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  1. Here is an article about Maj Bernie Fisher (MOH recipient) and the plane that he flew during that mission in A Shau Valley that day. Looking at photos, it was all grey at the time and doesn't appear to have gained it's Navy colors until being repainted at the AF Museum. https://www.thisdayinaviation.com/tag/bernie-fisher/
  2. Awesome work Jeff. Looks great. Welcome to ARC.
  3. I have this post down in the Buy/Sell but thought I might ask here to see if anyone has ever seen this sheet. I'm trying to located a copy of Wolfpak decals, #48-004, Choppers Galore. I was unaware that this sheet had ever been made and stumbled across the review. Of course it's long out of production and with the passing of Wolfpaks owner, will probably never be made again. Is this sheet unobtainium or are there copies out there? Here's a link for this sheet. https://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev3/2401-2500/rev2435-Wolfpak48004/00.shtm
  4. Always loved the paint on the Swedish Jet Rangers. Link to Airliners.net pic. Bell (Agusta) Hkp6A JetRanger (AB-206A) - Sweden - Air Force | Aviation Photo #0862086 | Airliners.net
  5. The 70's is when I went there. I thought the owners name was Danny.
  6. Looking to see if anyone has any exprience with ASK decals. They have some AH-1G decals that interest me but I'm leary to try them out considering their cost. Wondering how they lay down, react to setting solution, any silvering?
  7. Awesome job on your Lightning George. I’ve always loved the look of this iconic cold war warrior.
  8. This is going to be one big a***d kit. Way to big for my display area. Might do one in 1/48 if ICM decides to downscale it. Can't wait to see what you helo experts do with this one.
  9. In need of the canopy from the 1/48 Fujimi AH-1J Sea Cobra. It's the rounded one. Will pay or trade. Thanks in advance.
  10. Super nice collection of 2022 builds Ray. I especially like the Lockheed P-3X Orion, Swedish AF (What-If). Very interesting concept. Don
  11. AirCraft Hobbies in Bellevue, Nebraska. Was amazed at all the different kits and supplies available.
  12. Still looking. I do know that Black Dog does a resin Sea King engine but it is for the port (left) side and the Sea King exhaust angles down and back depending on which side. So port side won't work for the UH-1F which exits on the starboard side.
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