 1/48. http://www.atticaerospace.com/hh-3e.htm I've never seen one but from the reviews I've read, it's one of those that you don't want to get anywhere near. I don't even think it's still available for those willing to give it a bash.
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