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  1. Stunning build Corey. One of the best Fury builds I've ever seen.
  2. Just as an FYI, these markings were included in the 1/144 sheet that Kursad did (CD144010). While no side profile is included in the instructions, the decals are included on the sheet. In case anyone else other than me are planning to build this particular plane in 1/144.
  3. They also did this sheet in 1/48. Naval T-Birds (iliad-design.com)
  4. Dang Andy. You knocked that one out of the park! Super Stealth there.
  5. There is a guy on E-Bay that is selling a 3D printed Gemini capsule that is made to fit the Estes BT-70 body tubes. I think this was the original size that Estes used for their kit. There is also a gentleman that is selling wraps for the Gemini Titan made to fit the BT-70. I have no connection to either seller other than I have purchased both and they look very nice. Link to the Gemini set Gemini-Titan model rocket parts kit, size BT-70 | eBay Link for the Titan wrap set Accur8 Gemini Titan 8 Skin Kit - Build Your Own 1:54 (BT-70) Scale Model Rocket | eBay
  6. I've given kits like this away for free and just ask for the postage to ship them. I have many in the pile of shame that may follow suite.
  7. Just curious if this sheet is still somewhere in the queue or if it was filed away in the circular bin? Would love to see anything F-86D/L from 120 FIS, Colo ANG or maybe a Minute Men F-86F. I'd even be happy with a NE Air Guard F-86L. It's pretty basic looking but I love those old Flaming Arrow markings on the nose and tail.
  8. So Santa brought me the Saturn 1B for Christmas and the boss let me buy the Saturn V Skylab just cause. I'm a happy camper!
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