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  1. Right back at you AGAIN Marke! Mig-15 was like I bought it from the hobby store. Thanks again! Don
  2. Still looking for these Linden Hill Decals. Anyone? Anyone? :D dd
  3. Thanks Zactoman, I'll check it out! Don
  4. Does anyone know if the clear parts for the Academy 1/48 Hughes 500 MD ASW are tinted. I know the older Hasegawa Hughes 500 kits used to have tinted clear parts. I have a couple of the police helos and know they aren't. I need a tinted bubble so I'm trying to find a kit that comes with tinted clear parts. Thanks for looking. Don
  5. A brand new pair of short scissors made by Fiskers. They are so sharp I could cut myself if I wasn't careful. When they start to dull, I buy a new pair and use the old ones in my tool box. If I need to get real close, an X-acto with a new #11. Scissors cover 99% of my work though. Don
  6. I was planning on one of the newer two greens/gray over blue schemes. I really like the contrast in the colors. As for kits, I am going to use the Trum MF kit I so kindly received from Marke and update it to a 21 bis. The pic trut shows above of the UM and one of the bis pics I saw over on Airliners.net showed one of the overhauled planes toting a pair of AA-8's. I thought that would look pretty interesting. Lacking decals, I could just paint the blue discs using a template and add the red inner squares and borrow the tail insignia from one of my 1/35 Bison decal sheets for a Croatian T
  7. Marke Turner is my latest Good Trader. Once our trade was decided, Marke wasted no time in getting his end of the deal out in the mail. Kit was super well packaged and sent Priority Mail. Top Trader in my book and would deal with ANY time. Don Thanks for the Mig Marke! :( I'm already looking for sources for aftermarket stuff.
  8. Is anyone aware of a source of 1/32 decals for a Croatian Mig-21? I know Lift Here is coming out with a set of Serbian and former Yugoslavian Migs but I can't seem to find anythinkg on a Croatian bird in 1/32. Any help would be appreciated. Don
  9. Amen to the Monogram kits. I'm still building them. They are one of the best buys for the moeny and they look great when they are done. The Monogram stack is one of the first stops I make at my local hobby shop. Don
  10. In my opinion, these kits live up to the Hobbycrap label. In general I like Hobbycraft as they do some kits that others won't. But these kits are the last in the line. I think the old ESCI/AMT kit is a better mold. The main gripe I have is in the intakes which are totally wrong. I've started an A-4M and still don't know how I'm going to fix them. I also bought the Argentine kit for 50% the retail just for the decals. Others may feel differently but you could do better by spending a little more. Of course, you do like I did and buy the kit for just the decals and give the rest to a kid
  11. Hey all, I am trying to find someone that has the Linden Hill Decals Brush War Hinds Pt 1 in 1/48. I am just after the decals for the Croatian helo. I don't need the entire sheet and was hoping someone had this sheet and would be kind enough to sell this particular marking if they weren't going to use it. It's hard to justify to the wife $16.99 plus shipping for a whole sheet when I just need a couple decals out of it. Gulp! PM or Email if you can help out. Thanks, Don
  12. Viking, Let me see what I can find. I've had about 6 of those sets through the years while building for customers. I need to dig through my phantom spares box and see if I still have the instructions. Don
  13. Thanks Gents. Looks like I save up for an InFormation Metro III! The Air Oregan markings look kind of cool but then so do the SOUTHERN. Don
  14. My votes for the TAA livery. Has a bit more color and flash than the Quantas. But since its your kit, you make the final call. Great work so far!
  15. Thanks for your offer Mike! I was planning on eventually building all three and have plans on buying the decals that Andy is offering once I come back from my vacation in Jellystone. Although I wouldn't mind doing a 737-300 with Balkan Air markings. What do you want for these? Don
  16. I have a question for the old airliner hands out there. Several years ago I came into possession of some decals for a 1/144 Fairchild-Swearingen Metro II from Rareliners. It appears these decals were included as part of a kit for this plane as the reverse side of the decal instructions show the assembly instructions for the kit. Does anyone know of the history behind this kit and if there are any still around? Is Rareliners still in business? I'd like to put these markings to use and if push comes to shove, I guess I could try scratch building. Not my first choice though. Don Missing
  17. This shameless e-Bay Plug is for the Revell 1/24 Gemini kit. This thing is still in original shrink wrap. Also is the 1/110 "Everything is Go" Atlas Mercury set. These items will be ending soon so if you are interested, you may view the items at the below link. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZdrifterdonQQhtZ-1 Thanks for taking a look. Don W. in Colorado
  18. I used to use Squadron White putty because it was easy to paint with a white or light colored paint but it took forever to dry, left small bubble holes and usually ended up shrinking after a period of time where it showed the area puttied. A couple years ago I was converting the Mono F-100D into a F-100F. I was using gap filling super glue to glue the parts together and was amazed how quickly I was able to build up the gap between the parts. With a little zip kicker you can start sanding almost immediately and the stuff will not shrink and it cures hard as nails. The only drawback, it stin
  19. Wiggy, You did a tremendous job on the Kee Bird. :lol: I remember seeing the special on this plane and what Darryl was trying to do. I thought he had her saved until the very end. The weathering is truely first rate. Don
  20. STu, I have the Aeromaster markings for this particular plane. I PM'ed you but not sure it went out. Send me your mailing address and I'll send these markings off to you. Don
  21. Thanks for the info David. I appreciate your time checking over on Hannants for me. Don
  22. WOW! That is one of the most ambitious projects I've seen. Awesome workmanship and the completed kits look great. :unsure: I can't wait to see the completed project. Don
  23. I might have something in the decal bin Stu. I'm at work so it will have to wait until I get home before I'll know for sure. At the very least, I should be able to cobble somthing together for you. I have a customer that I'm building a large AVG collection for and have several AVG decal sheets. Don
  24. This kit is actually in 1/48 scale and it was made by AMT. They re-released it several years again as a Sheriff/EMT type kit without the Airwolf stuff. You see the darned things on eBay all the time. Don
  25. Is anyone aware of a source in the US for Brasil Decals? I was watching a set on eBay and thought they had a day left before close of auction. Seems I was off by 23 hours. It was one hour! :o Anyway, these decals were the 1/144 737 -300/-500 set that had Lithuanian Airlines, Estonian Air, and Balkan (Bulgarian Airlines) on it. If anyone knows of a source for these please drop me a line. Thanks, Don BTW - I'm also trying to find a set of Adria Airways for the Canadair CL-600 Regional jet. Anyone?
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