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  1. BTW - Still on the lookout for the Wolfpack or Caracal F-5A decals.
  2. I laugh about it now but I did 10 seasons of working Falcon Football games. Everything from traffic control to crowd control to command and control. At first I hated working these games and the Falcons but then figured there's no way I was getting out of is so I just made the best of it and grew to love watching the Falcons. The only time I've ever been back east was to visit my son when he was stationed at Andrews or on business trips.
  3. We just missed each other. I was first stationed at the Academy in 86 as an SP. I then left for a year in Korea and then went back to the Adademy in 92. When I retrained into Comm/Computers, I was stationed at Peterson until I retired. I was accused of homesteading. Can you blame me? What a small world. I live up off Dublin and Union.
  4. I was stationed on the Academy for two tours. Lived in Pine Valley Housing for many years before we bought a house in the Briargate area. We still miss living up on the Academy. And you are so right, the Springs is a great place to live. Love looking out and seeing Pikes Peak every day and the gorgeous sunsets. When were you here?
  5. I like your candidates! Yes to all three, especially VA-212. Of course, my vote doesn't count. It's what Kursad decides.
  6. Already decals available. 48-3 DECAL F-4E 57TH FIS, KEFLAVIK (bare-metal.com)
  7. Is it a decal for the F-5E with the tiger on the nose or is it Skoshi Tiger with just USAF camo plane? I'm looking for decals for the USAF F-5A version. I guess I could cobble together something from the spares box if need be.
  8. I have to laugh at this. I heard Darth Vader's voice in my head as I read what you wrote. Too funny. 😆
  9. Any chance of sneaking in a decal to represent the perforations on the cover where the Vulcan gun used to be on the late B-52H's?
  10. I can't wait. I have a couple kits on the shelf ready for paint. Just need to decide which subject on this sheet to use. Thank you sir for bringing this to us.
  11. The six gun nose was also found on some of the Farm Gate A-26's during the early stages of the Vietnam War. USAF pilots flew them with VNAF markings on them. This was until several were lost due to wing failure. There were then withdrawn until the B-26K was introduced. Here is an interesting article on the Farm Gate operations. Farmgate_REVpp82-85.indd (airandspaceforces.com)
  12. Hello Ellis, I don't have the answer to your tubing question but if you're building a Counter Invader, as in the B-26K, I don't believe they used the 6 gun nose. It was pretty much exclusively the 8 gun nose for use in SEA operations. I think some of the earlier Farm Gate Invaders had 6 gun noses but they were from earlier USAF stocks before On Mark Engineering did their magic and turned them into Counter Invaders.
  13. There was also this one from way back but also unable to find. Microscale #48-54 1/48 Foreign F-5s (rare-planedetective.com)
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