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  1. Went back over my figures because this looked small and somehow I totally jacked this up. Using Kursads numbers I came up with 50.35mm in length with the same diameter of 6.35mm. Just to make sure I didn't screw up again, I sized the pic Kursad provided as well the one Jari posted with RB-47H kit I'm working on and using a ruler on the monitor, came up with 55mm in length by 8 mm in diameter. Mark, Take you pick on which numbers and double that for a 1/72 pod. Kursad is usually pretty spot on with his. Don
  2. Well I'll be a suck egg mule! Looked at those clips and they certainly do correspond to the diagrams in the back of "We See All". And that is definitely one cramped work space. Makes me claustrophobic just to look at it. Excellent find Rob.
  3. Did a quick search of the interweb and this page shows that it belonged to CASI (Continental Air Services, Inc.) flown out of Laos. Not sure what their source is. http://www.wings-aviation.ch/76-AirAmerica/2-Aircraft/Curtiss-Commando/Transporter.htm
  4. Amen to this! Or right after you do all the work to make a conversation of said kit. (Monogram F-105G to F-105D)
  5. Always thought the look of the VooDoo tail was cool.
  6. Keep in mind that back when they flew these things they were highly classified and taking pics of the inside would probably land you a vacation trip to Kansas (Leavenworth). I have the book, We See All, and there is a cartoon showing the Crows all tucked into their beds with a television set in front of each. Later in the book they do show a diagram of what each of the EW positions looks like equipment wise. Pretty dang cramped.
  7. So breaking out the calculator and conversion app and based on Kursad's measurements, I have 6.35 mm diameter by 32.72 mm length for a 1/144 pod.
  8. Awesome! Thanks so much Kursad. And this side view pic is perfect for what I need to scratch build one. don
  9. If nobody has the actual dimensions this is what I'll have to do. Hence the Mk 1 Eyeball method.
  10. Building the RB-47H in 1/144 and would like to add the Silver King pod on the starboard side. I've done a search on the interweb and can't find a thing that says how long or what the diameter of the pod was. I guess I could always use the old Mk 1 Eyeball and guess based on the length of engine pod but thought maybe someone had this info. Don
  11. Thanks Tomcat Fan. I may give it a shot. Don
  12. Kinda what I was hoping you'd say. Big fan of the Cartograf stuff. Thanks.
  13. So just a quick question. Will the A-37 sheet not have T-37 markings on it since you will be doing a dedicated T-37 sheet? I have the Monogram A-37 kit on the bench undergoing the conversion to T-37 at this time.
  14. You have now entered "The Twilight Zone"
  15. Thanks Tato. It certainly does help. Snagged!!! Don
  16. Love those markings. Here's a linky to the page. http://www.hyperscale.com/2020/features/c124a144rs_1.htm
  17. Has anyone tried to fit the 1/48 Aires F-5E cockpit designed for the AFV into the Monogram kit? Just curious as the Black Box cockpit for the Monogram kit seems to be totally unavailable. I have several Monogram kits so trying to improve them vs. buying up newer kits.
  18. Looking to see if anyone might have the Black Box resin cockpit set for the 1/48 Monogram F-5E they'd be willing to part with.
  19. These should sell like hotcakes. I know I'll be down for each. Bravo sir.
  20. As much as I love the Scooter, I always thought the main gear on the A-4 looked kind of spindly as well.
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