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  1. Hi Joe, I tried to do a search of Red Gecko Decals but Mike has his site shut down right now to get caught up. I'd love to take you up on your offer. I think I can cobble together the wing NATC's. I'll PM you with my snail mail addy. Don
  2. Dutch, Shapeways has a couple different versions of .50 cal offered. Here is one... Single Modern 50 Cal Browning on Tripod 1/48 (EC2EJAJE7) by hawkins751511 (shapeways.com) I've ordered a couple for my Merit PT boats in 1/48 scale. You'd have to replace the pedestal to a single pole mount for the Jeep but it's a good start. Don
  3. Tamiya came through with a brand new windshield. Talk about superior customer service. Issue is now resolved.
  4. I think the point is moot since this product is no longer available. I guess it would be good to know if someone had one in their stash with the intent of using it on the Monogram kit but alas. Has anyone tried to sand down the frame and rescribe? I know in the past I've stress fractured canopies trying to sand out imperfections. I do want to thank everyone who has weighed in on this.
  5. Thanks for the link barkin. This is the same as what the two Tigercats at the National Museum of WWII Aviation are painted up as. They too have interior green wheels wells but DSB gear and inner gear doors. I've tours the museum and both these aircraft are amazing. Thanks for your response. Grumman F7F Tigercat - National Museum of World War II Aviation Here is a Youtube video walkaround of 375. F7F Tigercat Walkaround | OSH '18 - YouTube
  6. We can do some research for you. There were other options as well before the camouflaged birds. Hurlbert Field had camo but with the camo grey undersides. Pre-camo was a green over white. These guys have a pretty good web site on the B-26K. B-26K - Invader Historical Foundation (claybornglobal.com)
  7. You'd certainly think this would be a good topic. The old Aeromaster sheets are as rare as hens teeth and as expensive as unobtainium.
  8. Thanks Rich. Wasn't aware of their products. Just did a search and there were none to be found.
  9. Did Squadron or anyone else do up a replacement canopy for the early releases of the 1/48 Monogram F9F-5 Panther where the windshield framing is way to thick? I tried a search on the interweb and couldn't find anything.
  10. I have the AMT 1/48 F7F-3 Tigercat that is about ready for paint and was trying to nail down the colors of the wheelwells. I'm planning to build "462" in it's predelivery colors. I know the gear are DSB but want to make sure I know what color to paint the wells and inside the gear doors. Don
  11. That be her! Very nicely done Jon. I have the Warhammer decals which will allow me to do up a 1/48 build. BTW - the belts look great. I may have to buy a set myself.
  12. Looking good so far. Going to be following along as I have this kit in the stash with plans to build Ted Williams plane.
  13. I have a 1/48 Hobbycraft AVG P-40 Tiger Shark kit and the box took a header off the work bench. Somehow the tail wheel went into the black hole of my work room and I can't find it to safe my life. I've searched my spare parts bin trying to find a replacement came up with zip. I'm looking to see if anyone might have a spare tailwheel from a junk kit they might be willing to send my way. I think even a tail wheel from the Monogram/Revell kit would work. I'm in Colorado Springs, CO. Thanks for looking.
  14. Your photoetch railings and ladders look spot on. In fact the whole build looks really nice. Is this the Trumpeter kit?
  15. We certainly can't complain with your new subject output. Has got to be the best in the industry. But I'm biased when it comes to Caracal Decals!
  16. The A-7A/B suggestion seems to take off well as did A-4E/F's but the early A-4B/C ideas just kind of quietly slipped on by. Would love to see some early A-4B/C's Navy and Marine markings.
  17. Late to the thread here but that is such an amazing build Andy. The Vulcan is such an iconic aircraft and probably one of the loudest I've ever heard. We used to have them visit Offutt AFB in Nebraska when I was a kid and one morning one took off and literately had the windows of the house rattling it was so loud. Loved it when they'd do flying demos during open houses at Offutt before they were retired. Regards, Don
  18. Very nice build. Love these markings. I did a conversion of BAT21 several years ago and I know this kit can be a bit of a challenge. You did a superb job.
  19. I sent them an email last night and by this morning I got an email back saying they had one and would be sending to me free of charge. WOW! Impressed by their amazing customer service! Thanks Dafixer for this tip.
  20. Most excellent news Kursad. Looking forward to this release.
  21. I dug my 1/48 Tamiya F4D Skyray kit off the shelf of doom today and discovered the windshield (part E2) is missing. Does anyone have a parts kit they'd be willing to spare a windshield from? Willing to pay for part. I'm in Colorado, USA. Don W.
  22. Good Trader alert for Charlie D. Charlie hooked me up with a Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury for a Kinetic Kfir C2/C7. Super smooth trade and very very much appreciated. Thanks a million Charlie. Don
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