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  1. Very nice. Thanks for sharing iaf-man.
  2. Thought I'd post here in Jet Modeling to help in my search for these decals. I'm trying to locate the Cutting Edge 48018 F-4C/D & RF-4C's decal sheet. I'm only after the decals for the NY ANG with the stylized ZZ on the tail. I've had this posted in the Buy and Sell but still on the hunt. Hoping someone has this sheet and won't be using these markings.
  3. Hey Dutchmaster. Looks like he updated these engines a bit. Mine were slightly different but again, totally useless. Hopefully you can make these work for you. don
  4. Gorgeous sheet Kursad. Has this been sent to the printers or is there still time to include windshield/side window decal markings?
  5. As title says looking for the long discontinued Two Bobs decal sheet 48-149 A-10A Eielson's Ice Hawgs. Link to what it looks like. http://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p236.html
  6. Revell Germany has updated their latest PT offering in 1/72 with a late war PT-588/PT-579 kit. Link to their website here. https://www.revell.de/en/products/modelmaking/ships/military-ships/patrol-torpedo-boat-pt-588-pt-57.html
  7. Sadly, Nine-Oh-Nine was lost yesterday in a landing accident.
  8. Just got mine yesterday and they are another killer sheet. Excellent work Kursad.
  9. Will be ordering these for sure. Can't wait.
  10. It does make sense Niels. I'm building the Monogram kit right now but I do have the Hasegawa as well so I'll check that kit. Didn't even think to look and see what Hasegawa did.
  11. While working on my AV-8B kit from Monogram last night, I cracked the main canopy trying to remove one of the sprue nubbins that are on the front frame. Anyone have one they won't be using? Will pay reasonable price for part/shipping.
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