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  1. I inherited a built display model of the Testors 1/48 YF-12 but it is missing the entire port (left) rudder assembly. Was hoping someone might have a trashed kit in their spares bin and wouldn't mind parting with this piece. I know it's possible to scratch build but an existing kit part would be so much easier. Willing to buy or pay shipping. Don Colorado Springs CO
  2. Drifterdon

    CD144014 - 1/144 C-124 Globemaster

    Any update on the C-124 sheet? I know your busting your hump on getting the B-52 and SR-71 decals finished but was just curious. (Along with 1/48 F-82, F-94A/B, and any of your other Braille Scale decals......)
  3. Drifterdon

    A-1E Skyraider 1/48 - Crossed the Finished Line

    Stunning build!
  4. Drifterdon

    1/48 P-51H decals

    Arizona ANG Copperheads. Link to pic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/62nd_Fighter_Wing#/media/File:197th_Fighter_Squadron_-_North_American_F-51H-5-NA_Mustang_44-64455.jpg and here http://www.warbirdinformationexchange.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11261 Or the classic Ah'm Available from Alaska Air Command seen here. http://silverhawkauthor.com/warplane-survivors-usa-alaska_296.html
  5. Drifterdon

    CD144019 - 1/144 C-9 Nightingale

    Thanks for the dimensions. It appears what I have will be close enough.
  6. Drifterdon

    CD144019 - 1/144 C-9 Nightingale

    Just a curiosity but does anyone know what the dimensions are for the cargo door on the forward port side? I have a bunch of the walkway/cargo door decals from ATP so wondering if these will be a straight fit or if they need "adjusting"? Not sure if Kursad has any more room for tweaking on this amazing sheet.
  7. Stellar build. Just the right amount of weathering. Bravo!
  8. Drifterdon

    CD144019 - 1/144 C-9 Nightingale

    Awesome! Thanks Kursad for another stellar subject.
  9. Drifterdon

    CD144019 - 1/144 C-9 Nightingale

    Hey Kursad. Not sure if you saw this request.
  10. Drifterdon

    1/48 B-25H nose: AM options?

    Monogram did a B-25H version some years back. Maybe hop down to The Spares Box and see if someone has one they'd be willing to swap or sell you.
  11. Drifterdon

    Hey Cudos for Listening

    Don't have a need for this sheet but may buy it just to help with your goal of obtaining a genuine Inglis!
  12. Drifterdon

    CD144019 - 1/144 C-9 Nightingale

    Great pics Dutch. That last was the only one I could find and it was in black and white. And I'm in for at minimum three sheets!
  13. Drifterdon

    Hey Cudos for Listening

    Totally concur! Kursad listens to us little folks and isn't afraid to produce decals that most others won't touch. And they all wind up being winners.
  14. Got em. They are an older sheet but complete. Yours if you want them. Don
  15. Hey Kirk. I think I have a set of these. Gotta check. Don