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  1. Looks awesome Darren. Can't believe that's the same kit I sent you. Amazing work sir!
  2. Sweet! Shiny! Point!
  3. Looking great Darren. Can't wait to see the rest of the squadron.
  4. Sweet! Love that you are catering to the 1/144 crowd.
  5. Dusting this thread off in the hopes that I will finally have Amber done in time for the anniversary of her loss. I'll post a few updated pics in the next day or so. Fingers crossed I giterdone! Don
  6. I'm thinking I need more KC-135R kits!
  7. Hey Kursad, Any word on when preorders will be enabled for this sheet? I plan to order this and the 1/72 BONE sheet together.
  8. If ya find you have room, how 'bout Alaska Air Guard?
  9. #8 lead shot held in place with super glue.
  10. Please, please, please???!!!!
  11. I had this posted over in the spare parts folder but thought I'd add here in the hopes of getting a few mores looks. I'm looking for anyone that might be willing to trade or sell a set of the long ducted JT3D engines from the Eastern or Hawaiian Air DC-8 kits? I checked with Minicraft to see if they may have spares laying around available for purchase and they have long exhausted their supply of DC-8 pieces parts. Thanks for looking. Don
  12. So is mine!
  13. Dutch, The EC-135 kit is the base model KC-135E with the sprue gates for the EC specific parts opened up for molding. Like the KC-135E, you get only TC hoods on #2 and 3. No on #1 and 4. And some of the earlier ACCS aircraft were equipped with J-57's so you'd need to get a KC-135A kit for those engines if that is what you wanted to build. The EC-135 kit is good for the ACCS parts that come in the kit but the decals weren't all that great. Hopefully Kursad will do up a Looking Glass version with his later 135 sheets in 1/144. Don
  14. Check out the last pic in Carl Knable's build review. It shows the EC specific parts that come with the kit. I'll see if I can get photobucket to cooperate tonight and post the decals pics. And Dutch is correct about getting extra engines but you have to ask him. I've ordered probably a dozen of these conversion sets but unless I ask for multiples of the pylons with the TC hoods, I only get 4 total (2 with and 2 without). http://www.network54.com/Forum/47751/message/1379295440/Minicraft+KC-135......The+Long+Wait+Is+Over!
  15. The EC parts are nice. It includes the saddle on the spine, the over-wing fences on the wing tips and the trailing wire antenna on the ventral in front of the main gear. The base kit is the KC-135E with the EC pieces parts on the fret with the engines.