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  1. Prices Lowered (12/3). Did I mention shipping is free in the US?
  2. Awesome build. I'm working on same kit and this has to be the best engineered model I've ever put together. Truly the definition of a shake and bake kit. Well done markiii, your P-38 turned out fantastic!
  3. Been curious about this one as well....
  4. All, I have the below listed 1/144 kits for sale in the US. All are complete. Shipping is included in the price. If you are interested, send an email to drifterdon at msn dot com. I am not looking for any trades. I accept well concealed cash, Paypal and checks which have to clear before I ship. Prices are not set in stone. Boxed kits Dragon B-1B Air Combat Command $25 Panda B-1B Lancer “SAC” $25 Revell B-52 H Sealed $25 Minicraft KC-135E Sealed (X3) $25/ea LS CP-140 Orion $20 Minicraft VC-137C Sealed (x2) $20/ea Minicraft C-18A Sealed $20 Mincraft DC-8 71 Delta Airlines Sealed $40 Minicraft DC-8 73 CIA Southern Air Sealed $40 Minicraft DC-8 63 Eastern Sealed $40 Bagged kits Fujimi KB-29P $25 Fujimi B-29A Heavenly Laden $25 Arii P-3C Orion (X2) $20/ea Micro Ace (LS) CP-140 $20 Academy B-58 (X2) $25 Minicraft B-1A $20 Airfix DH Comet 4B $20 Academy B-47B/E $25
  5. Excellent news! Once again Kursad to the decal rescue! You rock sir.
  6. Same here which is why I use an optivisor for up close work. Just a sign of getting on in age....
  7. I have a spare but shipping to Australia would cost more than the kit.
  8. Superb build Pete. I love these old Italeri/ESCI kits. They really capture the look.
  9. They're the best. I need to get off my butt and finish off the over dozen 135's I have in progress. Maybe your NC-135 build will be the spark that motivates me.
  10. Looks awesome Tom. Can't wait to see final. 2662 is now one of the RC-135S Cobra Balls. Used to see her when I was stationed at Eielson Airplane Patch back in the mid 80's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3MoutqUdOg
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