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  1. That's unfortunate about the 1/144 decals for this plane. The Amodel kit is pretty nice but the decals are horrible.
  2. Would love to see these on a B-52 sheet.
  3. That thread was started in 2015 by our own Mr. Kursad himself. Would still make a great sheet.
  4. Any thoughts to doing a sheet on postwar C-47's in 1/72? Lots of Guard units and I think many active USAF units used them as hacks or shuttles. Tons of colorful schemes.
  5. Bump with some lowered prices. Shipping is FREE
  6. Jonah, The decal I have is a copy of the original Hasegawa 1/200 KC-10 sheet that someone enlarged years ago to 1/144 and sent me. This was the original release of the 1/200 Hasegawa kit that came with markings to do a white over grey scheme and a second one in the Shamu scheme. I can't find anything on the interweb that even shows what the markings look like for the 1/200 Hasegawa kit so couldn't tell you what base or unit they were with. Unless you're after a specific nose art decal, you'd be better off using the one on Kursad's sheet. Sorry I can't do any better. Don
  7. Hey Jonah, I may have some decals with the Shamu scheme but I don't know if it's Barksdale or not. Let me check and if I have them, they're yours. Don
  8. You'd have to go check the Gallery section where the IRIAF jet types would be posted. Here is a quick link to an article from back in the day by Fred himself. Superb artist. http://www.arcair.com/Gal13/12501-12600/gal12556-F-5-Shammas/00.shtm
  9. Dutch. Would these work? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Verlinden-Productions-USAF-Lettering-1-48-2Pack/274066890794?hash=item3fcfa8e02a:g:eLAAAOSwGf5dsmzR
  10. Bump with a few prices lowered. Did I mention that shipping is included in price?
  11. I have a couple of the Modelcraft Canada 1/48 desktop display models of the DHC-6 Twin Otter. They are of the short nose variant and come without decals. I know Draw Decal does decals for this kit but I'd like to try and convert one to a long nosed variant and build it as the USAF Academy's UV-18 jump plane the parachute team uses. Is anyone aware of a source for decals for USAFA birds? And I am very aware that this kit has a number of issues but it is after all the only offering in 1/48.
  12. Nice! Following along for sure.
  13. I like the part about not getting pulled up by masking tape. One of my biggest pet peeves about painting NMF. Thanks all for your input. Much appreciated!
  14. Thanks George. Were the automotive paints lacquer based requiring primer?
  15. I just picked up a can of AS-12 to give it a try. Been checking out ebay for any of the Floquil Old Silver. Someone had a really old jar of this stuff for $19.99! Sorry, I miss it but not $20 miss it.
  16. Which paint did you use to get your metal finish if you don't mind me asking?
  17. Is anyone aware of a resin upgrade for the gun troughs for the 1/48 Special Hobby F-86K kit? I have a couple of these kits and am really disappointed with how shallow and undefined the gun troughs are. Before I start to drill them out I wanted to see if there was an aftermarket wizard that had updated these.
  18. Super nice build. Your natural metal finish is spot on.
  19. Wow! What an amazing build and a brute of a helo. You did a really superb job.
  20. Granted this is the earlier radial engine version. I'm hoping they update the kit and release the Air Force turbine engine HH-43B that they used in SEA. I'm also in agreement with jabow. When are they going to give the AH-1G some love in 1/48?
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