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  1. Definitely Colpar's Hobby Town. They have a huge selection of kits and aftermarket goodies. Only store in Denver you need to go to. See linky below for directions and info. HobbyTown Aurora (Denver Metro) Store
  2. with the delay I can combine September and October's budgets.
  3. You and me both! BTW - Great build on your UH-1Y.
  4. Wow! What an amazing build. Which engines did you use? They look superb.
  5. Excellent! Can't wait for this one.
  6. My order for "Tally-Ho on the FAC" arrived yesterday. These decals are amazing! Thanks for scaling these down to 1/48.
  7. According to their website, Sprue Brothers has the Roden RC-135 in stock. ROD349 1:144 Roden RC-135V RC-135W Rivet Joint - Sprue Brothers Models LLC
  8. With the AMP HH-43 hitting the shelves, are there plans to finish this one off? I second the request for this particular subject.
  9. There is also this gem. Drop fit replacement. 72001 (1/72), 144001 (1/144) – Phase Hangar Resin
  10. This is all good information to know. I have markings to do a UPS DC-8. Back to your original post Brent.
  11. Great job fixing the engines Tracy. One more vote for Continental.
  12. I discovered on my second build that you do not need the backing plate inside the fuselage. The plastic is thick enough that you just need to file and sand to get the correct shape. Great job on your 720 Tracy. I have a couple in the stash.
  13. Thanks for the update Steve. I've ordered a bunch of stuff from Lone Star in the past. I hope all the best for his wife and their family.
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