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  1. Here's a guy on the bay selling the clear sprues for this kit. They must be made out of clear unobtainium for what he's asking! https://www.ebay.com/itm/B-52-Stratofortress-Monogram-Revell-1-72-Canopy-Clear-Parts/363031306486?hash=item54865a20f6:g:A8oAAOSwaNVe9O4B
  2. Nice! Chopper Popper is on display at the Thunderbird Overlook on the USAF Academy just down the road from me.
  3. That was an amazing looking vehicle. I would be sad as well. For years I've wanted to restore an old flat fendered Jeep from WWII but I have too many other projects and no where to store it.
  4. There was a discussion about the differences between the Occidental (Italeri) and the Monogram kit over on Britmodeller many years ago. Here is a link to that discussion. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234945400-best-t-6-texan-harvard-in-148-scale/
  5. I'm down for two sets of the F-94A. Good stuff!
  6. Which isn't a bad kit. A little clunky in certain areas but still builds up into a nice Harvard/Texan.
  7. Is this information in this book?
  8. That would be awesome if you could John. Here's hoping he has it out this weekend. Don
  9. These markings would be awesome for the old Czech Model 1/48 T-34C Turbo Mentor kit. Not much out there for aftermarket and this is really sharp.
  10. I'd like to build an early USAF T-28A with two bladed prop and have the very dated (read old) Monogram 1/48 T-28A. I know the A had a smaller engine and a more streamlined cowling but the cowl that comes with the Monogram A has the same diameter opening as the B and D version kits. Only difference is in the lower intake that is flush with the front of the cowl. I'd like to see if I can modify the cowl to look more like the prototypical A version. Does anyone know what the diameter of the cowl opening was for the A version? A search of the interweb came up with negative results. Don
  11. Does anyone have a copy of the Lone Star Models 1/48 PT-22 conversion set they'd be willing to part with? Mike is working on getting caught up on back orders, taking care of priorities at home and getting the LSM website updated. Not knowing when he'll have these back up for sale, I'd like to see if anyone has one in their stash they'd be willing to part with. This is what I'm looking for. http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/details/lsm/detail_lsm_pt-22.shtml
  12. Cameron, The Proud American, 738, is another great example for this sheet. Another really historic Skyraider that would be great so see is "Firebird", TC 780. It was involved in the SAR for Lt Col, Iceal Hambleton (Bat 21). I've seen this decal in 1/32 but not in 1/48. Don
  13. Years ago they had the Boeing E-6B Mercury listed as a future release in 1/144 and I've even seen where at one time they had the RC-135 Rivet Joint listed as a future release in 1/144. Gets you hopes up then dashes them later. Oh well. Enough other things in the stash to keep me busy for next 100 years.
  14. I would so love to find a copy of that print. There is one on the bay right now that is framed and matted but they want $499.99! A bit steep for this hombre.
  15. Like title says, I'm looking to purchase the old Monogram Huey Chopper kit #5202. This the USAF rescue version with the roof mounted hoist. Link here for the kit I'm after. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/monogram-5202-huey-chopper--154982
  16. Would love to see Richard Drury's (author of My Secret War) 'TC 257' Midnight Cowboy/Sopwith Camel done correctly. Another sheet manufacturer offered this up but the tail codes were way oversized. His plane is depicted in the cover painting for the book "The United States Air Force Search and Rescue in Southeast Asia". https://www.amazon.com/United-States-Search-Rescue-Southeast/dp/1782664289 I have both books if you need references of his plane. Another link to a better pic of the above book cover. https://boxartden.com/gallery/index.php/Boxart-Collection/Artists/Mike-Machat/D
  17. Thanks Dave. Kind of what I was afraid of. The stencil sheet is an additional $15 on top of the $20 for main sheet.
  18. Does anyone know if the Fundekals JASDF F-104J decals come with hinomaru's or do you have to buy the second stencil sheet as well? I couldn't tell on their website or the downloadable instructions.
  19. Curious that Minicraft does not show this on their website. In fact they don't show any version of the 135E on their site. A search of the interweb does pull up another similar announcement as the Hobby Search one Dutch got. Even less details than what Hobby Search gives. https://www.zinnfigur.com/en/Modelling/Model-Kits/Manufacturers-I-N/Minicraft-Model-Kits/1-144/KC-135E-Shamu.html
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