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  1. With all the new forthcoming sheet announcements, when will we see this one come to fruition?
  2. Completely agree phantomdriver. I have that set as well. All of Jake's Phantom decals are some of the best out there.
  3. In that case, check these out. Some really nice Euro 1 paint schemes. https://www.reidairpublishing.com/decals/usaf-f-4e-gunfighter-phantoms
  4. Check your sources on the plane you are wanting to do. The EJ kit comes with the hard wing and different wingtip antennas specific to the Kai. I believe that most USAF E's had the slatted wing by the time they went to the Euro 1 paint scheme.
  5. I'll be all over this one! Another home run Kursad.
  6. Here's a guy on the bay selling the clear sprues for this kit. They must be made out of clear unobtainium for what he's asking! https://www.ebay.com/itm/B-52-Stratofortress-Monogram-Revell-1-72-Canopy-Clear-Parts/363031306486?hash=item54865a20f6:g:A8oAAOSwaNVe9O4B
  7. Nice! Chopper Popper is on display at the Thunderbird Overlook on the USAF Academy just down the road from me.
  8. That was an amazing looking vehicle. I would be sad as well. For years I've wanted to restore an old flat fendered Jeep from WWII but I have too many other projects and no where to store it.
  9. There was a discussion about the differences between the Occidental (Italeri) and the Monogram kit over on Britmodeller many years ago. Here is a link to that discussion. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234945400-best-t-6-texan-harvard-in-148-scale/
  10. I'm down for two sets of the F-94A. Good stuff!
  11. Which isn't a bad kit. A little clunky in certain areas but still builds up into a nice Harvard/Texan.
  12. Is this information in this book?
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