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  1. Thanks guys for the input.   I couldn't figure out where this supposedly extra 2 feet was in the fuselage length so I asked.   Maybe it's an extra two feet over the F-111B which also had the larger wings.   In any case, I'll just use the Academy fuselage as is and not worry about it.   The Academy fuselage has enough issues to start without having to insert a scale 2 feet into it.....

  2. I've always loved the look of SAC's early FB-111's in the SIOP camo.   I'd like to do one up in 1/48 and was curious if the Academy kit has the proper dimensions.   I've read where the FB was 2 feet longer than the standard TAC F-111's.   Does anyone know where the additional 2 feet were included when GD built them and does the Academy FB-111 include the extra 2 foot fuselage length?   I did a commission build of the F-111A many years back which included all the Paragon resin as well as Verlinden bits so I'm sort of aware of the basic kits shortcomings. 

  3. Hello all,  Looking to see if anyone has the pylons that come in Revells 1/144 B-52G kit with the Harpoon missiles.  This is the kit that has the strakelettes on the fuselage.   The pylons are parts #31, 32, 46, and 47.   I don't need the Harpoon missiles, just the pylons.  I could use several sets for different BUFF projects.   I'm in Colorado Springs, CO.   Will pay for parts/shipping.   Thanks for looking.

  4. 8 hours ago, Dutch said:

    Steven, Good link.  Robert S Hopkins, III mentions that RC-135E Lisa Ann/Rivet Amber had a 18 inch fuselage extension. forward.  I didn't know that!  I have the Big Safari book by Col Bill Grimes, and I don't think it mentions that fact.  Pay attn Brother Don for your Rivet Amber build. K/r, Dutch


    I've heard that about the 18" extension and won't be including it.   Builds are too far along to worry about it. 

  5. 3 hours ago, FlyingBrickyard said:

    For whatever it may be worth at this point, there are no numbers here, but there's at least a good bit of up close reference:



    Nice.   You want to place at a major IPMS show, scratch build one of these and put it in the bomb-bay of a 1/144 BUFF.  Maybe Academy will include one in their forthcoming kit.

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